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Nielsen global-ad view-pulse-2012-q4-lite-digital


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Nielsen global-ad view-pulse-2012-q4-lite-digital

  1. 1. Quarter 4 2011 INSIDE: Global Advertising Trends Trends by Media Type & by Category Sample of Full Report
  2. 2. Quarter 4 2011
  3. 3. © The Nielsen Company, 2012This report, in full or in part, cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans without written permission of Nielsen, Media Group, Global AdView.While every effort has been made in the preparation of this report to ensure accuracy ofthe content, Nielsen, Media Group, Global AdView, cannot accept any liability in respectof errors or omissions or for any losses or consequential losses arising from such errorsor omissions. Readers will appreciate that the contents are only as up-to-date as theiravailability and compilation and printing schedules will allow, and are subject to changeduring the natural course of events.
  4. 4. WORLD TRENDSYear to date
  5. 5. Global Advertising TrendsYear to dateMain Events ADVERTISING EXPENDITURE TREND• Global online consumer confidence Million USD finally shows a gain of 1 point, after 2010 seven consecutive quarters of 50000 2011 decline 45000 40000• The eurozone debt crisis has a 35000 domino effect on many countries, 30000 particularly in regard to local export 25000 markets $498 20000• Standard & Poor downgrades the billion 15000 U.S.’ AAA credit rating in Q3, 10000 though the U.S. economy performs 5000 better than expected in Q4 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecMain Facts• After a boost in ad spending during Q3, advertisers show more caution YEAR ON YEAR % CHANGE BY MONTH in Q4, though 2011 still shows a 7.3% increase in spending vs. 2010 12.2 11.4• Both North America and Europe 8.6 8.9 8.3 8.3 show declines in ad spend year-on- 7.3 7.0 6.1 year for Q4, with the FMCG market 5.2 5.5 4.8 cutting ad budgets 3.0• Looking at the whole of 2011 vs. 2010 however, North America Year to Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec shows a marginal increase in ad date spending, while Europe declines by Note: media included in the global overview: Television, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio -0.4% MACRO ECONOMIC TRENDS • GDP (constant prices)* + 4.0% • Consumer Prices** + 5.0% • Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index: 89** (+1 compared to Q3 2011) *2011 vs 2010 forecasts **Q4 2011 surveyCopyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.6
  6. 6. notably declined in 24 of 27 European economy performed better than2011 closes with a markets. expected.7.3% increase in The sentiment seemed to translate “While Europe’s challenging directly to the European advertising economic conditions in the secondglobal ad spend market, which decreased spending by half of 2011 bought renewed -0.4 percent in 2011 compared with vulnerability and fragility to 2010.* Not surprisingly, though many consumers and financial markets2011 was a difficult year for the global Northern European advertising globally, some of the most positiveeconomy, which was impacted by markets measured in this report news last quarter came from thenatural disasters, political uprisings, marginally increased spending during world’s two largest economies—theand the ripple effects of financial 2011, larger decreases were seen in U.S. and China—where confidencecrises in both the U.S. and Western the Southern European markets of rebounded to Q1 2011 levels,” saidEurope. Greece (-13.1%), Italy (-4.0%), and Dr. Venkatesh Bala, Chief Economist Spain (-9.7%). at The Cambridge Group, a part ofWith Standard & Poor’s downgrade of Nielsen.the U.S.’ AAA credit rating and the Though advertising in North Americaworsening eurozone sovereign debt increased by a mere 1.8 percent in With U.S. presidential elections, thecrisis, it is no surprise that overall 2011 and showed a -0.6 percent European Cup, and the Londonconsumer confidence levels fell in 60 decline year-on-year during Q4, there Olympics taking place later this year,percent of global markets measured in are signs that 2012 will be a better analysts feel that advertisers willNielsen’s Q4 2011 Consumer year for the advertising market. regain confidence and ad spendingConfidence Index. Though consumer Consumer confidence jumped 6 will see healthy increases in 2012.confidence around the world points in the U.S. during the fourthincreased one point to 89, confidence quarter to 83 points, and the U.S. * based mainly on published rate cards and the four major media typesREGIONS -- YEAR ON YEAR % CHANGE 7.3 1.8 11.5 -0.4 11.6 11.3 Global North America Asia Pacific Europe Latin America Middle East & Africa Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 7
  7. 7. GLOBAL TREND – OVERVIEW BY REGION AND COUNTRYYear on Year % Change, YTD GLOBAL 7.3 North America 1.8 Canada -2.1 United States of America 2.1 Asia Pacific 11.5 Australia -2.2 China 18.1 Hong Kong 13.0 Indonesia 25.2 Japan -0.1 Malaysia 12.1 New Zealand 3.2 Philippines 12.2 Singapore 5.3 South Korea 0.8 Taiwan 0.2 Thailand 1.6 Europe -0.4 France 0.9 Germany 0.7 Greece -13.1 Ireland -3.9 Italy -4.0 The Netherlands 1.8 Norway 8.3 Portugal -2.0 Spain -9.7 Switzerland 5.4 Turkey 18.6 United Kingdom -0.9 Latin America 11.6 Argentina 29.6 Brazil 13.7 Mexico -0.4 Middle East and Africa 11.3 Egypt -35.8 Kuwait -3.3 Lebanon -0.4 Pan-Arab Media 15.7 Saudi Arabia 10.2 South Africa 23.6 United Arab Emirates -1.9Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.8
  8. 8. Media Types – Four Major MEDIA -- % CHANGE YEAR TO DATEWhen looking at the trends of 2011vs. 2010, all four major media typesshowed positive trends globally—withTelevision and Radio seeing thehighest percentage increases of 10.1percent and 9.7 percent respectively. 10.1% 2.0% 1.1% 9.7% Television Magazines Newspapers RadioTelevision ad spend, which holds a65.1 percent share of ad spending,grew in all regions—including theembattled European region. MEDIA -- % SHARE OF SPEND -- YEAR TO DATEPress ad spending suffered in the 8.8mature markets of North America andEurope—consistent with trends seenearlier this year. 20.8More surprisingly, Newspaper adspending also suffered in the MiddleEast & Africa, a region of which had 65.1previously reported slight growth. Thisis in large part to significant declines 5.3in Newspaper spending from Egyptand Pan-Arab Media. Both advertisingmarkets suffered greatly due to thepolitical turmoil experienced earlier in Television Magazines Newspapers Radiothe year.MEDIA BY REGION – YEAR-ON-YEAR % CHANGE, YEAR TO DATE 6.8 4.2 1.2 1.5 15.4 10.6 -1.3 -1.5 -4.5 5.8 3.3 22.4 -7.4 15.3 18.0 15.4 11.9 10.5 2.6 -0.8 Television Magazines Newspapers Radio Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 9
  9. 9. Media Types - Additional MEDIA -- % CHANGE YEAR TO DATEAd spending for the Internet, Outdoor,and Cinema media types all showedincreases in 2011 when comparedwith 2010.Internet ad spending, which grew by 7.7% 24.0% 2.3%24.0 percent in 2011 vs. 2010, saw Outdoor Internet Cinemaincreases in almost all marketsmeasured in this report—despitebudget cuts for traditional media insome markets.Analysts have forecasted that Internetad spending will continue to expandexponentially—with some analystsgoing so far as predicting that Internetad spend will top Newspaper adspend by 2013. NOTE: Global trends for these media types should be taken only as an indication, as they are based on a smaller subset of countries for which data is available.MEDIA BY REGION – YEAR-ON-YEAR % CHANGE, YEAR TO DATE 5.5 3.4 1.6 3.7 70.1 25.3 14.1 14.0 48.6 30.0 17.0 6.2 -21.4 Cinema Internet OutdoorCopyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.10
  10. 10. Macro Sectors SECTORS -- % SHARE OF SPEND -- YEAR TO DATEAd spending within the macro sectorsmirrored the volatility of the marketthroughout 2011. 5.1 8.1 3.5After a general increase in adspending seen in the third quarter, 7.5 5.3advertisers appeared to adopt a moreconservative approach in spending 11.1 5.3during the fourth quarter.This conservatism was clearly evident 10.2 11.6in the FMCG sectors in North Americaand Europe, which posted decreasesin 2011 ad spend of -3.1 and -3.8 5.3percent respectively. 