Lab #5 starches and sauces


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KHP 3310 Introduction to Food Science

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  • I'm surprised the cornstarch version became lumpy. It usually works best.
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Lab #5 starches and sauces

  1. 1. LAB #5 STARCHES AND SAUCES KHP 3310 Introduction to Food Science
  2. 2. Corwin Driskill
  3. 3. Comparison in puddings and Sauces
  4. 4. Vanilla Cornstarch Puddings Ready to eat pudding Instant pudding Cooked vanilla pudding
  5. 5. Ready to Eat Pudding Smooth thick chemically tasting made with modified starch no cooking time at all
  6. 6. Instant pudding Instant pudding and 2 cups cold milk mix until thick Very yellow solid smooth tastes fatty and vanilla made with modified starch 5 minute prep time
  7. 7. Cooked Vanilla Pudding 3 Tbsp cornstarch ¼ c + 2 Tbsp granulated sugar 2 c milk 1/8 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla extract
  8. 8. Sugar and cornstarch then stir in milk
  9. 9. Lots of stirring and thickening boiled then heat removed and vanilla added and cooled The color was much whiter than the others. It was smooth and thick with a few air pockets very creamy and sweet make with straight corn starch and took longer 18 minutes
  10. 10. Ready to eat bottom left instant top cooked bottom right All very different but are said to be the same thing It is all a matter of taste I guess
  11. 11. White Sauce Variations
  12. 12. White Sauce version A 1 cup warmed milk Melt butter then add 2 Tbsp flour
  13. 13. Adding milk to mixture stirring and simmering until thick Became an off white color and was a thick liquid
  14. 14. Sauce with melting butter adding flour
  15. 15. Adding cold milk and stirring until thick Adding cold milk Finished look was somewhat translucent also was thicker and more solid
  16. 16. Blending method of Sauce  Blend softened butter with flour
  17. 17. Stir until thick was off white and foamy and frothy Simmer milk Add flour butter mixture
  18. 18. White Sauce with adding flour last Melt butter Mix milk in with butter
  19. 19. After butter and milk mixed add flour  Lots of stirring  Became off white in color and lumpy was very thick
  20. 20. Lumpy and very thick
  21. 21. White Sauce made with Cornstarch make a paste with a small amount of milk and cornstarch
  22. 22. Corn Starch Sauce with no butter Simmer milk with no butter Add corn starch paste stir until thick
  23. 23. Corn Starch Sauce without Butter When all ingredients were mixed together Became thick very quickly Also became very lumpy Color was very white as well
  24. 24. All 5 White Sauces All very different I found it interesting that using the same ingredients in different orders or with heat or chilling comes such different products