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Building a Social-Ready Enterprise for Healthcare


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Social Media webinar presented to the VHA hospital network by Berry Network.

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Building a Social-Ready Enterprise for Healthcare

  1. 1. Building a Social-Ready Enterprise for Healthcare Prepared for VHA Members
  2. 2. Welcome! Alan See Mark Williams Vice President of Marketing Senior Media Strategist – VHA Team Berry Network, Inc. Berry Network, Inc. @AlanSee … Twitter @B2BTwiter … Twitter 2
  3. 3. Agenda • What is social media … and why should I care? • How are healthcare organizations using Social Media? • Can I use social media to generate revenue opportunities and advance our brand? • A strategic approach to social media. • Berry Network social media programs for consideration. 3
  4. 4. What is social media … and why should I care? Social media represents “conversational currency” and it’s growing “3X faster” than anything else on the internet. BTW, did we mention that many of your peers are already there? 4
  5. 5. Marketing Landscape Media Fragmentation: The Customer is in Control 1968 1988 2008 1 Newspapers 1 Newspapers 1 Newspapers 2 Broadcast TV 2 Broadcast TV 2 Broadcast TV 3 Magazines 3 Magazines 3 Magazines 4 Broadcast Radio 4 Broadcast Radio 4 Broadcast Radio 5 Direct Mail 5 Direct Mail 5 Direct Mail 6 Cable TV 6 Cable TV 7 Satellite TV 8 IPTV 9 Internet 10 Satellite Radio Customer’s are rejecting 11 Blogs obsolete interruptive 12 Online Video 13 Mobile Internet advertising and moving to 14 Mobile Games 15 Mobile Video interactive engagement 16 Text Messaging 17 Instant Messaging marketing. 18 Download Movies 19 Podcasts 20 Social Networks 5
  6. 6. What is social media? The voice of the consumer is “conversational currency” • Social media sites are places online where consumers gather to find like minds and share interests. • Organizations can leverage these mass interests by creating communities and conversations for expanding brand awareness and generating sales leads. 6
  7. 7. What is social media? Social media building blocks • Social News / Bookmark / Aggregators • Social Networks • User-Generated Content 7
  8. 8. Why should I care? Rapid growth … at 34% CAGR social media outpaces all other interactive marketing spend 88% of marketers surveyed are using social media to market their business … It’s where the consumer can be found … • More than 74% of the U.S. population is engaged in using social media • 1 out of every 6 minutes spent on the internet is on a social network • Social media is growing 3X faster than anything else on the internet Source: Social Media Marketing Industry Report, March 2009 8
  9. 9. Why should I care? Where do buyers and influencers get information about your product or service? Social Media sites have surpassed company Web sites as sources of information … 9
  10. 10. How are Healthcare organizations using social media? 10
  11. 11. Are healthcare organizations using social media? Yes … for many different reasons • Customer Service Contact point for our customers, catch problems early. • Community Outreach The people in our physical community are on these sites. • Patient Education Natural extension of efforts to reach & teach. • Public Relations The media is there looking for stories & sources. • Crisis Communications Take control of the message, and keep community updated in real-time. 11
  12. 12. Are healthcare organizations using social media? U.S. Hospitals Social Networking accounts U.S. Hospitals: Twitter YouTube Facebook Blogs Source: Ed Bennett, University of Maryland Medical System 12
  13. 13. Healthcare type chatter on twitter Can you currently leverage “Ambient Awareness?” 13
  14. 14. Healthcare applications Social networking at other hospitals Sutter Eden Medical Engages the local community about hospital building plans with this blog and a Twitter feed. Henry Ford Health Educates patients and consumers with a series of live surgical Twitter- casts and Q & A with surgeons. Estimated 500 followers in real-time. MD Anderson Cancer Center Uses Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to promote use of Referring Physician Portal. Saw a 9% increase in registrations. 14
  15. 15. Healthcare applications Social networking at other hospitals Scripps Health Monitors Social Networks for the Scripps name and steps in to help & resolve problems 15
  16. 16. Healthcare Applications Best Practices of Social Networking at Other Hospitals Mayo Clinic "Sharing" blog is hub for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Employees are seen as brand ambassadors. 16
  17. 17. Healthcare Applications Best Practices of Social Networking at Other Hospitals Innovis Health Used a Blog and Twitter during recent floods. Created the blog and had first update posted in one hour Decreased Media demands & freed phone lines during the emergency Took control of their message 17
  18. 18. Can I use social media to generate revenue opportunities and build our brand? Yes, you can do both … but you must be careful. 18
