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Fostering Innovation and SMEs Competitiveness (Aziz Bouras)


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10th presentation of the CentraLab Mid-Term Conference held in Budapest on 2 October 2012.

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Fostering Innovation and SMEs Competitiveness (Aziz Bouras)

  1. 1. Fostering innovation and SMEs competitivenessIndustry and Research Clusters in Rhône-Alps Prof. Aziz Bouras
  2. 2. Rhône-­‐Alps  area  has…    F  A major urban area, connecting several departments and 8 big cities (Lyon…)F  A strong base of SMEs (1st area in France)F  World leader companies Renault/ Volvo Trucks, SEB, Schneider, Rhodia, Sanofi-Pasteur…F  A strong university network, large number of research labs (CNRS, INRIA, CEA...)…and known for its diversified culture:Gastronomy, Fashion, Ski, Wine,Medieval cities…
  3. 3. Weight  of  SMEs  in  Rhône-­‐Alps  
  4. 4. Clusters in Rhône-Alps After developing several Technology/Scientific parks (Grenoble, Lyon…) , the regions ambition was to ensure expansion of its sectors of excellence and to address the strategic challenges for the future … and took decision to provide sources and resources to promote innovative solutions and competitiveness of SMEsF  In 2005… The Regional Council launched a cluster approach between businesses and universities & public and private sectors…, to address these strategic challengesF  In practice, the various partners work together within the clusters to pull the levels of competitive advantage (i.e. international promotion, business development, training, human resources management, industrial performance and technological innovation…)  
  5. 5. 8 Main Industry Clusters   Organics Cluster (organic products) Eco-energies Cluster (renewable energies and energy mangmt)Imaginove Cluster (film-making, audiovisual, video games, animation, multimedia) Edit Cluster (software publishing) Cim Cluster (mountain-based industries) Sporaltec Cluster (sport, leisure and outdoor) Aerospace Cluster (aeronautics and aerospace industry) Automotive Cluster (automotive vehicles) … and 7 Research Clusters (ARCS)
  6. 6. …but need for specific common subjects Clusters Regional Supply chains (field/business Performance Strategy oriented) Metrology/RFID ICT, PLM, Information Prospective Projects systems Eco-Design Agencies (methodology/technology oriented)
  7. 7. Aerospace Industry Cluster
  8. 8. Collaboration with regional agencies Clusters Regional Supply chains (field/business Performance oriented) Metrology/RFID ICT, PLM, Information Prospective Projects systems Eco-Design Innovation Agencies (methodology/technology oriented)
  9. 9. ENE « Digital Space for SMEs » innovation agencyInstitutional Partners Funded by
  10. 10. ENE ServicesANTICIPATE Observatory on IT usage Colloquium on Digital Entreprise Info. Sys. Day (PLM)BE INFORMED Information Meetings Information Notices Internet Site Sub-cantractors Book collaborative work Portal Clubs : CLUSIR - Club e-bizBE SUPPORTED Individual Support Toolbox for digital projets Workshops Collective Action: programme IS-SMEEXPERIMENT OREE program e-Working Regional Op. Extended Entreprise
  11. 11. A common initiative: the PLM day for SMEs…Objectives:a)  Make SMEs more open to innovation and networkingb)  Be aware about products/services lifecycle strategies and technologiesc)  Learn, experiment and benefit from other advanced SMEs Best Practices and REX
  12. 12. Typical Subjects Eco-­‐design  through  a  lifecycle  approach   How  to  integrate  environmental  requirements  into  product  design?  Can  Eco-­‐Design  be   prac<ced  by  subcontrac<ng  SMEs?  Which  synergies  with  data  management  tools?     Lifecycle  project  management,  best  prac:ces      What  are  the  key  success  factors?  Which  difficul<es  to  be  avoided?  How  to  “sell”  the  project  internally,  how  to  evaluate  budget  and  measure  its  ROI?  How  to  manage  change   and  facilitate  the  involvement  of  users?     Integra:ng  PLM  ICT  solu:ons  in  the  SME  Informa:on  System      How  to  integrate  PLM  into  the  exis<ng  soOware  environment:  ERP,  business    management,  project  management?  How  to  build  bridges  between  the  different  tools?  A   par<cular  architecture  should  it  be  implemented?  
