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New york, new york lesson plan


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New york, new york lesson plan

  1. 1. NEW YORK, NEW YORK1 day lesson plan6th gradeMay 2013
  2. 2. LESSON PLAN  *Public school in Sant Celoni -VallèsOriental-. *Mainly middle and low socio-economical backgrounds. *High percentage of immigration. *6th grade A is a group of 24 students.Once a week we work with half of thegroup. This way we can use the ICTroom , do TPR and active classes, orplay games; and mainly focus more onthe oral skills, more difficult to coverwith the whole group. We often use these sessions to coverlistening activities that involvecomprehension, as well as improvingwriting skills. We watch cartoons,listen to podcasts, read other studentswritings, ... The idea is to becomemore proficient in English. So we will use this 1 day lesson planto complete a reading-listeningactivity, with a quiz and oralexpression as well about NEW YORK! Geography belongs to everyone, itsrelevance is that it is all around usand we operate in it every day of ourlives. The more children are able toobserve and interpret the physical andhuman patterns and processes in theenvironment around them, bothlocally and globally, the more chancethey have of growing into citizens whocan recognize and in some measureinfluence the changes which will takeplace in that environment. Geographyis a practical subject, of relevance nowand for the future.Background Information: Thought:
  3. 3. LEARNING OBJECTIVESRead, listen to and understand an informative text aboutNew York City.Complete an online quiz to check comprehension.Complete a group activity matching images with theirnames.Appreciate the communicative value of the foreignlanguage, showing curiosity and respect for its speakersand their culture.Value the foreign language as a mean of communicationand understanding among people from various origins andcultures, and as a learning tool with different contents.Show a receptive and confident attitude in your ownability to learn and use the foreign language.
  4. 4. ASSESSMENT:Directobservation.Participation inthe classroomactivities.StudentsquestionnaireresultsStudentsanswers in thematching activityUsage of Englishat all times.ParticipationAwareness ofown knowledge ofthe city and theconcepts learnedin the lesson.Competencies involved:C1 LINGUISTIC - Using the language as a tool for oral and written information. Wecomprehend reality through the language. The information will be transmitted in English, it will teachculture, history, feelings, opinions, and it will lead to a better understanding of todays New Yorkcity.The four skills will be involved (listening, reading, writing and speaking)C3 KNOWLEDGE AND INTERACTION WITH THE WORLDUnderstanding the basis of the city they can transform the specific knowledge into own ideas,integrated and able to contribute in their lives and later knowledge about the USA or New York inparticular, if they visit the city or when they watch about it on TV.C4 INFORMATION AND DIGITAL COMPETENCEWe use ICT to obtain the information, to submit an online questionnaire, and we use differenttypoes of formats to obtain great results working the four skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking.C5 SOCIAL AND CITIZENSHIP COMPETENCELanguage is a knowledge transmitter, so by learning English you can discover new cultures andfavor the respect, the interest, the acceptance of differences around the world.C6 CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC COMPETENCEThey will get to know, understand, appreciate and value such a well known city. They will beenriched and make this knowledge permanent so their opinions from now o will be more accurateand based on real facts.C7 COMPETENCE ON LEARNING HOW TO LEARNUsing visual aid, the teachers help as well as the other students help, they are learning moreefficiently every day, understanding their abilities and using attention, concentration, memory, ... tosucceed.
  5. 5. LESSON DEVELOPMENTTime:1hourDescription Students will enter the English room and will followthe greetings and routines as usual. New York song (Frank Sinatra) to enter the lesson ina good mood! The teacher will introduce the New York lesson as areading/listening comprehension activity. Each student will get a reading (transcript from thevideo). After allowing a few minutes to read it, the teacherwill play the video about New York. (same text as theone they already have) Once the video is over, students will pair up andanswer an online questionnaire, using portablelaptops we have in the room. Once that is done the teacher will divide the groupinto 2 groups. Each one will have to label 20landmarks from New York City with the informationthey just read and heard about.At the end the teacher will correct the answers andwill make students talk about why they choose eachtitle, if it was new knowledge or if they alreadyknew.InteractionT-SsS-ST-SsS-SSs-SsT-SsSkillsL,S. ILLRL,RR,W,IS,LR,IL,S,IMaterials *Photocopiedtexts *InternetConnection *Overheadprojector *Class computer *Portable laptops (6) * Teachersevaluation grids *Images andnames of thelandmarks.
  6. 6. BLOOM’S TAXONOMY  Creating - Deduce, rewrite, synthesize, ...(maybe possible in further lessons, as it’s very difficult to accomplish in 1 hour) Evaluating - Interpret, verify, critique, ... Analyzing - Compare, evaluate relevancy, integrate, select,outline, … Applying - Examine, discuss, prepare, use, ... Understanding - Explain, fill in, interprete, summarize,exemplify, ... Remembering - Locate, recognize, identify, read, match, ...
  10. 10. NEW YORK TOURAUDIO / VIDEO Comprehension is one of the longest roads in Manhattan and it runs in a slanted direction north tosouth.At one point, it crosses Seventh Avenue, which also runs in a north to south direction.The reason why it runs in this slanted direction is because its one of the original roadstraveled by the early native American Indians, and still exists to this day.Broadway in 42nd Street is called Times Square. The name originated from the fact thatthe famous NY Time newspaper building was once located here. This is the spot where thepulse of the city can be found.Chrysler BuildingThe Chrysler Building was built on a theory that it would be the tallest building of its time,even though it was temporary.It was the first building to use metal plates for the exterior walls. They used the same metalChrysler used to build cars.Many New Yorkers have a strong attachment to this artistic landmark.In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, lies the vast open space of CentralPark.It is 840 acres of park land with the sights of peaceful horse-drawn carriages and the soundsof birds chirping. It takes you into another world inside a busy city.
  11. 11. Natural History MuseumThe American Museum of Natural History is one of the world most famous attractions ofNYC.There are four floors of exhibits in this large building it shows all aspects of life to the present.Lincoln CenterOperas and concerts are performed live on stage at the Lincoln Center by artistsfrom around the world.The Metropolitan Museum of Artis a universal museum, located in NYC. It has works in every category of art in every knownmedium, from every part of the world during every epic of recorded time.Fifth Avenue is a street that is world re-knowned for the large number of expensive brandname shops, with the beautiful display windows. The famous shops are lined up along, sideeach other, one after the other.Fifth Avenue is a street that is world re-knowned for the large number of expensive brandname shops, with the beautiful display windows. The famous shops are lined up along, sideeach other, one after the other.The Rockefeller CenterRockefeller Center is a complex that is essentially a combination of nineteencommercial buildings. It has got an ice-skating area.The famous John D. Rockefeller Junior developed it between 1929 and 1940.Saint Patricks CathedralThe Saint Patricks Cathedral is the seat of the archbishop of NY : it is the largest gothic-styledecorated Catholic cathedral in the United States and has been recognized throughout itshistory as a center of Catholic life in this country.
  12. 12. New York Citys landmark and a national historic landmark : the world famous Empire StateBuilding has 86 floors and is 1,050 feet-high. This building, at one time the highest building made,was built in 1932 and over 3.5 Million people visit this structure each year.Madison Square GardenMadison Square Garden, located in the heart of Manhattan, is the venue for shows,sports events, award ceremonies, and other major events year round.Battery ParkDuring the war of 1812, a castle was built where the present day-Battery Park exists. The castlewas named « Castle Clinton », after the mayor of NY at that period.THE FINANCIAL DISTRICTGeorge Washington was the first president of the US, and often visited small pubs during his timeas a general of the Colonial Army.The word wall in Wall Street came from the wooden palisade that was erected by a Dutch bankin 1653 to keep arriving Indians out. The street that began to grow on the town side of the wallbecame known as Wall Street.Ground ZeroNobody will ever forget the death and destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on the fatefulday of September 11, 2001. All people around the world felt the pain of New Yorkers on hat day.The Brooklyn Bridge, which joins Manhattan and Brooklyn, was officiallly completed in 1883 :at that time, it was the longest bridge made. For the tour cost of a penny people were allowed tocross the bridge. This included along with people trolleys, horse-drawn trolleys and even livestockthat crossed the bridge.
  13. 13. Ellis IslandFrom 1892 to 1954 over 12 million immigrants passed through the Federal Immigration Station atEllis Island, a small island in the NY Harbor.Canal StreetDuring the early 1800s, because of a drainage problem, a forty foot-wide drainage ditch was built inan area that we call today Canal Street.Chinatown, NYCThe largest Chinatown in the United States is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods inManhattan, funded in the late 1870s.Little ItalyJust north of Canal Street, is a district called Little Italy. Youre tempted by the sights, sounds,smells and the culture of old Italy.The most exciting location in Manhattan during the evening hours is on Broadway, by TimesSquare.It is a vibrant area with restaurants and shops : it is the city of lights!SCORE:_________%online quiz @:
  19. 19. When I presented my lesson plan to Carme it wasslightly different. I had planned a worksheet toanswer questions about the text. But as I waspreparing the materials I thought the pictures ofthe city were much more enjoyable and thestudents could express orally and also showknowledge about what they had read.It was difficult to complete all the tasks in onehour. It all had to be extremelly ready andorganized.The students enjoyed the activity and would liketo learn English like that more often.Using the Internet is a surprise activity. Not allthe computers had working Wifi all the time, andwe had to improvize and re-group.IN SUM: