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Cornwall SSE 2010 Recruitment


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The Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs is holding two information events 19th and 26th February for anyone interested in joining the upcoming 2010 programme. Please forward the link to your contacts

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Cornwall SSE 2010 Recruitment

  1. 1. Want to know more? Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs You are Student Recruitment 2010 Information Sessions invited to our 2010 To book your place Information Call Colette Sessions Programme Coordinator 01726 223586 or Email colette.defoe@cornwalldevelopmentcompany.co.uk TRURO Outset Cornwall Library House (Beside Bus Station) Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs on Friday 19th February c/o Cornwall Development Company 10.30am Pydar House, Pydar Street, TRURO, TR1 1EA PENZANCE Web: www.sse.org.uk Cornwall Council One Stop Shop Sally Heard St Clare Development Manager on Email: sally.heard@cornwalldevelopmentcompany.co.uk Friday 26th February 10.30am Tell others . . . Free places available if you are either unemployed or facing redundancy
  2. 2. It’s school, but not as we know it What the SSE Programme offers! Introducing The Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs opened its doors in March The SSE Programme Who pays for your place on 2009 for the 9 month programme to a group of 15 people from across The Cornwall SSE programme the SSE programme? Cornwall. Our students have now graduated and have gone on to set up 2010 will start in April and run Cornwall SSE is a partner in Find out more about SSE a wide range of new businesses and social projects. through school term-time. the Cornwall Works for Social Students will take part in the Enterprise Convergence ESF The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) exists to provide training and following: programme, co-financed opportunities to enable people to use their creative and entrepreneurial through Jobcentre Plus (DWP) abilities more fully for social benefit. SSE supports individuals to set up • Study days and led by Cornwall new charities, social enterprises and social businesses across the UK. • Experts Sessions Council. Cornwall SSE is • Witness Sessions managed through Cornwall The SSE runs practical learning programmes aimed at helping develop • Tutorials Development Company and the individual entrepreneur and their organisation simultaneously: our • Action Learning Sets was the seventh School to be approach, and belief, is that social change is people-powered, and that • Project Visits established with support from the most valuable assets and resources we have are human ones. You • Residential the SSE team based in get involved one day a week by attending sessions at our community Bethnal Green, base in Penzance or going on visits to social enterprises and other Requirements London. Cornwall SSE was projects, plus a residential to look forward to later in the year. If you are Recruitment for the programme enabled by a strong in receipt of benefits or not working we can assist you with support from is competitive and places are partnership of people / the Enabling Fund. not guaranteed. However, we organisations in Cornwall with are not looking for formal a passion to make it happen qualifications to gain entry to and Convergence ESF Graeme De Lyons from Penzance developed his ideas programme. Cornwall SSE is investment.’ and created The Possibility Bus, a carbon-neutral vehicle looking for people who have that travels to individuals and groups in their local the drive, commitment, What is a Social communities. This travelling holistic centre delivers a willingness to push the Entrepreneur? variety of opportunities for increased awareness and self- boundaries and work hard. An entrepreneur is someone empowerment encompassing health, nutrition, creativity who initiates new business and education. Is SSE right for you? opportunities. However a All our students are selected social entrepreneur is because of their ideas, interests motivated more by social Jane Yeomans and projects they feel purpose using business Founder of ZOOP as an innovative social enterprise passionate about. It’s about acumen for social gain. Social working in partnership with the Cornish Precious Lives making a difference in the entrepreneurs are found from charity to promote sustainable living to families with children under 5 years of age. ZOOP provide training world, locally or globally. We all walks of life in every sessions and runs a funky retail shop selling high quality help you combine business culture and engaged in the donated toys, clothes and equipment for the under fives. skills with social thinking. We voluntary, public and private www.zoop.org.uk help you become employed or sectors. self-employed.