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Hedge funds jobs


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For full text article go to : Hedge fund jobs can be exhilarating and provide great prospects for learning about financial markets. If you are well prepared and passionate about getting into this field you would find variety of jobs open for you. Read on and find for yourself if you have all that this job demands.

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Hedge funds jobs

  1. 1. Hedge Fund Jobs ~ By edu CBA
  2. 2. What is a Hedge Fund? • Hedge Fund is a pool of money from large investors. The fund recompenses itself for that facility by taking a hefty management fee (typically 2% of assets under management per year) and a carry (a percentage of returns over a benchmark) that is paid for performance. • In this process the hedge fund manager works with a goal of maximizing returns. He is supposed to research and analyze wide array of financial assets such as stocks, bond and currencies and then identify the best one for the portfolio. They then buy and sell these investments on behalf of the hedge fund.
  3. 3. • It permits a greater level of individuality than other areas of the domain. • As hedge funds are generally smaller than investment banks, it gives hedgies greater intimacy and control. • It is not unusual to see people in this field at the big funds pulling down $5 million a year. • As like in most financial institutions, hedge fund is a job where one can easily measure the contribution to the total profit the fund makes, that number is huge over here and hence it is a highly compensated job. • Looking at the other side of the coin managing a hedge fund can be a task which involves lot of pressure. • This is because the investors entrust huge amount of money with a promise of guaranteed return regardless of the market condition. • They do this by using various hedge fund strategies. Hence someone just cannot start managing those funds. Pros and cons of Hedge fund jobs
  4. 4. • To get a hedge fund job and advantage over other counterparts being from one of the top universities and a degree in maths, science, engineering could be helpful. There is high demand for candidates with expert skills and advanced degrees such as Ph.D.’s who are familiar with currencies and macroeconomics. Apart from these, professional designations such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) could be an additional advantage. • One should either own portfolios or work on a mock one. Read books on investments and securities and network with people. Be very proficient in Excel, financial statement analysis and come up with the decisions relatively quickly and accurately. • After having a relevant degree the next step is hunting for companies. Getting information on this is difficult as hedge funds are unregulated and do not reveal much. • Having few years of work experience in trading and investing is a great bonus point because that would matter more than any degree. Many hedge fund managers come from the sell side of the investment banks. Pre-requisites for Hedge fund jobs
  5. 5. Skills required in Hedge Fund Jobs Competitive High intellect Confidence Deep investing & finance knowledge Strong domain knowledge Consistency & attention to detail Strong quantitative & legal skills
  6. 6. Hedge Fund Career Track
  7. 7. Hedge fund analyst • In hedge funds you usually begin with a job as a junior hedge fund analyst. You would conduct due diligence on investment decisions for which you would conduct deep research and analysis and support the team of senior analysts and portfolio managers. • After working for say about 2-4 years based on your performance you would be promoted to a senior analyst position. Here you are expected to have thorough knowledge of derivatives and financial products of the fund. Hedge fund trader • Traders are a very important part of a hedge fund firm. A decent education background coupled with trading experience could get you at this job. Like in case of hedge fund analyst we have Junior and Senior level traders. • A junior trader would have a degree and about two years of work experience. After working for five years or so, they might move up the ladder to become a senior trader. Hedge Fund Career Track
  8. 8. Hedge Fund Salaries • People with a few years of experience in the Investment Banking usually start with a basic salary (excluding bonus) of 75-125 thousand USD. The bonus would vary according to your and funds performance but is usually 2-3x of your basic salary. Talking about the seniors in this profession earn anything between a couple hundred thousand USD to $1 million, $10+ million, or even more. • The other reality about the pay for hedge fund jobs is that the senior portfolio manager takes most of the money home. And if you are aiming for that position it going to require loads of hard work, skill and luck. So make sure the work excited you and not just the money.
  9. 9. Knowledge is like a line with no ends… To know more on this topic click on the link below fund/hedge-fund-jobs/
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