Investment banking case studies


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For full text article go to to : In this article we will learn all about investment banking case studies i.e. what are they and why they are used, using an example we will learn how to answer them which would help you land at one of your dream investment banking job.

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Investment banking case studies

  1. 1. Investment Banking Case Studies ~ By edu CBA
  2. 2. • Case studies in investment banking interviews is the analysis of a business situation. • Your interviewer would give you a business problem and ask for a detailed recommendation. Your job is simply to analyze the scenario which could usually be a client’s business and advise them with justified reasons on the present problem. • All the required information would be provided to you and taking some assumptions you are supposed to solve them in the stipulated time period. What are investment banking case studies?
  3. 3. Why investment banking case studies? • Bankers find the traditional way of interviewing candidates poor as the requirements of these jobs are different. • Case studies give banking recruiters an indicator of how you would perform on the job. • Recruiters want to get a basic insight of how you would tackle challenging situations and apply your intelligence, education and work experience. • Along with this they get good opportunity to test other skills such as communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  4. 4. What are the types of case studies? • In case of take home case studies you are given a few days to work upon them, complete your analysis and showcase your recommendations to the bankers over a 30-45 minute presentation • It involves a much deeper analysis including merger/LBO modeling and valuation, • These are given to you on the day of your interview and within an hour or two you are supposed to present on it. The time split for this process would usually be 45-60 minutes of preparation, 10 minutes presentation followed by a round of question and answer. • It would not involve such deep study. “Take home case studies” “On the spot case studies”
  5. 5. • Read and solve as many case studies as possible so that you get the knack of understanding business scenarios and solving them. • Make sure you read business news often and are aware about focus on reading about how and what about business transactions discussed. • Learn about various valuation techniques, their calculation and how they are interpreted. Especially for modeling and valuation based case studies you need to be prepared as to how you would format it consistently while using PowerPoint and Excel. How to prepare for investment banking case studies?
  6. 6. How to perform well? • Understand the case and questions carefully before interpreting and think twice before you finalize the decision for the problem. • Assess all the relevant factors and possible problems but keeping in mind the resources you have. • The solutions you provide should be realistic and be aware about the implications on the organizations under study. • Be creative and think “out of the box” to get the bankers attention towards you. • Do not beat around the bush as you would have limited time and hence be precise as you speak • Answer the interviewer’s questions giving justified reasons. • Strongly mention why you did not opt for those possibilities.
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