Far West Labs Proposal


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Mock proposal created for EdTech 505.

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Far West Labs Proposal

  1. 1. Response to RFP –Evaluation ProposalSubmitted to Far West LabsSubmitted by Cork and Sea Consulting, LLC
  2. 2. IntroductionCork and Sea Consulting is pleased to submit this proposal to evaluate the marketing and sale ofFar West Labs’ products. Over the course of this project, we will determine whether its in thebest interests of Far West Labs to market DIP to school administrators and graduate students,and what the best method for doing that would be.Program DescriptionFar West Labs has developed a training package called “Determining Instructional Purposes”(DIP) that they are interested in marketing to school administrators and graduate students. Thepackage consists of “a coordinator’s handbook and 3 training units: 1. Setting Goals 2. Analyzing Problems 3. Deriving Objectives”While particular details about DIP are not given in the information we currently have on hand,the topics covered are pretty self-explanatory and widely useful. Cork and Sea Consulting, LLChas confidence in this ability to appeal to an education demographic, and we are eager to helpFar West Labs determine if it is worth marketing this product to educators.Evaluation MethodThis evaluation will be completed in an effort to determine how best to market Far West Labs’training materials to educational institutions, and specifically to administrators and graduatestudents. For instance, should they advertise that the product is fun or should they provideprofessional development credits for employees that attend? Advertising DIP as a professionaldevelopment (PD) opportunity might also help to offset the cost of the program, as interestedemployees may need to pay for the PD credit.Once we have completed our evaluation of DIP, we will compose a complete evaluation report,to be distributed to stakeholders. These people will include Far West Labs and schooladministrators that have already expressed an interest in DIP. Cork and Sea Consulting, LLC willalso retain a copy for their records.In order to evaluate this program, we will conduct surveys of local school administrators,teachers, and graduate students. The survey will consist of 10-15 Leikert-Scale questions thatwill ask whether these people are interested in this product, what they might use it for andwhether the price point is reasonable for them.Once the surveys are complete, the team will assemble and analyze the collected data usingexcel. We would plan on calculating basic values such as the mean and standard deviation. Wemight also do some additional testing, based on the sample size. This information would also bedisplayed in a graphical format, in order accommodate people with a more visual style.
  3. 3. In addition to data analysis, Cork and Sea Consulting, LLC plans to interview stakeholders andfind out what their desires are for an appropriate training solution. This information will providea different slant that couldn’t be obtained with surveys. Once the interview are complete, theywill be summarized and the information will be analyzed as objectively as possible.In an effort to provide as accurate and comprehensive an evaluation as possible, Cork and SeaConsulting, LLC (CS) will participate in demonstrations of the DIP program created by Far WestLabs. The first of these demonstrations will be solely for CS, so that we can fill in anyknowledge gaps that we have concerning DIP, as well as be able to better formulate interviewquestions that we are preparing for stakeholders.The second time we have a demonstration run-through with Far West Labs and DIP, we willalso include the other stakeholders in the project – the school administrators and graduatestudents that will be trained in the administration of DIP. This will help them be more informedas they head into interviews with CS.Task Schedule  Flight to Boise and intial meeting with Far West Labs, located in Boise. (November 5, 2012)  Demonstration run-through of DIP with Far West Labs, in order to be better informed about the product. (November 6, 2012)  Develop online survey(s) for delivery to school administrators and graduate students. (Implemented by November 15, 2012)  Email or post online surveys, in order to receive feedback from school administrators and graduate students. (Implemented by November 15, 2012)  Analyze data collected from surveys submitted to school administrators and graduate students using basic data analysis techniques and tools.(Collect data on November 23, 2012)  Demonstration Run-through of DIP with other stakeholders, including school administrators and graduate students, so that they are better informed as we conduct interviews with them. (November 18, 2012)  Interview stakeholders, including personnel at Far West Labs, school administrators, and current graduate students.(Ongoing throughout November – have interviews wrapped up by November 23, 2012)  Summarize information from interviews conducted with personnel at Far West Labs, school administrators and current graduate students.(Summary and any data analysis completed by December 3, 2012)  Write final evaluation report and submit to school administrators and Far West Labs.(Completed by December 15, 2012)
  4. 4. Project PersonnelSarah Miller is the founder and managing partner of Cork and Sea Consulting, LLC. Sheworked in distance learning for well over a decade, and has an MBA from Portland StateUniversity. In addition to being a savvy businesswoman, Sarah’s experience working withcommunity colleges in the state of Oregon gives her added insight into a project aimed at theeducation sector.Bernadette Peters has been with us for almost a decade. She is our lead evaluator and has actedin this capacity on no fewer than 13 occasions. Bernadette is familiar with formative andsummative evaluations, and is an experiences instructional designer. This gives her furtherinsight into working with education professionals.Tyler Gist is our training specialist and has a bevy of experiences under his belt in terms ofinstructional design, training facilitation, and group presentation. Tyler will be conductinginterviews with the school administrators, Far West Labs, and graduate students, as well aspresenting the final evaluation report to all project stakeholders.
  5. 5. BudgetPersonnelProfessional SalariesSarah Miller (45 days @ $250 per day) $11,250Bernadette Peters (45days @ $250 per day) $11,250Tyler Gist (45 days @ $180 per day) $8,100TOTAL PERSONNEL $30,600 $30,600Travel and Per DiemOne 4-day Round-Trip (Portland to Boise, 2 People) $1,000Estimated Misc. Mileage (1000 miles @ $0.40 per mile) $400Two Site Visits (at $75 estimated travel) $150TOTAL TRAVEL AND PER DIEM $1,550 $1,550CommunicationsEmail/ Web $0Telephone (Est. average of $50 per month for 6 months) $300Postage $50TOTAL COMMUNICATIONS $350 $350Supplies, Materials and PhotocopyingSupplies and Photocopying $150Materials(includes 3 sets of training materials at $24.95 and 3 $74.85handbooks for coordinators at $4.95) $14.85TOTAL SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS $239.70 $239.70TOTAL BUDGET $32,739.7 $32,739.7