Achieving Diversity in Your Business


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Produced an as employer pack by Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities - a Convergence programme in Cornwall funded by the Department for Work and Pensions through Cornwall Council through the European Social Fund.

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Achieving Diversity in Your Business

  1. 1. Achieving diversity in your business
  2. 2. an Meet D M eet Alic e Age: 21 Age: 24 Status: Student Status: Office temp Likes: Football, Likes: Nights in with computer games, her boyfriend, clubbing, going to the pub the gym Dislikes: Karaoke, Dislikes: Public living at home transport, rudeness Which one has a learning disability? Actually, they both do! Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme provided by a number of partner organisations across Cornwall. By offering someone a job, employers enable that person to become more independent and build their confidence. Over 65%* of We help you find reliable, motivated and committed employees to fill a range of your job vacancies adults with a We match the skills of our clients with the needs of local learning disability employers want a job. Our expert job coaches provide personalised support and advice to both potential employees and to you, as the employer, to make each placement a success. In Cornwall, only To find out more, contact: 6.8%* have one. 01872 224005 or 07540 688 810 Help us to change this! *Information supplied by BASE 2010
  3. 3. The business case of employing someone with a learning disability Low risk/low cost recruitment How long does it take for an employee to get up to speed? Recruiting the best employee The added benefit of this approach to for the job recruitment is that the employee is off The employer has a chance to test to a flying start, having already undergone the potential employee within the job some of their induction, built up their prior to being confidence within the job and on the payroll. “Nicky Jones become more efficient. And even when works with us they are on the at Watering Reducing recruitment payroll, CWLD Lane Nursery. costs currently offer a We have always We can carry out appropriate wage subsidy for seen ourselves skill/task matching of employers. as role models potential employees to fill for employers your job vacancies without This means that you having to advertise. and work 50% of wages can closely in partnership with the Eden Did you know that staff be funded up to a Project. We employ people with retention rates for employees maximum of £100 learning disabilities and everybody with disabilities are 72% per week for up who comes here is amazed by the higher, saving recruitment and to six weeks. That quality and professionalism of the training costs? gives the employer work that they do. This is the second a chance to ensure A happy workforce year running that we have supplied the employee has means a happy employer exhibits for the Chelsea Flower Show sufficient time to The employer will have It’s been a privilege working be inducted into regular contact with the alongside people, who despite their the job without CWLD programme and disability, achieve equality within losing productivity. can receive up to six months their lives, and do this through work.” Ken Radford, manager/proprietor post employment support to It also helps to for Watering Lane Nursery ensure sustainability. ensure employers feel supported in their decision to employ Did you know that employing a person with a learning disability, who people with learning disabilities has been may take a little longer embedding into found to have a distinct, positive effect their new role, but will prove themselves on staff morale generally within the to be a valued, reliable and responsible workforce? employee.
  4. 4. Support in putting legislation literacy skills. In the majority of cases, adjustments can be made at minimal cost. into practice In addition, there is a government Making equality a reality programme - Access to Work that Not complying with the Disability provides advice, information and grants Discrimination Act (1995) can lead to to disabled people and employers heavy fines, compensation claims and bad to help overcome work-related publicity which can have an adverse obstacles associated with disability. effect on business. The programme may pay for a support This places the responsibility on the worker or a piece of equipment, for employers to ensure the workforce is example. Access to Work can pay up both representative of the community to 100% of the costs of equipment, and that recruitment and delivery is adaptations or support required achieved in a non–discriminatory way. by someone who was previously unemployed and has been in a job for The Disability Rights Commission six weeks or under. Your Job Coach will (DRC) helpline can provide information help you put this process into place. to employers regarding the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and can Attract a higher calibre of employee advise on very general DDA issues. The People with disabilities make DRC’s website sets out what employers’ better employees obligations are under the DDA. Employers have found people with a learning disability to be loyal, hard- Reasonable adjustments improve working and highly valued employees. your business 98% of employees with disabilities rate average or better in work safety. 90% of Organisations have found that employing staff with disabilities improves the people with disabilities rated average or efficiency of the workplace. better on job performance. Other benefits include a strong When making adjustments in the commitment to work, good punctuality workplace for a person with a disability, records and low absentee rates. you are without doubt, making it safer and more accessible for all staff and your Be a leading employer customers. Many employers have already led the way and earned a reputation within For instance, providing clear, simple their communities for being fair, equal signage for a staff member with a employers. This earns them respect learning disability will also mean you within the workforce resulting in are getting your message across to more employees being attracted to customers and staff with low English working for your business and actively seeking employment with you.
  5. 5. Increase your competitive advantage Did you know that 52% of households pay more attention to advertising Be at the forefront of social and messages featuring people with economic change disabilities? Through Transforming the Lives of Businesses that respond positively to Disabled People (2005), and government, the needs of the market in relation to recommendations were made that employing people with a disability could employers should lead a campaign on the tap into a greater market share. business benefits of employing disabled people. Attitude shift encourages new customers Businesses that are socially responsible It has been found that employing are at the forefront of economic change. someone with a learning disability has It is a company’s values and culture served to dispel negative stereotyping that sets it apart from its competitors regarding the abilities of people with and this applies to both SME and learning disabilities within the staff team. larger employers. Businesses operating in today’s market must seize every This has a knock on effect and shifts opportunity to develop their workforce staff’s attitude and response to and increase their competitive advantage. customers with disabilities, which further encourages spending power within your It works for your customer base business from disabled people and all Customers are demanding more that know them! transparency and social and ethical responsibility from the businesses where There has never been a better they spend money. time for the employer A diverse and inclusive profile can increase your customer base and make Tap into abundant support and your business attractive to ethical and information sources disabled consumers who have increasing Ranking highest for increasing a spending power. Worldwide there are company’s consideration to employ about 860 million people with a disability. a person with a disability was having In Great Britain 6.9 million are disabled - information and available support with: nearly one in five people of working age. recruiting Recent studies have focused on the hiring business benefits of having a workforce training and re-training job performance that reflects the diversity of the attendance community. For example, Pizza Hut retention recorded measurable sale increases after how specific disabilities can impact in hiring over14,000 people with disabilities. the workplace possible adjustments necessary benefits to company productivity.
  6. 6. Through the CWLD programme and other key partner agencies, employers can be given appropriate information specific to their business and the potential employee to promote good employment practices in recruitment, retention, training and career development of anyone with a disability, including those with a learning disability. “Ben is an international swimmer and has “Mark and Vicky are a lifeguard qualification. Being a lifeguard responsible for cleaning is something he has always wanted to be. the caravans top to tail. After being approached by Cornwall Works They do a great job and for Learning Disabilities, we offered Ben a we have had fantastic work placement at Waterworld. He has just feedback from our finished this, and we are hoping to be able to guests. They are reliable, offer Ben employment as a General Leisure hardworking and efficient Assistant.We have been really happy with his employees. It has been a performance. learning experience for Staff were a little negative about working some of our staff, who have become more with someone with a learning disability before accepting of people with disabilities as a they met Ben. Working alongside him, their result. attitudes have changed The supported employment service has been and he fits in really well excellent with Job Coaches accompanying with the team. We were Mark and Vicky doing their job to begin with also a little concerned to ensure they knew what to do. We would about how Ben would recommend using the supported employment be able to deal with the programme to any employer.” public. They can be a little unforgiving with Liz Coates – Accommodations Manager, lifeguards at times, but to Perran Sands (part of Bourne Leisure) be fair, this is a concern we have with all our new staff until they increase in confidence and To work out how we can understand some of the challenges they face support you as an employer, as lifeguards. get in touch NOW! The CWLD supported employment employer, get in touch NOW! programme has been fantastic, funding Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities one of our qualified lifeguards, through Business Development Manager their enabling fund, to work with Ben.They United Response supported us in ensuring the necessary health Unit 10, Kerns House, and safety issues were addressed and risk Threemilestone Industrial Estate assessments carried out and have been really TRURO, Cornwall TR4 8LD professional about maintaining contact with us and offering support and advice to us as 01872 224 005 employers.” 07540 668 810 Maureen Trevenna, Leisure Facilities Manager, Newquay Waterworld Leisure Complex Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme led by Cornwall Council and funded by investment from the European Social Fund Convergence programme through Jobcentre Plus
  7. 7. Supporting the employer Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities What is a learning disability? (CWLD) is a supported employment programme delivered by a number of People with learning disabilities have a organisations in Cornwall. It supports a large range of valuable abilities and skills. A number of people who want to work and get learning disability is not an illness but a paid jobs. lifelong condition that affects intellectual and cognitive development. They share the We believe that everyone has the right to experience of finding some things more participate fully in difficult than people society. For many “Ben Jarrold without learning people, that means works with us as a disabilities. having a paid job. Passenger Services This means that Having a job can make Agent and is a someone with a learning a real difference to very friendly, happy disability may need a person’s life. It can person which has a additional support or help someone become positive effect on the training in order to more independent, team. The support do a job. However, it’s as well as build we received from