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In-office medication dispensing is the process of distributing pre-packaged medications directly to patients at the point of care. Many providers are adding medication dispensing to their practices as a way to heighten the patient experience, improve patient compliance, and increase practice income. Thousands of progressive medical and dental offices around the nation have already discovered this new trend has staying power.

MEDeRx’s clinical applications work seamlessly to supply pre-packaged medications to physician, dental offices and urgent care clinics throughout the country. Physicians nationwide have come to trust MEDeRx’s convenient, safe and proven method for supplying patients with the medicine they need at the time of their office visit. Our relationships with repackagers and manufacturers enables your practice to offer medications at very competitive prices while maintaining the highest standard of service and support. But don\'t take our word for it. Our clients consistently rate MEDeRx™ among their most reliable vendors.

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Ppt Software Overview

  1. 1. Software Overview and Demonstration
  2. 2. Physician Consulting Groups & Physician Dispensing Why more consultants are turning to physician dispensingPhysician groups all over the country are witnessing firsthand the many benefitsthat arise when state of the art technologies collide with the world of Healthcare.Physician dispensing is just one of those benefits and like the others, strives toprovide increased patient satisfaction, improved patient compliance, and capturestreams of revenue that were at once walking right out the front door.MEDeRx offers a physician dispensing platform that allows physician groups todispense directly to the patient from the point of care. No longer does a patienthave to travel to a pharmacy to obtain medications. MEDeRx uses a free web basedsoftware program that allows physician groups to complete the cycle of care andsend their patients home with the prescribed course of therapy.Please take a few minutes to review the next slides that will help answer thequestions: What is physician dispensing and how can it benefit our group?Regards,Cory BuscherVice President, Sales
  3. 3. One Doctor. One Patient.One Complete Way To Provide Better Care MEDeRx™ Web Based Software Increase productivity and ensure medication safety with the most complete and efficient in-office dispensing solution available. MEDeRx™ provides a point-of-care dispensing solution for unit-of-use medications. Applying innovative technology, MEDeRx™ enables physicians and approved staff members to provide patients with medications quickly and safely at the point- of-care. MEDeRx™ delivers maximum flexibility to meet your dispensing needs. Utilizing bar-code technology, MEDeRx™ verifies the prescribed medication for each bottle dispensed. Once verified, a patient-specific label, DUR, and education sheet are created. MEDeRx™ provides complete tracking of inventory and all data associated with dispensing including physician name, patient name, medication, and dispensing facility.
  4. 4. The Dispensing ProcessSelect the Patient -Enter Information Manually -Swipe a Drivers License or Credit Card -Imported from Practice ManagementSoftwareSelect the Medication(s) -Scan the Barcode on the BottlePerform the DUR (Optional) -Drug/Drug Interaction -Drug/Allergy Contraindications -Drug Over-Utilization -Physician Override RequiredPrint the Label The average dispense can be completed in less than 30 seconds
  5. 5. The Prescription LabelBottle Label Physician PortionChart LabelPatient Counseling FormMedication/Lot Number Patient PortionPatient InformationDuplicate ReceiptsPatient Information Sheet Patient Portion
  6. 6. The MEDeRx Advantage TMEase of Use - The average dispense can be processed in less than 30 seconds.Detailed Management, Utilization and Financial ReportingRefill Monitoring and Automated Patient SequencingFull Scale Drug Utilization Review (Drug/Drug, Drug/Allergy, and Drug TooSoon)Encrypted Offsite Data Backup and RecoveryMulti-Repackager Ordering Capability, Automated Inventory Reorder andProduct Expiration AlertsElectronic NCPDP 5.1 Claims Submission CapabilityElectronic State Scheduled Drug Reporting (PDMP)Site-level Customization (Including User Security Levels, Product Sigs, ReorderQuantities, and Cash-pay Collection Amounts)HL-7 Data Interface and Data Exchange Capability
  7. 7. MEDeRx Program Features TMConvenient – Patients will no longer have to travel and wait for theirprescriptions to be filled.Efficient – Less physician and staff time will be devoted to non-revenueproducing activities such as pharmacy call backs, clarifications, andformulary substitutionsAffordable – Prescriptions can be filled at competitive prices.Immediate Treatment – Especially important for patients requiring antibioticsor pain relief.Improved Patient Compliance – Half of the 2 billion prescriptions filled eachyear are taken incorrectly: Physician Dispensing increases the likelihoodthat the patient will fill and complete the prescribed course of therapy.
  8. 8. Program Marketing Support
  9. 9. MEDeRx Program Training TMThe Typical In-Office Installation and Staff Training TakesLess Than One HourOnly About 20 Minutes is Required for Staff TrainingFormulary Development and SupportWorkers’ Compensation EDI SupportOnline and Continuing Education/Training AvailableRegional Manager Account Support24 Hour Technical SupportDedicated Client Service PersonnelOn-Call Pharmacist
  10. 10. MEDeRx - A Common Sense Solution TMThe average physician spends up to 60 minutes a day dealing with pharmaceuticalissues for no revenue. For every three physicians, there is usually one employee dealingexclusively with pharmaceutical issues. This employee is often a nurse whose salary andbenefits may reach $100,000 annually. -Noffsinger R, Chin S. Improving the delivery of care and reducing healthcare costs with the digitization of information. Healthcare Information Mgmt, 2000American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines do not preclude office dispensing aslong as state and federal regulatory requirements are fulfilled, the doctor prescribes onlyto his/her patients and allows them to fill prescriptions where they want. -American Medical Association Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs 8.06Physician drug-dispensing’s impact on revenues reveals a different and unfamiliardynamic. Dispensing oral medications is not a high-margin business. The net revenuegenerated depends on the number of scripts filled. The impact that low-volume, high-margin drugs have on profitability is nominal in comparison to high- volume, low-margingeneric medications. Revenue generation depends more on the process (volume) thanprice (profit).