ET 512 Project Plan


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Working on building an online customer service training course for the employees in a merged department at the local hospital that includes Health Information Management, Patient Financial Services and

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ET 512 Project Plan

  1. 1. Revenue Cycle Department Customer Service Training Sarah Miller ET512, Summer 2012 Boise State University
  2. 2. Learners• 30+ employees in the Health Information Management, Patient Financial Services and Registration departments.• Range in age from 20-60+ and vary in tech- savviness, personality and education.
  3. 3. Purpose• To ensure that all employees are on the same page, in terms of customer service. At present, processes vary among departments and among employees.
  4. 4. Format• Course will be fully online and self-paced. At present, there is not someone available to train employees face-to-face in the art of customer service. I hope to use a variety of media in the course, in order to cater to different learning styles.
  5. 5. Timeline• Hope to implement course by the end of 2012, and have employees complete it early next year. This is subject to adjustment, as I work with the person I’m completing this project for.
  6. 6. Time Needed• Compare course to a 3 credit, 12 week course.• In an online class, students will probably spend 2-3 hours on their class per week, for each credit.• Students should plan on spending 6-9 hours per week working on the class.• Students will spend a total of 72-108 hours on the class, over 12 weeks.
  7. 7. Standards• I have a large set of “Best Practices” that I need to condense or par down.• These Best Practices include guidelines for the following, among others: – Essential Associate Awareness – Community Outreach and PR – Proper Facility Recognition – Real-Time Insurance Verification• I have a list of about 20 of these. I don’t know how broad a definition of “customer service” I’m working with, but I might have to par them down or group them for the purpose of this class.
  8. 8. Adult Learners• I will probably have to figure out how to move the course to the hospital’s learning management system, Healthstream.• The hospital requires employees to complete a certain number of courses per year, and they track that. Employees don’t actually receive transferrable credit for the courses.
  9. 9. Platform• I hope to start out with Moodle, but I also want to learn more about the hospital’s proprietary LMS, Healthstream, and find out how I would go about building something for that format (or converting it, later).
  10. 10. Format• This is a completely new course for me, in industry, subject matter and platform.• I have secured a Subject Matter Expert to help me with content/ scope questions.