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For full text article go to : Banking jobs can be exciting and provide great prospects for learning about business interfaces and building up clients. If you are well prepared and passionate about getting into this field you would find variety of jobs open for you. Read on and find for yourself if you have all that this job demands.

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Banking jobs

  1. 1. Banking Jobs ~ By edu CBA
  2. 2. Banking overview • Bank is a institution whose business is to take deposits from individual and institutional investors and then extend that money as loans to customers. They make money by charging higher interest on the loan they provide than the interest they give on deposits they collect. • For a long period banks were involved in their traditional business operations where the banking jobs were well-defined and stable, but after deregulation it saw drastic changes with entry of aggressive private and foreign banks. • This has enabled the industry to explore various avenues and diversify them. Due to which good number of banking jobs are available
  3. 3. Types of Banking Jobs Corporate Banking: • This majorly encompasses lending to corporations who meet their funding requirements (long term as well as working capital) through loans. • Jobs here include that of relationship management, wherein the key tasks include analyzing the financials of the client along with the risks involved, finding out the nature and amount of loan required, and after the loan has been given tracking the performance of the company.
  4. 4. Retail Banking • This division of banking deals with customers directly rather than business or other banks. • Typically the jobs include customer services, branch operations and product development. Treasury and Asset Management • In order to manage their liquidity, foreign exchange and interest rate risks all commercial banks have the treasury department. • While hiring banks look for candidates who have deep understanding of financial systems, foreign exchange management, risk management and economics.
  5. 5. Skills required in Banking Jobs Business know- how People/Interpersonal skills Long banking hours MBA is optional Work EthosAccounting and Writing skills
  6. 6. Credit Analyst • This is usually the entry level job in banking, wherein they are supposed to evaluate the financial position of those applying for loans. They thoroughly scrutinize the financial information of the potential individuals and companies. • They also forecast the future financial position of the loan applicant in order to gauge if they would be in a position to pay back the extra liability. Loan Officer • They generate business for the bank by bringing in customers for loans. • Hence it is quite obvious that this requires good selling skills and a firm understanding of banking. Career tracks in Banking Branch Manager • They are responsible for making sure if all the aspects of bank are running smoothly. • They have to be very well versed with the functions of banking, possess solid leadership skills, resolve customer issues, be empathetic and highly ethical.
  7. 7. Salaries for Bankers • The salary packages are decided on your education background and the skills that you possess. • For banking graduate who is a fresher the pay scale could vary from anything between INR 10,000-20,000 per month at the start. • For post graduates the pay scale would go a bit higher, again depending upon the college where you pursued your degree from. If you have completed it from top notch B-schools or banking institutions you could expect up to INR 8 lakhs per annum for the position of relationship officer. • Nevertheless these figures could fluctuate depending upon the state economy is in and individual skills and talent. • In case of applying for public sector bank jobs the salary structure is mentioned in the details along with the position details.
  8. 8. Ways to get Banking Jobs • Students who hold a B.COM degree can get placed as sales executive from insurance, loans. • If you are from one of the “Tier-1 College” such as the IIM’s you could get placed at banks abroad such as the JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity etc. • You could complete a course in banking and be offered a job as a sales officer with private banks provided you possess the banking know-hows and required interpersonal skills. • In order to apply for public sector banking jobs, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts common written examinations (CWE) for posts like Probationary Officer (PO), Clerk/Cashier and Specialists officer. Job vacancies by them are advertised in newspapers so that it reaches everyone. • Private sector banks usually pick up candidates through college campus, walk-ins, referrals and HR consultancy firms. You could directly apply at their websites career page, where you would have to fill in some details and submit your resume.
  9. 9. • Have in-depth knowledge in accounting and financial skills. • Exhibit mathematical aptitude to impress the interviewers. • Do not beat around the bush and when you display your skills always try and explain it quantitatively. • Be dressed formally, speak boldly and smile no matter how nervous you are. • When you speak you need to assure the interviewers that you have no troubles in working extra hours, and like daily challenges. Guidelines for Getting Hired
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