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8 chapter7section1part4

Chapter 7 Section 1 Part 4

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8 chapter7section1part4

  1. 1. SPI 0807.9.1 Recognize that all matter consists of atoms. SPI 0807.12.4 Distinguish between mass and weight using appropriate measuring instruments and units. SPI 0807.9.11 Recognize that in a chemical reaction the mass of the reactants is equal to the mass of the products (Law of Conservation of Mass). You must understand mass to eventually understand this standard. Chapter 7 Section 1 Part 3
  2. 2. What Our Goals Were • I can compare mass and weight. • I can explain the relationship between mass and inertia.
  3. 3. What Mastery Looks Like
  4. 4. Spring Scale
  5. 5. Measuring Mass
  6. 6. Inertia • Tendency of an object to resist change in motion.
  7. 7. Mass: The Measure of Inertia • The larger the mass -> the harder it is to get moving. • Just because something has a large mass does not mean it will have a large weight. Think about a large object floating through space.
  8. 8. 1. Read the SUMMARY in the Section Review part of p. 187. 2. Complete Exit Ticket on Schoology.