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“ESOP Guardian” :A comprehensive solution for all ESOP related needs of any Company. Specifically designed to take care of all ESOP Management in company - be it Listed or Unlisted.
As the name suggests, it is a Guardian of the Company’s ESOP Scheme(s) and Employees availing the same.

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Esop Guardian Presentation

  1. 1. Ms. Mohini Varshneya Ph. No. : +91 997167333 2 Email Id: Mr. Vriti Vohra Ph. No.: +91 9717089228 Email Id:
  2. 2. About A comprehensive solution for all ESOP related needs of any Company. It is a step towards creating innovation in the Indian legal space. It is a result of expertise developed by team members by way of delivering wide array of services in the ESOP domain during the last 10 years. Specifically designed to take care of all ESOP Management in company - be it Listed or Unlisted. As the name suggests, it is a Guardian of the Company’s ESOP Scheme(s) and Employees availing the same. The Application is designed keeping in view the regulatory framework under which ESOPs function.
  3. 3. Background ESOP Guardian is developed by Corporate Professionals eSolutions, the IT arm of Corporate Professionals, a fast mounting consultancy group in India. Corporate Professionals eSolution is a product based IT company, creating niche and innovative solutions primarily in Indian Legal Space. We bring together a winning combination of domain Knowledge and Technology. With a humble start in 2003, Corporate Professionals has grown into a multi-disciplinary mega firm of more than 110 professionals devoted to continually pursuing to achieve the excellence. The group is known for its steep growth rate and incessantly carving out inimitable solutions in financial and legal framework. Within a short span of 10 years, the group has earned laurels of successfully serving more than 2000 Clients.
  4. 4. Benefits Management from a centralized location, which is accessible online ANY TIME / ANY WHERE. Separate Interface for every user NO paperwork, NO large excel sheets and NO worries of managing ESOP. Vesting and Exercise calculation done automatically. Online request from Employee for Acceptance of Grant and Exercise of Options. Manage without barriers and track online the ESOP transactions of Employees, Indian or Foreign. Automatic Pop-ups informing Employees about Vesting, Exercise & lapse of potions. Automatic calculation of tax liability and 24x7 access to Employees as well as to the Company for planning. Auto adjustment on the Performance Appraisal. Auto adjustment upon the Corporate Action in the company. Access to various MIS Reports to the Company for taking decisions
  5. 5. Highlights
  6. 6. Highlights…… Separate Interface Company, Employee, Accounts and ESOP Trust (if any)are key constituents of ESOP Scheme and coordination between them is necessary for its smooth execution. The system comes with separate interface for Company, Employee, Accounts and ESOP Trust where each of them can execute their pre-defined roles. Manage Multiple Schemes/Employees Manage numerous ESOP schemes and “N” number of employees in the Company, its Holding & Subsidiary spread across multiple locations through a single system. Complex Calculations ESOP Scheme involves numerous types of complex calculation like calculation of vesting and exercisability of options, adjustment due to corporate action & performance appraisal, tax payment etc. All such calculations have been automated under the system. Does away with all calculations done manually in large excel sheets.
  7. 7. Highlights…… Regulatory Compliant Application is developed in full compliance with the applicable laws such as Companies Act, 1956, Companies Act, 2013 (to the extend applicable), SEBI Guidelines, Listing Agreement and other allied laws. Moreover, it can manage schemes working under both trust or non trust route Complete Process Cycle Complete process of Grant/Vesting/Exercise of options and allotment or transfer of shares is managed through the system. Multiple MIS Reports Get-up to date information on schemes, employees, options granted/vested/exercised, and payments on click of button. Download reports in excel or pdf. View reports using multiple search options. Relief from maintaining large excel sheets
  8. 8. Highlights…… Auto Alerts & Reminders Auto alerts & reminders to Admin/Accounts/Employees on various events like grant and vesting of options, time period for exercising options, allotment or transfer of shares, approving payment etc. Creates Transparency Automated system with built-in checks and controls to avoid any manipulations brings transparency in governance. Flexible & customizable Process flows and reporting format can be customized to meet your needs. Moreover it can also incorporate additional value adds as per your requirement.
  9. 9. Highlights…… Anywhere Access Developed on web platform therefore can be accessed outside the office limits as per your desire. Appropriate restrictions can be placed to its accessibility. Data Security In any Organization, data protection is a top-notch priority and to address the same, we offer additional security features wherein application can be installed directly on the Company’s Server. Outsourcing Free Manage your ESOP on click of button with everything under your control, so no more requirements to outsource its management
  10. 10. HOW IT WORKS
  11. 11. Interface….. Admin Login A dedicated portal for the Company’s Authorized Representative for Managing and tracking the ESOP Schemes; Accessing MIS Reports for decision making; Allotting options and shares to employees Further delegation of powers; Communicating information to the Employees.
  12. 12. Interface….. Employee Login A dedicated portal for the Employees’ for Online management of the Options Granted to them; Taking well informed decision with regard to timing of the Exercise of the options granted to them; Exercise of options as per their convenience on one click of button. To view the entire past payments made by him for exercising of ESOP. Calculation of Perquisite Tax at a particular date
  13. 13. Interface….. Accounts Login A dedicated portal for the Authorized Representative of the Accounts department for Approving the payments received against the Exercise of Options by the Employees; To keep the entire payment records of ESOP at One place.
  14. 14. Interface….. Sub-admin Login The application provides an option for delegation of powers by the Company’s Authorized Representative and to address the security concerns, a separate interface for the same can be created i.e. sub-admin for efficient working of the delegated tasks.
  15. 15. Reports in ESOP Guardian TO MEET THE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS OF THE MANAGEMENT Employee Report Clause 41 Disclosures Employee Transfer Report Performance Appraisal Report Grant Report Fair Value Calculation Report Acceptance Report Exercise Report Allotment / Transfer Report List of Allottee Lapse Report Uploaded Documents Report Option Added Report Director’s Report Disclosure
  16. 16. Grant Report
  17. 17. Exercise Report
  18. 18. Acceptance Report
  19. 19. Our Services For ESOP Management We offer ESOP services under the following 2 models Outsourcing Guardianship
  20. 20. Outsourcing Model We step into the shoes of the Company & manage the entire process; Company gets relieved from the routine activities related to ESOP; We receives inputs from the Company and process it; Company can view multiple reports online 24x7; Employees can view their status online 24x7; Physical Reports are provided on monthly/quarterly basis to the Company; Regular alerts to both Company and Employee; Anytime and anywhere access; Complete data security; Strong Support System.
  21. 21. Guardianship Model Installation of the Application at Company’s or our server under a License Agreement; Company manages the entire process at its end through the Application; Company/Accounts/Employee each play their roles; Company/Accounts/Employee can check status and multiple reports online 24x7; Document Automation; Migration of existing ESOP data into the Application; Regular alerts to both Company and Employee; Full control over the Application and data; Anytime and anywhere access; Strong Support System. No reliance on third party.
  22. 22. Our Other ESOP Services Planning / Designing / Documentation Implementation / Employee Communication; ESOP Accounting & Valuation Services; Regulatory Approvals & Compliances; Opinion & Advisory Services; ESOP Trust Formation; ESOP Funding;
  23. 23. For more details, please visit: Delhi Offices D-28 & 38, South Ex., Part-I, New Delhi110049, T: +91 11 40622231 / 40622257 M:+91 9971673332 / 9717089228 E: Mumbai Office 520, Mastermind- I, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai -400065 T: +91 2267109044 M:+ 91 9820079664 E: