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Html Hands On


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Html Hands On

  1. 1. HTML Hands-on Cornelius Koo, ST JavaSchool 2005Jl. Cemara 2/20, Salatiga
  2. 2. What is HTML ?• Hyper Text Markup Language• .htm / .html• <tag></tag>• <tag attribute1=“value1” attribute2=“value2”></tag>
  3. 3. Simple HTML<html> <head> <title>My Simple Page</title> </head> <body> This is My Simple Page </body></html>
  4. 4. Basic Tag
  5. 5. Header<body> <h1>Header 1</h1> <h2>Header 2</h2> <h3>Header 3</h3> <h4>Header 4</h4> <h5>Header 5</h5> <h6>Header 6</h6></body>
  6. 6. Alignment Attribute<body> <h1 align="center">Header 1</h1> <h2 align="left">Header 2</h2> <h3 align="right">Header 3</h3> <h4 align="justify">Header 4</h4> <h5>Header 5</h5> <h6>Header 6</h6></body>
  7. 7. Paragraf<body> This is ordinary text <p>This is the paragraf</p></body>
  8. 8. Line Break<body> This is ordinary text <br> Line break <br> Line break again This time without line break</body>
  9. 9. Horizontal Rule<body> Report <hr> Put your text here... <hr></body>
  10. 10. Comment<body> <!-- This is the html comment --></body>
  11. 11. Text Formatting Tag
  12. 12. Simple Text Formatting<body> Biasa<br> <strong>Strong</strong><br> <b>Bold</b><br> <big>Big</big><br> <em>Emphasized</em><br> <i>Italic</i><br> <small>Small</small><br> x<sub>8</sub><br> x<sup>2</sup><br> Text <ins>inserted / underlined</ins><br> Text <del>deleted</del></body>
  13. 13. Preformatted<body> <pre> int[] array = {3,5,4,6}; for (int i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { System.out.println(array[i]); } </pre></body>
  14. 14. Computer Related<body> <code>Computer code</code><br> <kbd>Keyboard Input</kbd><br> <tt>Teletype Text</tt><br> <samp>Sample Text</samp><br> <var>Variable</var><br></body>
  15. 15. Address<body> <address> German Center, 5th floor<br> Bumi Serpong Damai, Serpong </address></body>
  16. 16. Abbreviation<body> <abbr title="United States of America">USA </abbr><br> <acronym title="United States of America">USA </acronym></body>
  17. 17. Text Direction<body> <bdo dir="ltr">From left to right</bdo><br> <bdo dir="rtl">From right to left</bdo></body>
  18. 18. Quotation<body> <blockquote> "Jikacinta memanggilmu pasrahlah kepadanya..." </blockquote> <q>"Walaupun bilah bilah pedang yang terselip diantara sayapnya menyakitimu..."</q></body>
  19. 19. Font<body> <p><font size="1">Font 1</font></p> <p><font color="#9933FF" size="2">Font 2</font> </p> <p><font color="#FF00CC" size="3">Font 3</font></p> <p><font color="#006633" size="4">Font 4</font></p> <p><font color="#FFFF00" size="5">Font 5</font></p> <p><font color="#0000FF" size="6">Font 6</font></p> <p><font color="#FF0000" size="7">Font 7</font></p></body><font> has been removed since HTML 4.0 and won’t befound in xhtml, use css instead.
  20. 20. Font Face<font color="#FF0000" size="7" face="Courier New, Courier, mono"> Font 7</font>
  21. 21. Blink<blink>Bagaikan bintang di langit</blink>Only works on Netscape… ;(
  22. 22. Character Entities Tag
  23. 23. <body> Copyright&copy;<br> Registered&reg;<br> Microsoft™<br> Non Breaking Space&nbsp;<br> Ampersand&amp;<br> &laquo;Angle Quote&raquo;<br> &quot;Quote&quot;<br> 1&lt;10<br> 10&gt;1<br> 1&times;2=2<br> 4&divide;2=2<br></body>
  24. 24. Link Tag
  25. 25. Open New Window<a href="paragraf.html" target="_blank">Paragraf</a>
  26. 26. On The Same Window<a href="quotation.htm" target="_self">Quotation</a>
  27. 27. Other Target• _top• _parent
  28. 28. No Line• <a href="simpletextformat.htm" style="text- decoration:none">Simple Text Format</a>
  29. 29. Email• <a href=""> Email me!</a>
  30. 30. Relative<a href="charentity.html"> Character Entity </a>
  31. 31. Absolute<a href="http://localhost/html/address.htm"> Address</a>
  32. 32. Document<br> <a href="#part1">Part 1</a><br> <a href="#part2">Part 2</a><br> <a href="#part3">Part 3</a><br> <a href="#part4">Part 4</a><br> <a href="#part5">Part 5</a><br> <a href="#part6">Part 6</a><br> <a href="#part7">Part 7</a><br><br>
  33. 33. • <a name="part1">When love beckons to you, follow him,</a>• <a name="part2">And when his wings enfold you yield to him,</a>• <a name="part3">And when he speaks to you believe in him.</a>• <a name="part4">For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.</a>• …
  34. 34. List Tag
  35. 35. Unordered ListPenerus Kungfu XingYi Quan &lt;Unordered List&gt;<ul> <li type="circle">Yue Fei</li> <li type="disc">Ji LongFeng</li> <li type="square">Mai Jia Ren</li> <li>Ma Jia Ren</li> <li>Dai LongBang &amp; Dai LingBan</li> <li>Li LaoNeng</li> <li>Guo YunShen</li></ul>
  36. 36. Ordered ListPancasila &lt;Ordered List&gt;<ol> <li type="1">Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa</li> <li type="a">Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab</li> <li type="i">Persatuan Indonesia</li> <li>Kerakyatan Yang Dipimpin Oleh Hikmat Kebijaksanaan Dan Permusyawaratan Perwakilan</li> <li>Keadilan Sosial Bagi Seluruh Rakyat Indonesia</li></ol>
  37. 37. Nested ListNested List<ul> <li>Apel</li> <li>Jeruk</li> <ul> <li>Jeruk Manis</li> <li>Jeruk Bali</li> <li>Jeruk Nipis</li> </ul></ul>
  38. 38. Definition ListDefinition List<dl> <dt>Tie Sha Zhang</dt> <dd>improved external energy on your palm, it is hard nei gong</dd> <dt>Ying Jiauw</dt> <dd>the ability of eagle grasp, it trains our hard nei gong too</dd></dl>
  39. 39. Image Tag
  40. 40. Image<imgsrc="img/javangelist-logo.png"width="207" height="209"hspace="6" vspace="6"border="0"usemap="#Map">
  41. 41. Image Map<map name="Map"> <area shape="poly" coords="8,41,12,29,20,22,28,18,39,18,49,11,57, 8,56,21,61,28,65,34,67,38,73,34,77,29,79,34,81 ,43,81,51,67,49,63,57,57,62,56,69,49,69,46,64, 41,65,31,65,21,62,14,56,18,54,21,50,25,54,30,4 8,34,50,35,45,34,39,29,38,27,44,22,38,15,45,7, 40" href="list.html"></map>
  42. 42. Table Tag
  43. 43. Elements• <table></table>• Define a table in HTML document
  44. 44. • <caption></caption>• Define table’s title
  45. 45. • <tr></tr>• Specifiy a row on table
  46. 46. • <td></td>• Specify a data cell on table
  47. 47. • <th></th>• Specify a header on table
  48. 48. Attributes• align={left|center|right}• valign={top|middle|bottom}• colspan=n• Rowspan=n• nowrap
  49. 49. Frame Tag
  50. 50. Inline Frame• <iframe name=“…” src=“…” rows=# cols=# > </iframe>
  51. 51. Frame Set<frameset cols=“30%,30%,*”> <frame src=“a.html”> <frame src=“b.html”> <frame src=“c.html”></frameset>
  52. 52. <frameset rows=“30%,30%,*”> <frame src=“a.html”> <frame src=“b.html”> <frame src=“c.html”></frameset>
  53. 53. <frameset cols=“30%,*”> <frame src=“a.html”> <frameset rows=“30%,*”> <frame src=“b.html”> <frame src=“c.html”> </frameset></frameset>
  54. 54. Form Tag
  55. 55. <form action=“URL” method=“get | post”> enctype=“”</form>
  56. 56. Form ComponentSee form.html for more detail on formcomponents
  57. 57. Head Tag
  58. 58. Title• <title>Ini Judul Web Page Kita</title>
  59. 59. Base• <base target=“_blank”>• Building common target to all link on the page.
  60. 60. Style• <style></style>• Define the style we used in our page.
  61. 61. Script• <script></script>• Define the script we used in our page.
  62. 62. Meta Tag
  63. 63. Informational Purpose• <meta name=“author” content=“Wrox”>• <meta name=“generator” content=“Macromedia Dreamweaver MX”>
  64. 64. Page Refresh• <meta http-equiv=“refresh” content=“3;url=”>
  65. 65. Reference• Teach YourSelf Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 days, Laura Lemay, Sams, 2001.• HTML Reference•