John Adams Cornell Notes


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John Adams Cornell Notes

  1. 1. • Elected President in 1796 as a FEDERALIST • Vice-Pres. – Thomas Jefferson (Republican) • President for one term John Adams
  2. 2. Foreign Policy: Conflicts with France
  3. 3. XYZ Affair • France begins to capture American ships after U.S. refuses to help them in war against Britain • Adams sent representatives to work out peace with France. They were met by 3 secret agents who said their names were “X”, “Y”, and “Z” • France says they won’t stop attacking ships unless U.S. pays them off. • Adams refuses to pay and refuses to declare war on France. “Not one penny for Tribute!” • Adams Tells American Ships they have permission to fight back against the French.
  4. 4. War with France?! I feel that John Adams should choose to… because…
  5. 5. War with France?! • A. Hamilton pushed John Adams to go to war with France. • Adams knew America was not ready for another war. • In February 1799, Adams sent representatives to work out a peace treaty with France. • Hamilton and the Federalists were furious at Adams and turned there backs on him making him unpopular. • Adams never regretted his decision to make peace with France.
  6. 6. Alien and Sedition Acts • Federalists in Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts (4 laws). Created to make life difficult for the Republicans. – 3 of the laws made it difficult for immigrants to become citizens and able to vote. – 1 law made it illegal to say or print anything bad about the government or the President. • John Adams approved and signed them into law.
  7. 7. Opposition to the Acts and States’ Rights • Thomas Jefferson bitterly opposed the Alien and Sedition Acts as a violation of the rights of citizens • James Madison wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. It stated that if a stated decides a law is unconstitutional, it has the power to nullify (cancel) that law within its borders
  8. 8. John Adams as President • Adams kept the United States out of war with France even though it cost him his career in government and politics • The Federalist Party turned their back on Adams and Alexander Hamilton did not support him in the Election of 1800. • Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans hated the Alien and Sedition Acts because they violated the rights of Americans.
  9. 9. Grading John Adams… I feel John Adams earned… (A, B, C, or F) as President because…