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Quick Tutorial to Integration Social Login to Boost User Engagement


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Want to integrate a Social Login in your app or website? Here is the quick tutorial to add Google and Facebook Social login in your Website.

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Quick Tutorial to Integration Social Login to Boost User Engagement

  1. 1. Social Logins - Make App Registration Easy for your Users
  2. 2. What are social logins? Social Login is a single sign-on where the end user can sign-up or login into the app using their account on a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  3. 3. Its high time to implement it into your application! The app market is adapting this feature at a very high speed, here are some of the real-world examples of web apps using social login. Pinterest Canva Airbnb Quora Buffer
  4. 4. Why should you add social login to your applications? Increase registrations - As its a one step process, the number of registrations increases One click return experience - As the user will probably be logged into the social network, his return experience will be simpler. Email verified user - Social network users are mostly email verified to maintain authenticity. Access richer user info - Social accounts can give addition user info like their interests to target products Up-to-date profiles - Social Login ensure that you have accurate information about your users
  5. 5. There are a number of social options that can be used as a Social Login Here are two easy to integrate options which are popularly used. Google Login Facebook Login
  6. 6. Want to gain more user registrations? Adding Social login feature can help you achieve that quickly!!! Here is the quick guide to know how to embed social login features like Google login and Facebook login into your apps.