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Elements of art value


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Elements of art value

  1. 1. Elements of Art 1. Color 2. Form 3. Line 4. Shape 5. Space 6. Texture 7. Value- the lightness or darkness of tones or colors
  2. 2. Light Source Part of Mona Lisa is lit and part is cast in shadow because of the light source! This results in a change of value!
  3. 3. Tutorial Video
  4. 4. Project Instructions 1. Choose a color (not yellow). Place the circle onto your paper and trace it very lightly. 2. Decide what side your light source will be on. Your shadow will be on the opposite side. 3. Draw a small oval where your light source will be hitting the sphere (highlight). Divide your sphere into about four or five equal sections with light, curved lines. Do NOT draw straight lines to divide your circle, or it will appear flat instead of three-dimensional. 4. Using the color you chose, start filling in the sections using an even tone in each. The tiny oval closest to the light source should remain white, and the section closest to the shadow should be the darkest value. The two or three sections in the middle will be medium values. 5. With a different colored pencil (not yellow), create a shadow below the sphere at the opposite end of the light source. Have your darkest value at the bottom of the shadow near the sphere, and your lightest at the tip of the shadow. 6. If time allows, blend the edges of the colors together to create a smooth value change.