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Content is not_flat

As content strategists, we get upset when people ask us to shove content into pre-designed wireframes or applications. However the tools we use for analysis and production aren't much better - our meticulously-labelled Excel sheets, tree-structured CMS sidebars, and tabbed site maps squash each page, making contextual relationships invisible. Looking at an actual FAQ project we'll see how our tools all fell apart, and how we can fix it.

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Content is not_flat

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  2. 2. Surprise audience Self-indulgent participation personal anecdotesHow to !x it Case study/ cheap therapy
  3. 3. Waah
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. Why?(& have youfound Jesus?)
  6. 6. Image by Steen Kelså, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  7. 7. Image by Domingo556, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  8. 8. Image by angel.a.acevedo, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  9. 9. Image by Hacklock, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  10. 10. help
  11. 11. Image by Juan/sickmonk, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license Image by shindoverse - shinichi / , available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
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  16. 16. So?
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  18. 18. digraph G {
  19. 19. "Page 1" -> "Page 2";
  20. 20. digraph G{ "Page 1" -> "Page 2"; "Page 1" -> "Page 3"; "Page 1" -> "Page 4"; "Page 2" -> "Page 3"; "Page 2" -> "Page 4"; "Page 3" -> "Page 4";}
  21. 21. !lename.gv
  22. 22. + Image by GlenBledsoe, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  23. 23. information_for _students/ information_for orientation/ _students/ information_for registeringwithg _students/iss/ nib/ information_for information_for _students/ _students/ registration/ internationalhan dbook/ information_for _students/ information_for information_for scholarships_fu _students/ _students/ nding/ funding_us/ videotestimonial s/ internationalpart internationalpart nerships/ nerships/ information_for erasmusmundu ucdgloballoung applytoerasmus _students/ sprogrammesat e/ mundusucdappl information_for studentsupport/ ucd/ icants/ internationalpart _students/esn/ nerships/ ucd information_for internationalcoll international _students/ aborativeprogra staff/ travellingtoucd/ information_for mmes/ _students/ accommodation / newsevents/ information_for internationalpart _students/ nerships/ ucd_googlemap / internationalpart nerships/ informationforov univeristas21/ erseasrepresen tatives/ u21summersch ool/ exchanges/ comingtoucdon exchanges/ erasmusexchan livinginireland/ comingtoucdfro ge/ costofliving/ moutsidetheeu/ livinginireland/ exchanges/ studenthealth/ exchanges/ studenttestimon studenttestimon ials/ ials/ testimonialnewz testimonialneth ealand/ erlands/ livinginireland/ exchanges/ livinginireland/ exchanges/ studenttestimonstudenttestimon visainformation/ ials/ ials/ testimonialusa/ exchanges/testimonialirelan studenttestimon d2/ ials/ livinginireland/ exchanges/ workinginirelan exchanges/ d/ exchanges/ studenttestimon studenttestimon ials/ ials/ testimonialchina testimonialirelan exchanges/ / photogallery/ d1/ studenttestimon welcomerecepti ials/ on2009/ photogallery/ testimonialicela nd/ exchanges/ http:// welcome_recep welcomerecepti photogallery/ tion_2010_06 on2009/ outgoing_excha www.ucd. welcomerecepti welcome_recep nge/faqs/ exchanges/ outgoing_excha ie/ on2009/ tion_2010_12 welcome_recep exchanges/ nge/ internatio tion_2010_02 destinations/ outgoing_excha nal/ photogallery/ nge/ welcomerecepti outgoing_erasm exchanges/ photogallery/ on2009/ us_exchange_s outgoing_excha photogallery/ welcome_recep welcomerecepti welcomerecepti taff/ nge/ exchanges/ on2009/ tion_2010_13 on2009/ outgoing_excha welcome_recep exchanges/ nge/ tion_2010_01 outgoing_excha howtoapply/ photogallery/ nge/ exchanges/ welcomerecepti outgoing_erasm outgoing_excha photogallery/ on2009/ us_exchange_p nge/ welcomerecepti welcome_recep ostapplication/ outgoing_erasm on2009/ photogallery/ tion_2010_16 us_exchange_f photogallery/ welcome_recep welcomerecepti ees/ tion_2010_19 on2009/ welcome_recep tion_2010_18 contactus/ photogallery/ studyabroad/ studyabroad/ galway2010/ sportandexercis summerinternsh e/ ip/ studyabroad/ studyabroad/ science/ support/ photogallery/ glendalough201 0/ photogallery/ studyabroad/ studyabroad/ orientation2010 pre-veterinary/ accommodation studentwelcom / studyatucd/ eandfair/ ucdoverseaspro grammes/ studyatucd/ visitingoccasion studyabroad/ alstudents/ studyabroad/ pre-medical/ agriculturefooda ndnutrition/ practical_inform practical_inform ation/ ation/ registration/ practical_inform studyabroad/ scholarships_fu ation/ studyatucd/ studyabroad/ studyabroad/ studyatucd/ pre-law/ nding/ registeringwithg studyatucd/full- architecture/ internationalbro nib/ timedegreestud chure/ ents/ practical_inform ation/esn/ practical_inform ation/ studyabroad/ orientation/ studyabroad/ nursingandmid artscelticstudies wifery/ humansciences studyatucd/ / practical_inform china/ ation/ accommodation / practical_inform practical_inform ation/iss/ studyabroad/ studyabroad/ ation/ fees/ business/ practical_inform studyatucd/ studyabroad/ ation/ china/chinese/ studyabroad/ clintoninstitutefo practical_inform funding_us/ engineering/ ramericanstudie ation/ s/ practical_inform internationalhan studyabroad/ studyabroad/ ation/ dbook/ cultural_social/ contact/ travellingtoucd/ practical_inform ation/ practical_inform studentsupport/ ation/ ucd_googlemap / staff/
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  28. 28. Version controlReal-time collaborationComments galore‘Working’ links
  29. 29. <h2 class="c2"><a name="h.dqz7oftumgmq"></a><span class="c0 c8">(Not sure if you can switch orhow?)</span></h2><h3 class="c2"><aname="h.fkp2gdhjs7mk"></a><span class="c1 c0">Can Iswitch if I&rsquo;m renting?</span></h3><pclass="c2"><span>You can switch to Airtricity ifyou&rsquo;re renting, as long as your property has a separateelectricity and/or gas meter and the energy bills are currentlyin your name. If you&rsquo;re unsure, contact your landlord!rst.</span></p><p class="c2 c7"><span></span></p>
  30. 30. Image by Raja Sambasivan, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  31. 31. Image by Gene Han, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
  32. 32. thanks!Cory-Ann Joseph @coryannj