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scandinavian presentation march 2015


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Presentation about impact of technology and generations on buying and communication. Based on presentations in Denmark in march 2015

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scandinavian presentation march 2015

  1. 1. Thefutureofconsumption Customer will buy differently Prof Dr Cor Molenaar RSM/ErasmusUniversity eXQuo consultancy
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  3. 3. The speed with which technology is disrupting the esthablished order somethimes takes your breath away. It is a change in technology, competition but above all-in customer behaviour and attitude.
  4. 4. As before the European online market is dominated by the UK, Germany and France which together are responsible for 81.3% of European sales in these eight countries.
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  6. 6. This reflects how Danish families tend to live stressful and hectic lives with both parents pursuing career opportunities combined with sports activities, children and an active social life. For internet retailers, this means that convenience is a key to success.Web stores must be designed to make shopping quick and easy and delivery must be fast and flexible. New generations:Y and Z with different behaviour Single households Impact of internet on our brains
  7. 7. The impact on our lives: Generations Post-recession behaviour Technology
  8. 8. Radical emotions Individual Lack of focus and concentration Always online Looking for thrills
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  15. 15. The world waiting for us Hybrid behaviour Dubbeling computercapacity every 2 years Peer to peer concepts Implodinge supply chains New generation of consumers
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  17. 17. But there is more Pressure on budgets: 9% is spend on articles which did not exist in 2010 Reduce spenditure on existing articles More single households
  18. 18. Supply chains will adapt to the dynamics of customer demands
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  21. 21. Technology facilitates hybrid behaviour Structures will adapt Internet will be the leading platform Webshops, internet and shops will grow in a new harmony But People will be people With needs, social contacts Belonging, hedonic values Respect and loyality
  22. 22. The customer will let you in his life but your life is the customer
  23. 23. Do not forget The disruption has just started, you can take the lead if you are prepared for the future. People adopt technology quicker than companies and People adapt to changes quicker than companies You can change the future but not the past
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  25. 25. Customers will decide about your future Twitter: @disruptretail