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Masterclass 5 march impact of internet on our behaviour


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Internet is changing our lives, impact on customer behaviour, business and marketing. Disruption has just started.

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Masterclass 5 march impact of internet on our behaviour

  1. 1. Disruption Customer will buy differently Prof Dr Cor Molenaar RSM/ErasmusUniversity eXQuo consultancy Masterclass 5 maart 2015 Patrick Langley GFK Retail enTechnology Arnoud Maas Capgemini-consulting
  2. 2. The world waiting for us Hybrid behaviour Dubbeling computercapacity every 2 years Peer to peer concepts Implodinge supply chains New generation of consumers
  3. 3. The power of local shoppingcenters
  4. 4. Attractiveness of shopping centers
  5. 5. The evolution of shoppingcenters based on shopping behaviour
  6. 6. Supply chain moet aanpassen bij de dynamica van de vraag
  7. 7. Supply chain moet aanpassen bij de dynamica van de vraag
  8. 8. De impact van internet Patrick Langley GFK Retail andTechnology
  9. 9. The impact on our lives: Technology Generations Post-recession behaviour
  10. 10. Babyboomers Generatie X GeneratieY Geboren 1946-1964 Geboren 1965-1979 Geboren 1976-1994 Idealistisch Pragmatisch, cynisch Optimistisch, realistisch Groep georiënteerd individualistisch Eigen creativiteit individualistisch Houden zich aan de regels Wijzen regels af Herschrijven de regels TV PC Internet Beperkte technologie focus Gebruiken technologie Technologie als vanzelfsprekend Taak gericht Multi tasking Hybride Diversiteit als gevolg van acties Kopen overwogen/ Voorkeur fysiek Diversiteit als basis Kopen multi-channel Pragmatisch Diversiteit als gewenst Kopen impulsief, direct, Voorkeur online Bron: gebaseerd op Jeanne Meister, (2008),
  11. 11. Radical emotions Individual Lack of focus and concentration Always online Looking for thrills
  12. 12. Customers have choices! Buying locally Buying in the region Buying on different locations: on the go
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. But there is more Pressure on budgets: 9% is spend on articles which did not exist in 2010 Reduce spenditure on existing articles More single households
  17. 17. Impact ofTechnology Arnoud Maas Capgemini-consulting
  18. 18. Development eCommerce and customer behaviour Pure players: marketleaders will be stronger Niche players will have different models New structures for delivery, payment and communication Hybrid models Shops with internet in the shops for total services and cost reduction Shops with websites for security and “click and collect” Smartphone based customer behaviour and -services The future of platforms: local based
  19. 19. Technology facilitates hybrid behaviour Structures will adapt Internet will be the leading platform Webshops, internet and shops will grow in a new harmony
  20. 20. The customer will let you in his life but your life is the customer
  21. 21. Do not forget • The disruption has just started, you can take the lead if you are prepared for the future
  22. 22. The buzzard symbolises sharpness and developing new vision & strategies. Also, he symbolizes death and rebirth.