important not to make confidence and start CWLD Supported assumptions about what new friendships. Employment was put in place so that we someone can or cannot We work with could ensure Ben understood the training do. individuals to find he received and that it was pitched at the out what they want right level for him. I would encourage any We all have varying skills to do, build their other employers to employ someone with a and abilities, and people skills and identify and learning disability.” with learning disabilities access opportunities Heather Sturt, Landside Operations Controller are no different. It’s also available. We support at Newquay Airport very important not to people with learning assume that people with disabilities to live full and active lives in the learning disabilities cannot learn things, they communities in which they live. CAN! However, they may need more time and they “Working makes me feel more important… may need adjustments to the usual methods it helps me to be meeting people. I’m being of training or induction into a job. something I’ve always wanted to be.’’ Being someone I have always wanted to be - April 2008
  8. 8. What is Supported Our experience has shown that often, only small practical changes are needed Employment? to make training accessible to the people Supported Employment places disabled we support. Often, employers we work employees in jobs alongside non-disabled with tell us that once a person is given workers. This follows a process of the opportunity to try out a job, their job matching and work based training. contribution speaks for itself. Ongoing support is available for both We have experience in setting up work employee and employer as needed. placements and paid job opportunities in a variety of different sectors and How we work with employers environments, including catering, retail, We help you find reliable, motivated and manufacturing, wholesale, domestic, committed employees to fill a wide range leisure and hospitality. We are here for of jobs. We work with you, the employer, both the employee and the employer to find the right person for the job, to ensure that the employer gets the tailoring your requirements to those of ongoing support they need, value for the clients we support. money and an efficient employee for their workforce. We work with employers, whether for a work placement, work trial or We find fulfilling paid employment for employment vacancy, and support them people with learning disabilities with to understand the needs of people with companies local to them, and in turn, learning disabilities. they become a valuable contributor to both the company they join and the We work alongside the employer when community in which they live. someone joins the workplace as some may be reluctant about employing What can you do as an employer? someone with a learning disability and There are some simple ways in which need support to overcome any concerns you as an employer can support our aims they may have. We find the answers lie to increase the employment of people in working with an individual employer, with learning disabilities within the rather than adopting a one size fits all workforce. We can place you in the best approach. position to benefit from tapping into a Supporting someone to work is not valuable source of reliable employees for just about finding them a job. It’s about your business. matching the right person with the right Here’s a few easy suggestions to start employer and providing both with the you off! support that they need to sustain the position. This could be about practical Get in touch with the CWLD solutions as well as changing attitudes. supported employment programme
  9. 9. and allow us to work with you. This will new staff and can work in tandem with enable you to receive the support you traditional interviews. Many disabled may need as an employer and tailor our jobseekers need help to perform well service to your requirements. at interviews. They are often quite restricting and only test interview Nominate someone to lead on this performance as opposed to workplace piece of work. It will allow them to performance. develop their skills and confidence in this area, enhance communication and A working interview is a short placement encourage a consistent approach. of a week or so within the company that allows a person to demonstrate Nominate mentors or work buddies their skills and be assessed against the for employees who undertake work selection criteria by the employer. It may experience with your company. This is a also be extended to allow a potential very effective way to help all people on worker to pick up the necessary skills work placements and new staff to settle prior to assessment. in. It facilitates social integration, helps teamwork, encourages responsibility Consider how you conduct your within the workforce and helps with staff recruitment and selection procedures. development. Group interviews or telephone interviews are not suited to many people Consider where and how you with learning disabilities who may be advertise vacancies. Are they going to be very capable of carrying out the job you seen by people with a learning disability? have advertised. Look at how flexible you When getting reliable, hard working, are with your selection procedures. efficient staff and achieving value for money is so important, look at ways Involve your staff in discussions about in which you can attract this calibre of disability. You may need to provide them employee and tap into a valuable labour with background information and raise force. their awareness of some of the issues involved. They may be apprehensive Consider your job descriptions, about saying or doing the wrong thing. person specifications and selection A little information and specialist criteria. Are they up-to-date, accurate knowledge can help in alleviating these and relevant? There is a wide range fears and concerns and demystifying of anti-discrimination legislation that learning disabilities. now makes the content of adverts very important. If necessary, get advice from CWLD is here to offer you support in others as to how to recruit effectively. making these moves as an employer or can, at the very least, signpost you to the Working interviews are an most appropriate agency that can help increasingly common way of selecting you in making any small changes needed.
  10. 10. A small investment of your time at this stage will benefit you from being a more accessible employer that has a solid workforce reflective of the community in which your business is striving hard to achieve it’s competitive edge... Who we already work with Some of the employers in Cornwall we work with include: McDonalds Poldark Mine Bourne Leisure Sir Tim Rice Cornwall Airport Ltd Bowden Derra Park Brandon Trust Cornwall Council The Beach Diner Cornwall People First Gemma Brown Countryside Furnishings Playtime Day Nursery Morrisons Supermarket PLC Premier Inn Cornwall Partnership Trust Renaissance Café Cornwall Primary Care Trust Robert Owen Communities Cornwall and Devon Police Sainsbury’s St. Austell Breweries Trelowarren Estate Ltd White Hart Hotel UR in Business The Range Wyevale Garden Centre Newquay Waterworld Miners Restaurant Watering Lane Nurseries For further information and support, simply contact us : Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities Business Development Manager United Response Unit 10 01872 224 005 Kerns House 07540 668 810 Threemilestone Industrial Estate TRURO, Cornwall TR4 8LD Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme led by Cornwall Council and funded by investment from the European Social Fund Convergence programme through Jobcentre Plus
  11. 11. FAQs from employers I have never employed anyone with How does it all work? a learning disability. What are the For all of the employees supported by implications? CWLD, the job coach plays a crucial role in There are many myths and assumptions working with the employer and employee, about people with disabilities within the providing support and on the job training. workplace. These can include: The length of time for which support is needed varies considerably for each “It will take up too much time.” individual supported and the employer. “We’re too busy here to ensure proper health and safety.” We work alongside the person for the first “We have too much machinery.” few weeks until they are competent and “Our workplace has too many steps and confident to do the job. We help find natural there are forklift trucks going around.” supports within the working environment. “We’re not insured for that.” We gradually withdraw our support as “The workplace is not fit for people the individual becomes independent, and with learning disabilities.” the relationships and support network are It has been found that most employers find natural – the same as anyone else has in the very few problems associated with offering workplace. a work placement and with support from CWLD, any initial issues are easily overcome. It may be that individuals go through your There is no evidence to suggest that disabled usual recruitment route or that we agree the workers are any less productive, any more details of a working interview or a specified likely to have an accident, or any more likely work placement period prior to paid work. to have sickness absence. In fact evidence Once the potential employee has proved suggests that the opposite is more likely. they are able to do the job effectively, we What is expected of the employer? support you in their transition into paid employment within your company and We just ask that the employer is willing to: discuss how the programme can further Give someone with a learning disability a support you as the employer. fair chance at proving themself as a This enables your potential employee to valuable employee. build up their confidence and experience Work with CWLD to provide the at no cost to you. It also means that you environment for both the potential can see what a valuable member of the employee and employer to do this. workforce they are, before you enter them Have regular communication through any on the payroll. What better way to see if work placement/trial is crucial to achieve someone can do a job then actually doing it this, and CWLD will lead on this. for real!
  12. 12. Why should I offer someone a What sort of jobs do people work placement/work trial? with learning disabilities want What are the advantages for to do? me as the employer? Many people with learning disabilities do You may have current or future vacancies straightforward jobs that are relatively that CWLD can support you in filling easy to learn, like filing, shelf-stacking/ with valuable, reliable employees. replenishing and cleaning. Others interact directly with customers on the shop Getting the right person for the right floor, or on the phones, serving food, job isn’t always easy. Often this relies on running specific projects such as disability a short interview and this isn’t always awareness training for staff. Some others enough. Someone with good references, have developed full careers to supervise a properly completed application form others, even to management level. and good interview skills doesn’t always Many organisations, large and small, in show you how well they will manage all sectors, now successfully employ the job or how well they fit into the people with learning disabilities. These existing staff team. Work placements/ include supermarket chains, local trials can be so valuable as you will find authorities and health trusts, fast food out whether your potential employee is outlets, horticultural nurseries, clothing suited to the job and to your business. and fashion outlets, cash and carries, the transport industry, universities The person on work placement will and colleges, libraries, leisure services, not lose their welfare benefits during a manufacturing … in fact, people with designated trial period. You won’t have learning disabilities are working across to fill in any tax and National Insurance the whole range of employment. paperwork until employment is offered. What will it cost me to receive CWLD Job Coaches will be provided through the process to support both the support of CWLD? employer and potential employee, having NOTHING! This valuable service is matched your vacancy with people who FREE! For a small commitment of your want to work for you! time and support, we are confident that you will be rewarded with a beneficial Work trials and placements have experience and an invaluable member of proved successful in a range of jobs and your team. industries, including skilled work. In the past, over half of the jobs beginning with a work trial have led to the candidate What kind of preparation do I being offered a job for the longer term. have to make as an employer? Your business could benefit! Most employers are surprised how little needs to be changed. If you have the
  13. 13. following, then you are nearly there! “Anna works in the laundry. We were approached by her Job Coach to ask A stable and friendly line management whether we would interview someone with structure. a learning disability for a position we had A good attitude to equal advertised. We were happy to do so, but opportunities in management and the explained that the job would only be given workforce and some experience in to someone on merit and that the position good practice. was one which required a certain amount A willingness to listen to the of independence in the work environment. employee and see what is needed. A willingness to work with the Anna came to the interview on her own supported employment programme. and we offered her the job. She is very independent in carrying out her job. We can help you check your obligations She is also very under the Disability Discrimination Act amenable and and how to comply with legislation. willing to help in any way that she can. If you need I am worried about the image something done, of my business and what my she will always get customers may think. it done. The demand for businesses and We would employers to be inclusive not only comes encourage other employers to employ from legal requirements that employers people with a learning disability. Our have to meet, but from their consumers advice would be to make sure a Job and customer base too. Research has Coach is involved to help find suitable job shown that customers are demanding matches for the person’s abilities and that more transparency and social and ethical the support is there for both the employer responsibility from the businesses where and employee. “ they spend money. A public profile of Maria Thorne, Manager, diversity can increase your customer Bowden Derra Park base, making your business attractive to both ethical consumers and other Give me some examples of the disabled people who have increasing changes I might have to make amounts of disposable income. as an employer. The CWLD programme also offers Many employers find they do not have to opportunities for positive media treat employees with learning disabilities attention for being a leading employer any differently from their other workers, within Cornwall. or if they do, the changes are easy, cheap and minimal.
  14. 14. “We employed Philip in one of our busy Who will provide insurance cover Tesco stores. The staff use a bank of lockers for the people on placement? to store their belongings each shift. They use whichever locker is available and have If the host employer cannot provide to remember which locker they have put cover under their liability insurance, their belongings in. This was not possible for the respective CWLD partner agency Philip. He needed to use the same locker providing support has their own Public each day and so, was given his own locker Liability Insurance Cover and this will and key, which he keeps on him.” apply. Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Bristol How will people get to the workplace? Who is responsible for their For people unable to travel safety? independently, CWLD offer The Health and Safety Executive states comprehensive support for this with that employers and workers must make their clients and the possibility of sure that people are safe at work. personalised transport training for the employee to develop the skills and We work with the potential employee confidence in getting to and from work. and employer to ensure the employer is aware of the way in which a person’s Interested? disability may affect the way they do their job. This means that the employer has Please feel free to contact us at any time support from the CWLD programme in to discuss the support we can offer your making any necessary changes to comply business. with Health and Safety legislation, and Cornwall Works for Learning ensuring the employer has the necessary Disabilities information to make any minor Business Development Manager adjustments needed. United Response Unit 10 We would share responsibility for the Kerns House individual’s safety with you, ensuring that Threemilestone Industrial Estate suitable risk assessments are in place to TRURO protect everyone. Employers need only Cornwall TR4 8LD ensure a risk assessment is done if the 01872 224 005 person’s disability changes the way they 07540 668 810 work. They do not have to carry out a helen.cahalane@unitedresponse. risk assessment just because a person is disabled. Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme led by Cornwall Council and funded by investment from the European Social Fund Convergence programme through Jobcentre Plus
  15. 15. Supported Employment for people with learning disabilities Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities This may cover: (CWLD) is a supported employment Routines – getting up early to make programme delivered through a number sure they get to work on time. of partner organisations across Cornwall. Planning their journey. These include Adult Care and Support, How to behave at work. Brandon Trust, Cornwall People First, What to wear at work. Home Farm Trust and United Response. All Health and safety at work. organisations involved represent national charities who specifically work with people We recognise that people communicate in with learning disabilities to help them make different ways and we tailor our training to informed choices about their futures – meet people’s individual needs. including knowing what having a job means. Many people we support have never We match what people tell us they worked. We help them to adjust to the want to do with job opportunities with changes having a job will bring to them and local employers - this could initially be a their carers. We make sure people take voluntary position or a work placement, responsibility for using transport, getting with the ultimate aim being for an to work on time and taking charge of their individual to secure part time or full time working relationships. employment,. Vocational training CWLD can offer suppport through the key stages to both the individual and the Lots of people need training to do the job employer. These can include: they want. We identify training providers and support people to access training Pre work training and courses to help them get a job. vocational assessment We work with people with learning Work placements disabilities to find out whether they would The next stage may be to match people like to work, and what they would like with appropriate work placements on a trial to do. Pre work training covers all the basis. Once a placement has been found, the essentials of what work is and what it supported employment team works with means to have a job. These are some of the person on specific peripheral skills e.g. the things which many people may take providing transport training. for granted,but which may never have been explored by a person with a learning disabilitiy.