  13. 13. Typical Subjects     Understanding  PLM   What  are  the  basic  principles  of  PLM  tools  and  the  covered  func<onali<es?     What  are  the  benefits  but  also  the  limits?  Who  are  the  market  leaders?     "Serious  Game"  Workshop    See  the  features  of  PLM  through  serious  game  Pegasus,       The  digital  factory     How  to  combine  collabora<ve  innova<on,  simula<on  and  virtual  manufacturing?  These  solu<ons  were   accessible  to  SMEs?  What  impact  on  the  organiza<on  of  the  company?       Presenta:on  of  the  trophy  PLM   Summary  of  feedback  by  a  na:onal  industrial  Magazine  Editor      
  14. 14. PLM…it  is  all  about  Product-­‐Process-­‐Organiza:on!     ORGANISATION Organisational structures Actors Roles Domain Vues PRODUCT Activities Tasks Objectives Resources Articles Functions BOM Documents Models PROCESSESConcept Design Production Distribution Use Recycling
  15. 15.     Understanding  PLM   What  are  the  basic  principles  of  PLM  tools  and  the  covered  func<onali<es?     What  are  the  benefits  but  also  the  limits?  Who  are  the  market  leaders?     "Serious  Game"  Workshop    See  the  features  of  PLM  through  a  serious  game       The  digital  factory    How  to  combine  collabora<ve  innova<on,  simula<on  and  virtual  manufacturing?  These  solu<ons  were   accessible  to  SMEs?  What  impact  on  the  organiza<on  of  the  company?       Presenta:on  of  the  trophy  PLM   Summary  of  feedback  by  a  na:onal  industrial  Magazine  Editor        
  16. 16. give to the SME a new approach to conduct changes Simulation environment to make training attractive and adapt it to the business context, help the user discovering advanced scenarios  Window  for  communica:on  (chat,  …)   Example  of  external  object       Radar  for  loca<ng     the  target     Missions  ,  objec:ves   to  realize     Menu  
  17. 17. Provide indicators to the project team in order to Measure and evaluate training, detect resistance and react quickly  
  18. 18.     Understanding  PLM   What  are  the  basic  principles  of  PLM  tools  and  the  covered  func<onali<es?     What  are  the  benefits  but  also  the  limits?  Who  are  the  market  leaders?     "Serious  Game"  Workshop    See  the  features  of  PLM  through  serious  game  Pegasus,       The  digital  factory     How  to  combine  collabora<ve  innova<on,  simula<on  and  virtual  manufacturing?  Are  these  solu<ons   accessible  to  SMEs?  Which  impact  on  the  organiza<on  of  the  company?       Presenta:on  of  the  trophy  PLM   Summary  of  feedback  by  a  na:onal  industrial  Magazine  Editor        
  19. 19. Roadmap FP7 2011-213: ICT-enabledIntelligent Manufacturing (Challenge 3)
  20. 20.     Understanding  PLM   What  are  the  basic  principles  of  PLM  tools  and  the  covered  func<onali<es?     What  are  the  benefits  but  also  the  limits?  Who  are  the  market  leaders?     "Serious  Game"  Workshop    See  the  features  of  PLM  through  serious  game  Pegasus,       The  digital  factory     How  to  combine  collabora<ve  innova<on,  simula<on  and  virtual  manufacturing?  Are  these  solu<ons     accessible  to  SMEs?  Which  impact  on  the  organiza<on  of  the  company?     Presenta:on  of  the  PLM  trophy     Summary  of  feedback  by  a  na:onal  industrial  Magazine  Editor      
  21. 21. PLM Trophy Designed and produced by PLM students DOSSIER DE CANDIDATURE TROPHEE PLM (Pour enregistrer votre dossier et l’envoyer par mail, Il vous suffit de l’imprimer en format pdf une fois complété)Votre EntrepriseNom de l’entreprise : ARMOR SA - AICPSecteur d’activité : Industrie Chimique (Encres) Fabrication de rubans Transfert ThermiqueNombre de sites et localisation : 6 sites de production (Europe, Asie, Amérique du Nord, Amérique du Sud)Contexte de votre entreprise et principaux enjeux (fusion / acquisition, mobilité, internationalisation, mise enplace d’un nouveau système d’information (ERP/PGI)...) :Armor est le spécialiste mondial de la chimie des encres et des technologies dimpression : N°1 duTransfert Thermique en Europe, co-leader mondial.Pour rester à ce niveau