  19. 19. Social Media – Polling Question #1 Our social media strategy can be described as follows: Record single response. Enter corresponding number We haven't addressed social media related to corporate strategy on 0 either a formal or informal basis. We have informal policies concerning the use of social media but little is 1 written and it is not strategic in nature. Our social media strategy document is in the form of "rules and conduct" 2 - mostly related to blogging, but is not strategic in nature. We have a formal social media strategy document that clearly supports 3 our corporate mission and goals. 19
  20. 20. Social Media Can Generate Leads and Build Your Brand But … It requires a different media mindset Traditional Media Social Media • Brand in control • Audience in control • One way / Broadcasting • Two way / Conversing • Repeating the message • Adapting the message • Focused on the brand • Focused on the audience / Adding value • Educating • Influencing and involving • Company creates content • User created content / Co-creation Consumer Listening Consumer Talking Broadcasting Conversation (Social-Ready) • Advertising • Social Networks Brands • Your Website • Brand Blogs or Twitter Talking • Social Media Presence • Online Forums • Focus Groups • Online Communities Brands No Interaction Listening Listening • Blog Rolls • Twitter Feeds • Brand Monitoring 20
  21. 21. Social Media Activity Produces Real Results Deep Customer Engagement Correlates to Financial Performance 21
  22. 22. Social Media Activity Produces Real Results Deep Customer Engagement Correlates to Financial Performance 1. Mavens 2. Butterflies 3. Selectives 4. Wallflowers 22
  23. 23. A Strategic Approach Berry Network Social-Ready Assessment 23
  24. 24. Social Media – Polling Question #2 How knowledgeable and/or comfortable is your organization with the various social media platforms? Record single response. Enter corresponding number Not familiar with social media at all. 0 We've been reading about it, watching a few webinars and exploring a couple of sites, but haven't jumped in. 1 We have a presence on a few social media sites but don't use productivity tools such as TweetDeck and have not established any communities. 2 We use many social media platforms, communities and applications. 3 24
  25. 25. A Strategic Approach Strategy – Technology – Processes … bring your social media strategy to life Berry Network Social-Ready Assessment Tool 25
  26. 26. Social-Ready Marketing Score Does your score align with your marketing goals and objectives? The Community Builder The Conversationalist The Listener The Broadcaster 26
  27. 27. Social Media Programs How do we get started … and what will possible campaigns look like? 27
  28. 28. Social Media Services Berry Network offers social media services that will help you connect with and engage your customers Social Media deliverables include: Building a Social-Ready Enterprise • Social Media Consulting Services – Berry Network Social-Ready Assessment: a high-level evaluation tool designed to help organizations bring focus to their social media marketing strategy. – Custom consulting: we work with you to build a comprehensive social marketing program tailored for your organization. Strategy, technology and processes are all considered in ordered to focus on social media applications, tool sets, policies and procedures that will deliver high-impact results. • Twitter Page Deployment Program – Protect, support and grow your brand equity by helping your associate organizations (agents / dealers / franchises) connect with consumers at the local level through custom branded Twitter pages for each associate. • Pay-Per-Tweet Programs – Too busy to Tweet? Twitter program designed to drive brand awareness and local leads based on your key headings. 28
  29. 29. VHA Social Media launch Success metric is increased traffic (plus establishing your brand in social media) VHA Member Corporate Twitter page VHA Member Website Additional social media properties? 29
  30. 30. VHA member “Pay-per-Tweet” component Optional lead generation program VHA member Website VHA member “HealthCare” related page (example) 30
  31. 31. Other useful Social Networking site for healthcare Hospital Social Network Sites MedHelp The Healthcare Blog Consumer Checkbook The Caring Bridge VideoMD Blog Bipolar Disorder Fat Loss Diet Blog BrainBlogger Prostate Cancer InfoLink The Geriatric Patient CarePages 31
  32. 32. Berry Network = More Leads and More Engagement Social Media = Client Engagement Traditional Print Search sites such as Direct Mail IYP’s Such as YELLOWPAGES.COM, Mobile Directories Google, Yahoo! Bing, YP.COM, Yahoo! Google Maps, MSN, and Yahoo! Local, many others LEADS from LEADS from LEADS from your visiting your LEADS from your LEADS from your LEADS from your clicking to your display ads and website after Internet Yellow SEM and local targeted mailings website from your in-column listings referencing a Pages listings landing pages with special offers mobile listings directory 32
  33. 33. Twestions? Program Follow-up Questions: Allan Beam Berry Network, VHA Account Director 937-297-2613 33