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Angular coding: from project management to web and mobile deploy


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How to manage better your angular code using GruntJS tasks, a smart foldering and easy to use technologies to deploy your code to web and mobile.

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Angular coding: from project management to web and mobile deploy

  1. 1.  AngularJS from Code to Mobile
  2. 2. Who I am? Gabriele Mittica @gabrielemittica from CorleyCloud CloudConf + AngularConf Ideator
  3. 3. Why we use Angular?
  4. 4. Works with DOM Data binding DI, Routing, Services Different ways to do the same things Great community
  5. 5.   I want to be a pirate
  6. 6. Confusing!
  7. 7.   (become a pirate is not easy)
  8. 8. Angular is Complicated  
  9. 9. Angular is Complicated Angular is Complex
  10. 10.  
  11. 11. Reusable code!
  12. 12. Okay, the project is sorted, but... 1. How manage assets and graphics? 2. How code faster and better? 3. How deploy quickly?
  13. 13.  
  14. 14. ngStartup a boilerplate for your apps
  15. 15.  
  16. 16. grunt-devcode
  17. 17. grunt-jshint grunt-uglify grunt-watch
  18. 18. $ grunt compile:web minification optimization test 
  19. 19. JS: from 1.4mb to 0.4mb CSS: from 0.3mb to 0.2mb
  20. 20.  
  21. 21.  
  22. 22. grunt-html2js
  23. 23.  
  24. 24. :a javascript task runner :a boilerplate for your apps :to build your app on :to minify your angular templates :to switch your codes in different stages :to watch your code changes and reload page :to upload your app to AWS S3 :to add/remove annotations during compiling GruntJS ngStartup grunt-phonegap grunt-html2js grunt-devcode grunt-contrib-watch grunt-aws grunt-ng-annotate
  25. 25. Thanks for listening Gabriele Mittica - @gabrielemittica