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American Express Meetings & Events research chart


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American Express Meetings & Events research chart

  1. 1. 52%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!51%23% 6%Half of meetingplanners believethat risk is notproperlymitigated in theirorganization52% of meetingplanners do notreceive a budgetwhen meetingplanning beginsof meetingplanners signcontractsBut onlyof leaders statethat planners areallowed to signcontracts64% of meetingplanners do notcurrently have amethod to trackmeeting attendeesin a time of crisis68% of leaderssaid transparencyof all data is a toppriority;01100110110011101010100110010010100111010101001110101110101011010100011101100101010110100101010010101101110111011011101001010100101011011101110110111010010101001010110111011101101110100101010010101168% 85%64%American Express Meetings & Events risk exposure study key findingshowever, 85% ofmeeting plannersstill simply usespreadsheets fortheir budget trackingSpecific examples associated with financial riskSpecific examples associated with regulatory legal/risk52% of meetingplanners do notreceive a budget whenmeeting planningbegins, but 82% ofleaders said thatproviding a budget iseither a guideline or arequirement withintheir organization27% of leaders areunable to trackmeeting expenses and32% of leaders areunable to report allmeeting expenses.36% of meetingplanners said they areunlikely or neutral onusing available creditsand 50% of leaderssaid that their policydoes not require theuse of available credits52%82% 36%37%50%64%50%27%32%6%23%37% of meeting plannerscurrently do not forward ancillary(e.g. ground,AV, entertainmentetc) contracts for further review toa manager or another person23% of meeting planners signtheir own contracts but only 6%of leaders state that plannersare allowed to sign contractsSpecific examples associated with safety and security risk62%64% of meeting plannerssurveyed and 50% of leaders saidin the survey that they do notcurrently have a method to trackmeeting attendees during a time ofcrisis62% of all meeting plannerssaid they do not have access tointernational medical andsecurity assistance during a timeof crisisMeeting Planners LeadersMeeting Planners LeadersMeeting Planners Leaders