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How to book with

  1. 1. HOW TO BOOK WITH is a cool new way to book hotels online where it pays to be popular as friends help payfor your travel. Heres how it works:CONNECT by logging in with your facebook IDGo to, and click connect to log in with your facebook ID as usesfacebook connect to pass on discounts to your network of friends. Once you connect, like us and youwill be welcomed with a 5 per cent discount coupon in your account.Dont forget to Like us on facebook to find out exciting news and travel tips from coupons to your facebook friendsThere are two simple ways to save on hotel bookings with  Start sharing and earning backicks by sending friends a 5 per cent discount coupon by clicking "Send Coupons" from Friends and family will get a pleasant surprise when they receive an email saying they’ve received backicks (a.k.a. cash rewards) from you!  Book a hotel on, a 5 per cent discount coupon will also be shared - or kicked forward - to your facebook friends who will receive notifications of the redeemable coupons on their facebook timeline.BOOK from a selection of 100,000 hotels worldwideChoose from backick.coms extensive inventory of more than 100,000 hotels worldwide withdiscounts of up to 80 per cent off normal room rates.Once youve logged in to and connected through facebook, you could see 4 to 5 starhotels at ZERO dollars as automatically updates the rates with the backicks and discountcoupons you have. Select the room type, click "Book Now" and get ready for some fun!
  2. 2. When its time to pay, you determine how much to save on bookings. Cash in your coupons, redeemavailable backicks or stockpile them for a free trip.EARN more backicks! STAY for free!When your friends use these discounts, they send discounts and backicks to you. Accumulateenough backicks and your next stay could be FREE! It pays to be popular!The more hotel stays your facebook friends book on using the 5 per cent discountcoupons you have given them, the more you will earn:  5 per cent discount coupons for each booking made by a facebook friend, AND  backicks, valued at 5 per cent of your friend’s total booking valueAs your friends start booking hotels on, watch the 5 per cent discount coupons andbackicks stack up. Dont forget to click on "Your Account" to find recent bookings, total backicks andavailable coupons, which looks like this:And now for the nitty-gritty details:  Note that only one 5 per cent discount coupon can be used per transaction  Utilise the 5 per cent discount coupon within 3 months of receiving it  backicks are valid for redemption within an 18 months period  Presently, there is no cancellation policy for booking on, so be doubly sure before confirming your booking!Dont forget to join our conversation at: