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How to be customer focused


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How to be Customer-Focused

Published in: Business, Education
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How to be customer focused

  1. 1. How to be Customer-Focused Front-End Customer Service Training Revenue Cycle Department
  2. 2. Seeks to Please CustomersOrder Matters – Customer-Focus Requires a Top-Down Approach1. CEO/ Senior Executives2. Managers/ Supervisors3. Front-Line/ Clerical Staff
  3. 3. Qualities of a Customer-Focused Company• Staff members recognized for balancing efficiency with customer satisfaction.• Managers focus on helping staff do their jobs well.• Promotion based on good service skills and seniority.• Staff training a high priority.• Staff know who their customers are.• Participative management style is common.• Long-term thinking is the rule.
  4. 4. Basic Service Elements• Developing a customer-friendly attitude.• Expanding your definition of service.• Reconsidering who your customers are.