  16. 16. They also work with people to explain Getting money and the power of what the specific job involves, usually by your earnings to change your breaking it down into manageable chunks whole life. or looking at tasks in a different way that The relief of being more like other suits the person’s needs and preferred people and part of society. way of working or learning. This work Feeling you are making something would be undertaken by dedicated Job of yourself. Coaches. They wanted to prove to their employers that they could do Moving on a good job if they were given After a placement has finished, some the opportunity and the right kind people may move on to paid employment, of support. either with the original employer or elsewhere. The supported employment They spoke of: service helps people to assess what’s right The importance of a good and for them and provides support in flagging approachable line manager. up issues around benefits entitlement, Not being labelled, but having an other funding available (e.g Access to employer who knows your needs Work) and can signpost to other agencies and having the opportunity to that may be able to help. discuss any problems and improve your work. Why is a job important for Being seen as equal to and people with learning disabilities? the same as any other employee. We support people to work anywhere they want to. We have supported people Interested in giving somone an to work in garden centres, offices, hotels, opportunity? Contact us now: restaurants, leisure centres, airports, charity shops and many other places. Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities Like everyone else, the aim is to secure Business Development Manager employment that brings with it a sense United Response of satisfaction and a feeling of self worth Unit 10 for the individual. Ongoing support is Kerns House provided to the individual as well as the Threemilestone Industrial Estate employer to ensure long term success for TRURO all concerned. Cornwall TR4 8LD 01872 224 005 Here are some of the most important things when getting a job for someone 07540 668 810 with learning disability: Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme led by Cornwall Council and funded by investment from the European Social Fund Convergence programme through Jobentre Plus
  17. 17. Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilites Become a Disability (CWLD) is a supported employment programme, funded through DWP, and Symbol employer delivered through a number of partner organisations across Cornwall. These include: The Disability Symbol has been developed so employers can show Brandon Trust their commitment to good practice 19 E&F Normandy Way in the employment and retention Walker Lines Industrial Estate of disabled people. Although all Bodmin, Cornwall PL31 1RB employers are bound by the 01208 72142 Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), many further demonstrate their Adult Care & Support. Employability Cornwall positivity about employing and Cornwall Council retaining disabled people. Tresillian Building Old County Hall In recognition of your willingness Station Road to employ people with disabilities, Truro TR1 3AY you could register to be a Disability 0300 1234 131 Symbol Employer. This symbol tells people, both other potential Cornwall People First employees and the wider audience, The Lescudjack Centre including your existing and potential Penmere Close new customers that you are ‘positive Penzance Cornwall TR18 3PE about disabled people’ and have 01736 334857 a commitment to equality and inclusion within your business. Home Farm Trust Bess Park Road The symbol is awarded by Jobcentre Trenant Industrial Estate Plus to employers in England, Wadebridge Scotland and Wales. Check it Cornwall PL27 6HB out at 01208 815614 DisabledPeople/Employmentsupport. United Response Supported Employment Suite 10 Kerns House Threemilestone Industrial Estate Truro, Cornwall TR4 9LD Tel: 01872 224005 Mob: 07540 668 810 Email : Web: Cornwall Works for Learning Disabilities is a supported employment programme led by Cornwall Council and funded by investment from the European Social Fund Convergence programme through the Department for Work and Pensions.