24.8On the other side of the spectrum,Clothing & Accessories, a minorspending category with a 3.5 share ofspend, saw increases in ad Automotive Clothing & Access. Distribution Durablesexpenditures in all regions—most Entertainment Financial FMCG Healthcarenotably in the Asia Pacific with a 28.4 Industry & Serv. Media Telecom.percent increase.SECTORS -- % CHANGE YEAR TO DATE HEALTHCARE increases ad AUTOMOTIVE 7.5 spend by 11.2% in 2011 CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES 17.5 Healthcare, with a 10.2 percent share of spend, grew in the double- DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS 8.8 digits—by +11.2 percent when DURABLES 5.5 compared to 2010 ENTERTAINMENT 5.3 FINANCIAL 6.6 FMCG 6.8 HEALTHCARE 11.2 INDUSTRY & SERVICES 8.1 MEDIA 4.3 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 3.5 Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 11
  11. 11. CATEGORIES RANK AND % SHARE OF SPEND, YTD 1 Healthcare 10.2 2 Cosmetics & Toiletries 9.2 3 Automotive 8.1 4 Media & Publishing 7.5 5 Food 7.4 6 Entertainment 6.1 7 Drink 5.5 8 Financial 5.3 9 Distribution Channels 5.3 10 Telecommunications 5.1 11 Institutions 4.8 12 Industry, Agriculture & Property 3.6 13 Clothing & Accessories 3.5 14 Leisure Products 3.0 15 Furnishings & Decoration 2.7 16 Housekeeping Products 2.5 17 Transport & Tourism 2.5 18 Business Services 2.4 19 Information Technology 1.4 20 Domestic Appliances 1.2 21 Power & Water 0.3 22 Tobacco 0.1Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.12
  12. 12. METHODOLOGYNOTES Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 13
  13. 13. MethodologyThe information included in this report The Media Group within Nielsen, ishas been compiled, harmonized and the data source for the followingproduced by Nielsen, Media Group, countries:Global AdView. • Australia • PhilippinesThe Nielsen Global AdView Pulse • Canada • Singaporereports on advertising expenditure for • China • South AfricaArgentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,China, Egypt, France, Germany, • Germany • South KoreaGreece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, • Indonesia • Switzerland*Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait,Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, The • Ireland (Republic of) • TaiwanNetherlands, New Zealand, Norway, • Italy • ThailandPan-Arab Media, Philippines,Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, • Malaysia • TurkeySouth Africa, South Korea, Spain, • The Netherlands • United KingdomSwitzerland, Taiwan, Thailand,Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the • New Zealand • United States of AmericaUnited Kingdom, and the UnitedStates of America. • NorwayPan-Arab Media refers to the mediaoutlets in the Middle East that havesignificant viewership, readership orlistenership in two or more marketsand are not localized to only onemarket in the region. They do notrepresent a duplication with thecoverage of each country and gathera significant amount of the advertisingin the region.Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.14
  14. 14. MethodologyThe data sources for the other America about their confidence levels MAP OF THE REPORTcountries included in the report are: and economic outlook. The Nielsen • World Trend: this section includesArgentina: IBOPE Consumer Confidence Index is all territories and relates to theBrazil: IBOPE developed based on consumers’ following media types : Television, confidence in the job market, status of Newspapers, Magazines andEgypt: PARC (Pan Arab Radio. Research Centre) their personal finances and readiness • Internet, Outdoor and Cinema:France: Yacast to spend. The sample has quotas this section intends to give an based on age and sex for each overview of the global trend ofGreece: Media Services country based on their Internet users, these media types for the territoriesHong Kong: admanGo is weighted to be representative of in which they are covered. TheJapan: Nihon Daily Tsushinsha advertising expenditure on this Internet consumers, and has aKuwait: PARC (Pan Arab media is not included in the total for maximum margin of error of +0.6%. Research Centre) the global trend as the scattered coverage, would make theLebanon: PARC (Pan Arab comparison inconsistent. Figures are expressed in Million USD Research Centre) • Regions: this section includes and are gross except for Australia,Mexico: IBOPE Ireland, and the UK which are spend on Television, Newspapers,Pan-Arab