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Each year, TMP Directional Marketing hosted a Client Summit. This booklet contains author biographies, an agenda, etc. about the annual event.

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Client Summit 2010 Booklet

  1. 1. CLIENT SUMMIT 2010CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – September 29 & 30
  2. 2. WelcomeIt is my pleasure to welcome you to TMP Directional Marketing/15miles’ Client Summit 2010, bringingtogether experts in local search and business leaders across various industries. This annual event is part of ourongoing effort to keep you updated with the most innovative local-, mobile- and social-marketing solutions, soyou can build brand awareness and greater sales for your business. Over the next two days, you’ll hear insightfulpresentations designed to impact your success in local marketing. Not only will we showcase the latest industrytrends and developments, but we’ll also give you the first glimpse at this year’s Local Search Usage Study.I hope you enjoy your time with us today and that you walk away with a deeper understanding of the constantlyevolving local-search landscape. It is our goal that you will apply what you learn today to further developyour integrated marketing strategies across multiple media platforms — offline, online and mobile — forcomprehensive search results that benefit your bottom line.Michael Flanagan | TMP Directional Marketing/15milesPresident and Chief Executive Officer
  3. 3. It’s tIme to Get Vocal about local conference / Venue DetaIls Plateau level breakfast, lunch and General-session presentations sponsor tables are in VocalIZe Your oPInIons are held in Great room 1. Great room 2. We want to hear from you. Because we value your input, you are encouraged to text “COMMENTS” and your feedback to 65635. Great Room 1 Great Room 2 QuestIons? 4 7 6 5 Text “QUESTIONS” and your specific inquiry to 65635. And 2 because we know that you appreciate a quick response, that’s 3 1 exactly what you’ll get. taGGInG & sHarInG Many online social sites (e.g., Twitter) allow you to tag content, such as words that link to a particular topic. If you’re sharing comments, photos, etc. related to this event, please use the following tag: #TMP15CONF. During the show, content with this hash tag will be table 1: supermedia table 5: telmetrics streamed live. table 2: Yellowbook360 table 6: cityGrid media table 3: Dex one corporation table 7: table 4: at&t conference PresentatIons for your convenience, all conference presentations will be available at by monday, october 4. If you require downloadable materials prior to this date, please email your inquiry to monica Ho at Message and data rates may apply. Text “STOP” to opt out of receiving messages. Text “HELP” for assistance. Service availability is on a carrier-by-carrier basis and is based on handset compatibility.
  4. 4. aGenDaWednesday, september 298:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m. Guest arrival and registration Sponsored by Continental Breakfast9:00 a.m.–9:30 a.m. opening remarks Mike Flanagan, TMPDM/15miles9:30 a.m.–10:30 a.m. Local Search Usage Study results Presenter 1: Gregg Stewart, 15miles Presenter 2: Serge Matta, comScore As our special guest, you will get a sneak peek at the results of our latest Local Search Usage Study, which will provide the data necessary to refine your current marketing strategies as well as key findings for integration into future campaigns.10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. old Is new again Fireside Chat With the Publishers Moderator: John Jordan, TMPDM/15miles Panelist 1: Brian Ritenour, SuperMedia Panelist 2: Chris Heilbock, Yellowbook “Yellow Pages” and “new” are not terms typically used together; however, in this session, hear from the top publishers about how they have turned this tried-and-true medium on its ear to go where no marketer ever thought possible. Pay per call, QR codes, SMS, oh my! Sponsored by11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. networking lunch12:30 p.m.–1:00 p.m. meet With our sponsors (Great Room 2) Meet with one (or a few) of our on-site industry experts, or just peruse their tables to discover more about their products/services (and how these can be used to take your marketing efforts to new heights).