de compétitivité, Armor mise sur l’innovation qui permettra la pérennité del’entreprise. Armor a fait le choix d’une vision à long terme en poursuivant ses efforts en R&D pouradapter ses technologies pour le futur, pour de nouveaux produits et de nouveaux marchés.Dans ce cadre, la mise en place d’une solution PLM permet de centraliser les informations, decapitaliser le savoir-faire de l’entreprise et d’harmoniser les bonnes pratiques avec un support àl’innovation.C.A. en 2009 : 101 M€Effectifs au 31/12/2009 : 395 personnesEffectifs au 31/12/2010 : 411 personnesVos coordonnéesNom : LAMBOGLIAPrénom : KarineFonction : Responsable ProjetsAdresse : CAP44 - 3 rue Marcel Sembat – 44000 NantesE-mail : karine.lamboglia@armor-group.comNuméro(s) de téléphone : +33 (0)2 40 38 40 00 27  
  22. 22. Fast growing event!   Doubs,  3   Ile  de   Haute   Cote  dor,  1   Ain,  7   France,  4   Savoie,  11   Savoie,  1   150  par:cipants  from  SMEs   Drôme,  5   Saone  et   Haute   34  soTware  editors   Garonne,  1   Loire,  3   Haute   22  consul:ng  companies   Isère,  11   Saône,  4   48  researchers,  students   Jura,  2   18  keynotes   Loire,  5   12  ins<tu<onals/government     Maine  et   23  organisers   Loire,  2   Rhône,  30     Morbilhan,  2   Oise  ,  2   Nord  Pas  de   Calais,  2  "     Very  high  demand  from  SMEs…   Italy…   Rhone-Alps Switzerland France"   Database  of  Case  Studies  and  REX  based  presenta<ons      
  23. 23.
  24. 24. The regional experience with SMEs is having an impact on the relationship with big companies...1. PLM-on-the-cloud forSMEsDevelop platforms that significantly reduce in-houseinfrastructure and support costs2. Digital PreservationPreserve and archive digital data and knowledgefor 70 to 90 years after the end of life of the products3. PLM and sustainability4. Collaboration strategieswith SMEs
  25. 25. … Impact on Research/EducationPLM Master ð  Informa<on  Systems  –  Informa<on   Technologies   ð Integrated  IS,  Distributed  IS,  IS  Modeling,   Interac<ons  an  Data  Exchange,…       ð  PLM  Architectures   ð Product  data  management,  data  exchange   standards,  SOA  architectures…   ð  Mul<-­‐Agent  Systems     ð Distributed  Ar<ficial  Intelligence,  MAS   concepts,  Cogni<ve  and  Reac<ve  Agents,   MAS  Simula<on,…
  26. 26. … and visibility at the international level (confortable to talk about research for SMEs!) India, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherland, Canada, Japan, US… IFIP WG5.1 PLM
  27. 27. Knowledge  transfer:    1)  Brazil  Technology  Parks  
  28. 28. 2)  Euro  Thai  Implementa<on  For  Economic  Development     2009/2011   EU-­‐Thai  coopera<on  facility     Co-­‐Op  educa<on,  Personal/Professional  Project  implementa<on   Quality  Assurance  System  for  Research  and  Interna<onal  ac<vi<es
  29. 29. 3) eTourism project 2010/2014  1.  Set up innovative management policies based on the use of ICT to enhance sustainable development in the tourism sector in EU/Asia and help spearing knowledge in both directions.2.  Help tourism enterprising (start-ups, young innovative SMEs…) and enhance creativity (Creative Cities Network..).3.  Developing international cooperation at different levels including research level.4.  Build a “Cross-Culture & ICT for Sustainable Development" workshop in each Asian country (tutorials, ICT demonstrations, best practices, expert keynotes speeches), to better acquisition of data and interaction with socio-economical sectors. 35  
  30. 30. Franco-Thai collaboration Next  EcoSystem       Sustainability   e-­‐Link,  Sust.  eTourism         Knowledge  InfoCentre      Trustness   EAST-­‐WEST         Erasmus-­‐Mundus  (N-­‐N  Consor:a)             Mul:lateral  Program  (n-­‐n)   Mutual  Recogni:on         Eu-­‐Thai  Project  (n-­‐1)       Bilateral  Project  (1-­‐1)                                       Networking             ASEAN                             Competencies: ICT, Engineering, Business and Management,         Education and Teachers training SKIMA conference, a  link between all the consortia activities   ChiangMai’06…Kathmandu’08… Fes’09… Paro’10…Benevento’11…Chengdu’12…ChiangMai’13
  31. 31.   Thank you! 37