Cfa vs frm


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Do you have confusion regarding CFA vs FRM? This article will clear your doubts on difference between both the exams, The aspects covered are requirements, fees and opportunities for CFA and FRM candidates.

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Cfa vs frm

  1. 1. FRM CFA
  2. 2. Click to edit Master title style Definitely Courses vary from each other in the content and focus aspect. • CFA looks into all fields of finance world whereas; FRM looks into, Risk Management aspects of finance. • CFA program covers more on Portfolio management, Ethics, Valuation etc. and FRM covers more about risk related functions. • Some topics may be similar in some aspects like hedge funds, fixed income, statistics etc.
  3. 3. Requirements To Enroll for CFA level- I the candidate should : Have a bachelor's (or equivalent) degree OR have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related) OR have a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years. Apply for membership to a local CFA member society There are no educational or professional requirements to appear for the FRM Exam. In order to become a Certified FRM after passing the FRM Exam Part I & II, candidates must demonstrate a minimum of two years of risk-related full-time professional experience positions including portfolio management, risk consulting, and other fields.
  4. 4. EXAM DETAILS CFA FRM The CFA Program includes a series of three level exams wiz. Level I, Level II, and Level III with Multiple Choice Questions and essay questions. The FRM exam is offline exam with and it is multiple choice questions based exams. It is of two parts. Each culminating in a six-hour written exam held in over 180 locations around the world. Part I exam is conducted in Morning session and Part II in afternoon session. Level I exams are held in June and December. Levels II and III are held only in June. This exam is conducted in English language, twice a year. The months are May and November. Only one exam is taken at a time Part I and II can be taken together but Part II will be graded only if part I is cleared. Minimum time duration for completing the exams is 1.5 years to the limit how candidate clears the levels. Both the exams can be taken on one day.
  5. 5. Click to edit Master title style FEES STRUCTURE For taking CFA Exam first time one need to enroll for it for which they have to pay an initial one time enrollment fee of US$440 with addition to exam registration fee. For next exams they need not pay enrollment fees. In general exam fee ranges from US$800 - US$1170 as per deadline approach.
  6. 6. Click to edit Master title style FEES STRUCTURE For taking FRM Exam for new candidate enrollment fees is US$ 300 and exam fees is US$ 350 per part for earlier registration but for late registration it ranges from US$475-US$650.
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