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More than just rewards


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This presentation is about planning for a successful recognition or incentive programme. By thinking about the programme as a whole you will benefit not purely by thinking about the desired end result or what to do about launching successfully but the entire journey. Sometimes programmes do take time to get going. People are creatures of habit, therefore it is easier and quicker to gain user adoption by motivating them to do more of what they already do rather than asking them to do something new. Nevetheless, if you’re firmly believe that the programme is important and it has been planned with full consideration you must stick to your guns and hold your nerve. Give the programme time to bed in, illicit feedback from the audience and modify or accelerate the communications activities planned.

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More than just rewards

  1. 1. David Gould Managing Director ...more than just rewards
  2. 2. Creating successful reward and recognition programmes Strategy Execution Adoption
  3. 3. What is your vision?
  4. 4. What do you want your programme to be? You will have company objectives to achieve, so does the programme encourage the drivers and behaviours to deliver these?
  5. 5. When investing in a programme which engages employees and drives the right behaviours to achieve your company’s goals, it makes sense for the programme to be for the long term. The vision must include an identifier which everyone taking part can relate to. Be clear about your vision at the outset and ensure it is communicated at every possible opportunity
  6. 6. “Plans are nothing; planning is everything” - Dwight D. Eisenhower
  7. 7. In order to create a successful programme, time needs to be invested in the planning phase. Planning is everything when creating a programme and all too often this is short circuited by the need to launch as soon as possible, which can prove to be a major inhibitor to success
  8. 8. Project Timescales Define a base collection of milestones, working collaboratively through each stage to keep your project on track and manage expectations.
  9. 9. Here is an example of a typical programme timescale. It details the elements of planning required, from scoping, through to the design phase and ultimately the implementation phase. This example presents a timeline of 6 weeks, but in reality, it could take far longer
  10. 10. Project Timescales
  11. 11. Results & ROI All components of the programme need to be put in place at the outset to track performance.
  12. 12. Results & ROI What do you want to achieve from the programme? Is this aligned to the development of your organisation? What is a good balance between investment in time, money and resources versus output, or return from that investment?
  13. 13. Results & ROI Dashboard reporting Surveys & feedback Programme specific KPIs
  14. 14. Results & ROIResults & ROI Determine the measures of success and the targets needing to be set early on, and what that represents in terms of a step change to current culture or performance. Be clear about what you need to see to chart the progress within the programme, so you can see if you are on the right track.
  15. 15. Making it work
  16. 16. Engagement One of the challenges is ensuring that the programme captures the attention of the target audience for the full duration. To make it work, engaging participants is critical
  17. 17. Communication From a high impact launch to consistent, regular, stimulating communications, the aim is to stimulate individuals to engage with the programme. Make people sit up and take notice – create the hype and hit the spot!
  18. 18. Online
  19. 19. Offline
  20. 20. Events
  21. 21. Gamification
  22. 22. Hold your nerve Sticking to the principles of the programme is vital for embedding it into an organisation so that it becomes part and parcel of daily life.
  23. 23. Spend more time planning at the outset …to ensure successful execution!
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