  5. 5. 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. local-search land Grab (Local-Site Panel) Moderator: Monica Ho, TMPDM/15miles Panelist 1: Drew Mitchell, Google Panelist 2: Neil Salvage, CityGrid Media Panelist 3: James Price, SuperMedia As the local-search space continues to grow and evolve, how are our well-known friends at the top Internet Yellow Pages and local-search sites staying fresh and relevant? Sponsored by2:30 p.m.–2:45 p.m. break2:45 p.m.–3:45 p.m. marketing in the social era: Preparing for a new Kind of consumer relationship Track 1: The “Who” and the “Why” Moderator: Gregg Stewart, 15miles Panelist 1: Brad Keown, Facebook Panelist 2: Manny Anekal, Zynga Companies need to be where customers are. With over 500 million members on Facebook and 50 million each on Twitter and LinkedIn, chances are high that your customers and prospects are logging in to social networks every day. See how Facebook and other social sites/applications (such as gaming) are transforming the marketing discipline. Also, learn how to use social networks to transform your marketing funnel with increased leads, conversions and word of mouth.3:45 p.m.–4:45 p.m. marketing in the social era: Preparing for a new Kind of consumer relationship Track 2: The “How” Moderator: Jon Winsell, TMPDM/15miles Speaker: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Involver4:45 p.m.–5:00 p.m. conference Wrap-up Mike Flanagan, TMPDM/15miles Sponsored by6:00 p.m. trolleys to Welcome reception @ John Hancock center
  6. 6. aGenDathursday, september 30 Sponsored by8:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m. networking breakfast9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. mobile search: are We there Yet? Moderator: Will Foust, TMPDM/15miles Speaker: Matt Booth, BIA/Kelsey Finally in 2010, we are seeing signs of marketing life in the mobile arena. In this session, hear the latest research on how consumers are currently engaging with content and advertising via their mobile devices. Is it time to fit mobile marketing into your mix of traditional and online marketing?10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. emerging media: advertiser Panel Moderator: Kristen Spence, TMPDM/15miles Panelist 1: Marc Zeitlin, Farmers Insurance Panelist 2: Eric Rosenthal, Culligan Panelist 3: Burt Rosen, Knowledge Universe Join us for an illuminating discussion as some of our clients allow us to peek into their next generation digital-marketing strategies. What should be on your marketing radar for 2010 and beyond?11:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. conference Wrap-up Mike Flanagan, TMPDM/15miles Sponsored by11:30 a.m. lunch boxes to be Provided11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. shuttles to airport
  7. 7. sPeaKersIn Order of Appearancemike flanagan | tmP Directional marketing/15miles serge matta | comscorePresident/Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President of Marketing SolutionsFlanagan is president and chief executive officer of TMP Directional Marketing. In 2003, Having worked for three years with MicroStrategy’s consulting group, Matta joinedFlanagan served as chief financial officer of the directional-marketing division at Monster comScore over 10 years ago to head its product-management group. A global leader inWorldwide, an affiliate of TMP Directional Marketing at the time. Flanagan remained in measuring the digital world through a powerful combination of behavioral and surveythat position until the company became TMPDM in 2005, and, in 2008, he assumed insights, comScore enables clients to better understand, leverage and profit from thehis current roles. He currently oversees TMPDM’s profitability, operational-efficiency rapidly evolving Internet and mobile arenas. Matta currently heads both the telecomand senior-management teams. He works with these teams to establish performance and financial-services verticals. Within the telecom vertical, comScore serves the top-goals and priorities among departments, delegating responsibilities to keep the entire four Regional Bell Operating Companies, all six cable companies and many others. Incompany on track, time and budget. His knowledge of the marketing industry is applied addition, comScore serves most of the large IYP, as well as local-/general-search successfully developing strategic relationships outside the company, guaranteeing theproper networks are in place to meet TMPDM’s objectives. brian ritenour | supermedia General Manager of National SalesGregg stewart | 15miles Ritenour has over 18 years of media experience, including a deep knowledge ofPresident both print- and online-search strategies and tactics. Prior to joining SuperMedia, heDeeply versed in the industry, Stewart joined TMP Directional Marketing as senior vice held several executive-management positions at Dex One Corporation (formerly R.H.president of its eastern region in January 2006, successfully managing the