Media: Magazines and Radio. Each region estimated net at source, and France, PARC (Pan Arab includes the following countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, the Research Centre) – North America: Canada, United Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, and States of America.Portugal: Mediamonitor Turkey—to which Nielsen Global – Asia Pacific: Australia, China,Saudi Arabia: AdView estimated weighting factors Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, PARC (Pan Arab are applied. USA and Spanish figures Malaysia, New Zealand, Research Centre) are based on apples-to-apples Philippines, Singapore, SouthSpain: Arce Media comparisons to the previous year, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand. both in terms of coverage and – Europe: France, Germany,UAE: PARC (Pan Arab Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Research Centre) methodology, in order to give a more Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, accurate representation of the trends. Spain, Switzerland, Turkey,The source for the macro-economic The source for the exchange rates is United Kingdom.indicators is IMF (International OANDA (website: ) – Latin America: Argentina, Brazil,Monetary Fund) – World Economic and the rate applied to all figures is Mexico.Outlook September 2011 (website: the 2010 yearly average. – Middle East and Africa: Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Media, Saudi Arabia, South In order to reflect the most accurate Africa, United Arab Emirates.The Nielsen Global Online Survey picture for media type trends and(source for the Nielsen Consumer macro-sector trends, the methodology Note: Pan-Arab Media refers to the mediaConfidence Index), was conducted used for each may differ. Adjustments titles in the Middle East that have significant and estimates necessary to represent viewership, readership or listenership in two orbetween November 23 and December more markets and are not localized to only one9, 2011 and polled more than 28,000 the media type trends accurately may market in the region. They do not represent aconsumers in 56 countries throughout not be suitable for the macro-sector duplication with the coverage of each country and gather a significant amount of theAsia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, trends. In some cases a direct advertising in the region.the Middle East, Africa and North comparison is therefore not possible. Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 15
  15. 15. • Country breakdown refers to all Macro-sectors and Categories are major media types available in the harmonized in order to allow country (Television, Newspapers, consistency of comparison between Magazines, Radio, Outdoor, regions and countries. They may Cinema, Internet). therefore differ to how the local• Macro-sectors include the sectors and categories are built. following Categories: – Automotive: Automotive • Top 20 Global Spenders: this – Industry & Services: Business ranking has been compiled to show Services, Property, Institutions, the top 20 spenders at Power & Water corporate/holding company level. Using each of the businesses – Clothing & Accessories: comprising these international Clothing & Accessories corporations at a local level the – FMCG: Cosmetics & Toiletries, cumulative total has been reported. Drinks, Food, Housekeeping The top 20 global spenders rank is Products, Tobacco based on the Nielsen countries – Distribution Channels: included in this review plus Spain, Distribution Channels (including Portugal and Hong Kong. For the also: Mail Order, Multiple Product remaining countries the advertiser Retailers, On-line shopping & detail is not available in a way that generic on-line services, can be included in the global Corporate/Image and sponsorship ranking. Distribution Channels) – Durables: Domestic Appliances, Furnishings & Decoration, Information Technology – Entertainment: Entertainment, Leisure products, Transport & Tourism – Financial: Financial – Healthcare: Healthcare – Media: Media & Publishing – Telecommunications: TelecommunicationsCopyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.16
  16. 16. Quarter 4 2011 SNEAK PREVIEW Get a taste of the regional and country insights from the full version of Nielsen Global AdView Pulse
