Political Parties Develop


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Political Parties Develop

  1. 1. The Federalist Party vs. The DemocraticRepublican Party
  2. 2. Who was the leader of the party and what was he like? Federalist Party Democratic-Republican Party • Leader of the Party: Alexander Hamilton • Leader of the Party: Thomas Jefferson • Grew up poor and Worked up from poverty • Wealthy Virginian tobacco planter • Became wealthy as a banker and a lawyer • Owned slaves • Enjoyed debates, spoke & dressed well • Spoke & dressed like everyday people • Urban Elite=Top of Society • Man of the People • Trying to prove he belonged in the Upper Class • Not comfortable speaking to crowds better at writing
  3. 3. Beliefs about Human Nature Federalist Party • All people are basically selfish, greedy and only looking out for them selves • The common people, or “the mob” could not understand how government works and would not be able to run it Democratic-Republican Party • If people are able learn how government is run, they will run the country in the best way. • The best people are those that work the land: farmers and planters.
  4. 4. Which groups of people should be leading the country? Federalist Party • The best people to run the country are the educated, wealthy, an d those at the top of society. Democratic-Republican Party • All people should be a part of running the government. • Democracy is the best form of government
  5. 5. How strong should the Federal Government be? Federalist Party • Federal government should have more power than states • Gov’t should have a role in trade and business Democratic-Republican Party • States should have more power than federal government • More power to the individual person
  6. 6. What is the best economy for our country to have? Federalist Party • Based on Business • Manufacturers, industry, merchants, banking & trade • Run by the educated Upper class Democratic-Republican Party • Based on Agriculture • Farmers, artisans, land owners, shopkeepers, • Run by Working Classes
  7. 7. Thoughts about the U.S. Bank (national bank) Federalist Party • Supported National Bank—to collect taxes, pay debts, and make loans Democratic-Republican Party • Opposed Bank—too much power for the federal government
  8. 8. Foreign Policy (Connections w/other countries) Federalist Party • Supported Alliance with Great Britain—for trade and culture Democratic-Republican Party • Supported Alliance with France – They were U.S. 1st ally. – Jefferson supported France’s
  9. 9. Presidential Candidates in the Election of 1800 Federalist Party • President – John Adams • Vice President – Thomas Pinckney. Democratic-Republican Party • President – Thomas Jefferson • Vice President – Aaron Burr