interactive- Donnelly), including vice president of sales-channel optimization, regional vice presidentand local-search programs. In January 2007, he assumed the role of senior vice of sales and vice president of sales.president of interactive to develop TMPDM’s integrated media solutions. That involvedleading TMPDM’s executive contingents through extensive training to transition from a SuperMedia LLC, which offers the nation’s top IYP, is a multi-platformpurely traditional agency to a comprehensive offline- and digital-media firm the past company that connects buyers with sellers in ways that make consumers better shoppersfour years. He was responsible for assembling high-performance teams that researched and businesses more successful. As the official publisher of Verizon print directories,and developed relevant, cost-effective online and mobile solutions to yield sales- SuperMedia distributes 136 million Verizon Yellow Pages, Verizon White Pages andgenerating results at the local level. Following this successful transition, Stewart was Verizon Yellow Pages companion directories per year in 32 states and the District ofintegral in launching the agency’s interactive-services division 15miles, where he Columbia. In addition, it publishes and distributes White Pages and Yellow Pagescurrently serves as president. directories for FairPoint Communications in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
  8. 8. chris Heilbock | Yellowbook neil salvage | cityGrid mediaRegional Vice President of National Sales Executive Vice President of AdvertisingHeilbock has over 16 years of experience in the Yellow Pages industry, having worked Salvage has extensive experience in local search, online Yellow Pages and print media.for R.H. Donnelly and Yellowbook. During his career, Heilbock has held positions At CityGrid Media, Salvage is responsible for delivering high-impact advertising programsin local sales and local-/national-sales management. In addition to his current to merchants acquired via the CityGrid Media direct-sales team, as well as partner salesrole, Heilbock directs the co-op sales department for Yellowbook, which is the top organizations. Dedicated to demonstrating the power of CityGrid Media’s local-search-independent publisher of print and online Yellow Pages directories nationwide. Founded advertising solutions, Salvage is in charge of building and managing a world-class salesin 1930, Yellowbook publishes approximately 1,000 print directories, and it circulates organization, fostering partner relationships and developing best-in-class products.approximately 128 million books., the company’s online directory, Prior to joining CityGrid Media, he served as vice president of sales for millions of users via organic Web searches and Yellowbook’s network ofpartner sites. CityGrid Media, an operating business of IAC, connects Web and mobile publishers with local-advertising organizations through CityGrid, its local-content and -advertising network. It also owns and operates leading consumer properties, including Citysearch,Drew mitchell | Google Insider Pages and Urbanspoon.Head of Industry — LocalDuring the past four years with Google — the top Web property in all major globalmarkets — Mitchell has led the development of key advertising relationships with clients James Price | supermedia ( as Dell, Sprint, Target and Best Buy. Mitchell is currently the head of industry for Group Manager of Internet MarketingGoogle’s local vertical, which manages Fortune 500 clients such as McDonald’s, ADTand Yum! Brands. Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of peoplearound the world with information every day. Its targeted advertising program provides manny anekal | Zyngabusinesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall Web Brand Sponsorshipsexperience for users. Anekal oversees the development and sales of brand sponsorships for Zynga’s network of games. He focuses on creating high-impact ad integrations, which provide immensePrior to Google, Mitchell was the director of marketing at Hostway Corp., where he won ROI for brands through the reach of TV, the measurability of the Internet and the most-the Business Marketing Association’s “Gold Tower Award” for the Bob’s Cube viral- engaging advertising campaign. He was also an online-project manager at Feeding America, wherehe helped build and market an online donation system that allowed food manufacturers Headquartered in San Francisco, Zynga is the world’s largest social-gaming developer,to donate more than one billion pounds of excess goods to local food banks in the with more than 215 million active, monthly users. Zynga’s games include FarmVille,system’s first year of existence. Finally, he was marketing manager at goReader, a digital- Treasure Isle, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, YoVille, Café World, FishVille, PetVille andtextbook start-up. FrontierVille. Zynga games are available on Facebook, MySpace and the iPhone.