  17. 17. Middle East & AfricaRegion OverviewHighlights MARKET -- ADVERTISING EXPENDITURE TREND• Ad market in the Middle East & Africa ends 2011 with a 11.3% Million USD 2010 increase in spend vs. 2010 3500 2011• South Africa and Pan-Arab Media 3000 continue to reign as top ad investment markets 2500• The Automotive market reports a 2000 -10.5% decrease in 2011 spending—though it was the only 1500 $20 macro sector to report a decline 1000 billion 500After a difficult start of 2011, rife withpolitical uprisings throughout the 0region, advertisers within the Middle Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecEast and Africa again gainedconfidence in the market at the end ofthe year. COUNTRIES -- % SHARE OF SPEND -- YTDIn the fourth quarter of 2011,advertising spend increased by 16.5percent vs. Q4 2010, with an 11.3 4.5percent increase for the whole year 6.3 4.82011 vs. 2010. 2.2 EgyptMarkets commanding the majority of Kuwaitad spending continued to be South LebanonAfrica and Pan-Arab Media, with Pan Arab 36.0 MediaEgypt’s ad market unable to fully Saudirecover from the hard hit it Arabiaexperienced in the first half of the 40.9 South Africayear. UAEThroughout the Arab Spring, the ad 5.5market in Saudi Arabia remainedlargely unaffected, posting an 11.2percent increase in spend in 2011. Note: media included in the region overview: Television, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio Full report includes: Regional & Country Trends by Month, Quarter, Media Type, Sector & CategoryCopyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. Top Advertisers by Country and Globally18
  18. 18. AustraliaCountry OverviewCOUNTRY FACTS CONSUMER CONFIDENCE INSIGHTSPOPULATION22,504,000GDP in BILLIONS1,324 Australian Dollars AUSTRALIA 103GDP PER CAPITA58,827 Australian DollarsINFLATION3.5 percentCURRENCY1 Australian Dollar = 0.91994USD +6 from Q3 Source: Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index, Q4 2011MACRO ECONOMIC TRENDS GDP (at constant prices) vs Inflation (consumer prices) – year-on-year % change 5.0 GDP 4.5 CP 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company. 19
  19. 19. AustraliaCountry Overview ADVERTISING EXPENDITURE TRENDHighlights• Australian economy grows slower 2010 1000 than expected in Q4 900 2011• Consumer confidence still remains 800 high—posting gains on Q3 700• Advertising, on the other hand, 600 shows a slight decline of -0.7% in 2011 vs. 2010 500 $9.0 400 billionAustralia’s economy grew slower than 300expected in Q4 2011, recording a 200mere 0.4 percent growth against Q3, 100and a +2.3 percent growth year-on-year. 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecAccording to the Australian Bureau ofStatistics, growth was anticipated as0.8 percent and 2.4 percentrespectively. The culprit of the METHODOLOGYslowdown was said to be the soaringAustralian dollar and the European • Media covered: Television, Newspapers, Magazines,financial crisis, which negatively Radio, Outdoor, Cinema, Internetimpacted the Australian economy • Figures: estimated net at sourcedespite the central bank’s efforts tocut interest rates. • Discounts are assigned by advertiser and/or by agency across all media types and revised annuallyIn the face of the economic slowdown,advertising spend showed negative NOTESgrowth for 2011 against 2010,recording a small decline of -0.7 • No change in coverage or methodology for this quarterpercent.Advertising – Year-on-year % change by Media TV MG NP RD OD CI TOT TV MG NP RD OD CI TOT TV MG NP RD OD CI TOT 22.4 13.4 8.0 9.4 6.7 3.8 5.0 2.2 2.3 2.9 2.1 2.0 0.0 -0.8 -1.8 -1.8 -7.1 -9.4 -9.9 -8.9 -11.5 2008 vs 2007 2009 vs 2008 2010 vs 2009Copyright © 2012 The Nielsen Company.20
  20. 20. Quarter 4 2011 What you get 4 times a year: • Over 250 pages of data, analysis, and commentaries covering over 35 markets • Analysis by quarter and year-to-date • 1 hard copy and electronic copy of the Nielsen Global AdView Pulse Report • Data source file in Excel • Early Indicator Study ORDER NOW Address T +31 (0)20 398 8777 Global AdView F +31 (0)20 398 8553 Nielsen Diemerhof 2 E globaladview@nielsen.com1112 XL Diemen W The Netherlands
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