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Corp Lite Introduction 06 18 09


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What offers and how it can add value to you with sales and leadership training!

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Corp Lite Introduction 06 18 09

  1. 1. Creating Powerful Presentations
  2. 2. CorpLite ™ Quick Facts “Performance isn’t Simple. Our Training is.” We have 75+ combined years experience driving performance. We’re starting something new and we need you to make this a site that adds value to you every single day!
  3. 3. What is CorpLite™? A vehicle to get performance lift – here’s how we work: Go from to – with Your Peers New created based on
  4. 4. The Traditional Training Model Line/Field Needs Training Need Training Director Results Identified Contacted Training Checks Resources to Develop No $$ or No Resources Training Need not Met Consultant Tapped • Frustrated Line Leader • High $$ Invested – don’t own materials • Results are Missed • Line Leader Loses • Training Loses Credibility Immediate Fix • Training Loses Credibility
  5. 5. The CorpLite™ Performance Model Training Need Identified Limited Resources / Time / Money Line Leader -or- Training Director Goes to • Contemporary Materials Available • Low $$ Invested • Own Materials • Download Same Day
  6. 6. Shop • “I need training materials quickly at an affordable price. I want to own them immediately!” Simple Solution • Go to • Click • Download!
  7. 7. Learn • “I want the chance to network with other trainers, get ideas, and request training topics that I would want CorpLite™ to make available.” Simple Solution • Go to • Click
  8. 8. Tailored Solutions • “We have a training need where we want materials developed for our company, with our logo, matching our culture. We want to own it, and we’re willing to take a little more time to get a program that is ours.” Simple Solution • Go to • Click
  9. 9. Coming Soon!!