  9. 9. brad Keown | facebook matt booth | bIa KelseyDirector of Sales SVP and Program Director of Interactive Local MediaKeown has over 15 years of media experience. In his current role, he focuses on helping Booth joined BIA/Kelsey from Perform Local, which is a local-lead generation start-upboth brand and direct marketers develop social-media strategies to connect with funded by two prominent venture capital groups (he was a cofounder and chief operatingFacebook’s 500 million users via a combination of targeted ad placements, branded officer). Before that, he held several senior positions at Citysearch, a subsidiary of IAC/applications and custom-program development. Founded in February 2004, Facebook InterActiveCorp, including vice president of strategy and planning, vice president ofis a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, product and vice president of media and coworkers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing ofinformation through the social graph, which is the digital mapping of people’s real-world Booth participated in numerous activities at Citysearch, including the creation of mediasocial connections. partnerships with television and radio stations, the launch of city guides with leading newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, the design and implementation of a nationalPrior to joining Facebook, Keown spent eight years at Microsoft, where he was one of local-search product, the creation of a prototype of Citysearch’s performance-based salesthe earliest digital-media employees. His first role at Microsoft was as part of the launch model and the acquisition of Entertainment for the entertainment vertical that developed a strategy for studios to market acrossthe Microsoft suite of products. He also held multiple positions within the MSN OnlineServices Group, his last being central-region sales manager. In this role, he managed ateam responsible for developing customized interactive-advertising programs across the moDerators/clIent PanelIstsMSN portal and emerging media platforms, such as Xbox, mobile phones and IPTV.Prior to Microsoft, Keown worked at Clear Channel in national radio sales. tmPDm/15miles John Jordan, SVP of Business DevelopmentJascha Kaykas-Wolff | Involver Monica Ho, SVP of MarketingVice President of Marketing Jon Winsell, VP of Interactive Client ServicesKaykas-Wolff oversees Involver’s strategy, branding, product marketing, demand Will Foust, VP of Interactive Client Servicesgeneration, advertising, public and social relations, and website operations. A Facebook Kristen Spence, SVP of Client ServicesPreferred Developer, Involver is the Web’s most-trusted social-marketing platform,supporting 80,000 brands and agencies and interacting with more than two million client Panelistsfans. Involver’s platform powers over 30 applications built specifically for marketers who Marc Zeitlin, VP of eBusiness, Farmers Insuranceengage their audiences through Facebook, the iPhone, Twitter and other social-media Eric Rosenthal, SVP of Marketing, Culliganchannels. Continuing its technology leadership, Involver recently launched Involver: AMP, Burt Rosen, VP Digital and Customer Experience, Knowledge Universethe world’s first “audience-management platform.”Prior to joining Involver, Kaykas-Wolff served as vice president of global marketing forWebtrends, the leading customer-intelligence platform that founded the web-analyticsindustry. Even earlier, he served as a strategic consultant for Alvarez and Marsal, and hehas held senior-management positions at Microsoft’s MSN and Windows divisions and atYahoo!’s commerce business unit.
  10. 10. PremIer eVent sPonsor sPecIal tHanKs to our eVent sPonsors General sPonsors From roofers to landscapers, get the job done right, or we’ll step in and help to Yellowbook360 Yellowbook is the top independent publisher of print and online Yellow Pages directories nationwide. make it right.* Founded in 1930, Yellowbook publishes approximately a thousand print directories, and it circulates nearly 128 million books., the company’s online directory, reaches millions of users via organic Web searches and through Yellowbook’s network of partner sites. The company’s advertising campaign has made Yellowbook one of the nation’s most-recognized brands. Yellowbook employs approximately 7,700 employees, and it now has a presence in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Dex one corporation Dex One Corporation helps businesses succeed by delivering quality leads — whenever, wherever and however consumers choose to search. With more than 600,000 advertisers in over 600 directories across 28 states, Dex is one of the leading Yellow Pages publishers in the U.S. As the official publisher for AT&T Illinois, EMBARQ and Qwest, Dex’ print brands include the AT&T Real Yellow Pages in Illinois and northwestern Indiana, the EMBARQ Yellow Pages and Dex directories. is its leading local-search site, offering new search capabilities and innovative features for consumers who are ready to buy. at&t As a leader in local search, AT&T Advertising Solutions is uniquely positioned to be the one- SuperGuarantee makes it easy to spot the good guys ® stop shop for a business’ essential advertising needs, reaching ready-to-buy consumers across First, find a business with the SuperGuarantee shield on , in ® multiple media platforms, including print, online, mobile, TV, direct mail and more. One ad buy TM the SuperYellowPages or in SuperpagesDirect . Then, register the job before on YP.COM provides access to the YP.COM Network and over 100 Web properties, such as Bing, the work begins. If you’re not satisfied with the work we’ll step in and help to Yahoo! And AOL. YP.COM’s network reach exceeds 70 million online visitors a month, making it make it right, or pay up to $500*! a top-40 website. In recognizing that the environment has changed and that shift is occurring, AT&T Advertising Solutions has expanded its advertising, products and services to now offer mobile Instantly Win $5 MILLION † websites, online banner displays, video profiles, online-presence-management tools and more. For Over 7,000 Instant Prizes Available. Play at more information, visit †Paid as an annuity. No purchase necessary. Internet access required. See promo website for Official Rules and odds. Ends 3/31/11. Sponsor – SuperMedia. *Restrictions apply. For full details, see the Terms and Conditions for this program at Hensley Ad.indd 1 9/13/10 10:26:59 AM
  11. 11. WhitePages.comAs the largest and most-trusted online directory, offersa suite of free mobile and Internet services that makes it easy to find andconnect with people and businesses in the U.S. Only offersone-click access to more than 200 million adults, and it powers more thantwo billion searches on over 1,500 partner sites, including MSN, and Yellow Pages associationthe U.S. Postal Service’ website. For more information, visit www.WhitePages. Originally founded in 1975 as the National Yellow Pages Servicecom, or check out the blog at Association (NYPSA), the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) is the largest trade organization of print and digital media valued at more than $31telmetrics billion worldwide. Association members include Yellow Pages publishers,Since 1990, media publishers, agencies and national advertisers have relied who produce products that account for almost 90 percent of the Yellowon Telmetrics to provide innovative call-tracking solutions that help maximize Pages revenue generated in the U.S. and Canada. Members (in 29the effectiveness of their marketing programs and that increase revenues. countries) also include the industry’s international-, national- and local-Considered the pioneer of call measurement in the local-search industry, sales forces; certified marketing representatives and associate members;Telmetrics remains the industry’s primary partner of choice. It provides the a group of industry stakeholders that include Yellow Pages advertisers;widest North American local-number coverage with unmatched industry vendors; and suppliers.experience and quality of service, as well as innovative solutions to supportenterprise-level performance-based advertising programs. Integrated reporting xadacross online and offline channels provides clients with the tools they need The largest local-search and -advertising network connecting advertisersto prove value for traditional and digital mediums, while offering marketers a to consumers via mobile, xAD delivers rich, compelling ad experiences formore-complete ROI picture across converging media. advertisers at the point of consumers’ purchase considerations. It does this through directory, map and navigation applications. Through its proprietarycityGrid media LocalAdXchange targeting, xAD specializes in serving sponsored resultsAn operating business of IAC, CityGrid Media is a media company that based on achieving campaign ROI for the advertiser. Its partner network isconnects Web and mobile publishers with local-advertising organizations by the largest base of mobile-search applications anywhere (over 100 millionlinking them through CityGrid, its local-content and -advertising network. local-search requests per month), with many properties only accessibleCityGrid Media owns and operates leading local-consumer properties, through xAD. Users can experience the power of xAD quality traffic acrossincluding Citysearch, Insider Pages and Urbanspoon. feature- and smart-phone applications from Poynt,, Google Maps, Bing Mobile, Telenav Navigator, Alltel411 and MetroPCS Metro411, to name a few.localezeLocaleze is the largest online content manager, serving national brands,local-search-engine publishers and consumers. Brands rely on Localeze tosupport multi-channel marketing and to maintain consistent local-brandimages through the collection, enhancement, optimization and distributionof business listings online, while local-search engines depend on Localeze todeliver the broadest, richest, most-accurate content to users. With the largestbusiness-verified listings database and the broadest network of local-search-engine partners in the industry, Localeze is the trusted source for local-search-engine content management.
  12. 12. conference booKlet sPonsor Putting local businesses on the map with Business Listing Identity Management With Localeze you will… Reach more consumers With the largest network of over 100 Local Search Platforms including mobile, social and navigational Improve findability By adding keywords, links and more to increase the likelihood of being found by consumers Optimize listings identity Localeze cleans and organizes your listings with geo-coding, address standardization and more Control listings Our easy-to-use Business Registration Manager lets you sign up, review and manage your listings 24/7. 1-800-960-3755 CLIENT SUMMIT 2010 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – September 29 & 30Push Pin Ad.indd 1 9/7/10 11:18:54 AM