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Social Media as a Crisis Communication Tool during the Icelandic Volcano Eruption


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Slides for class on the role of social media in contemporary crisis communication.

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Social Media as a Crisis Communication Tool during the Icelandic Volcano Eruption

  1. Using Social Media for Crisis Communication #ashtag
  2. Types of Crises
  3. self-provoked crisis
  4. self-provoked crisis smoldering crisis
  5. self-provoked crisis smoldering crisis malicious attack
  6. self-provoked crisis smoldering crisis organized attack malicious attack
  7. Natural Disaster unpredictable but known risk
  8. ?
  9. lack of information ?
  10. lack of information + short decision time ?
  11. lack of information + short decision time = ? lots of uncertainty
  12. lack of information + short decision time Public motivated to reduce uncertainty = ? lots of uncertainty Uncertainty avoidance leads to increased info seeking Response in first 24 hrs determines success Need for good crisis communication
  13. “ Crisis communications is a branch of PR that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization, usually from a reactive response, facing a swelling public challenge to its reputation, brand, and community. All that’s required to ignite a negative firestorm is a spark from a single voice or an organized congregation. - Brian Solis “
  14. Crisis Communication 101 • Put the public first • Take responsibility for solving the problem • Be honest • Monitor news coverage & telephone inquiries • Never say “No comment” • Provide a constant flow of info • Communicate with key publics • Be accessible
  15. Call centers can’t handle that many requests: Need for alternative communication method
  16. 5 Cs of effective crisis comm. • Concern • Clarity • Control • Confidence • Competence
  17. Defense Offense (accomodating)
  18. Defense Offense (accomodating) • Attack accuser • Deny crisis • Excuse
  19. Defense Offense (accomodating) • Attack accuser • Ingratiation: appease • Deny crisis • Corrective action • Excuse • Full apology
  20. How are airlines dealing with this crisis Work in pairs • Pick one airline • Check their social media sites
  21. Video message from CEO & President
  22. Q&A tab added to Facebook page
  23. Proactive post
  24. No #ashtag hashtag
  25. #ashtag hashtag caught on Not all airlines used #ashtag though
  26. Keeping publics updated even when there is no new info
  27. Minimizing responsibility for crisis - putting it in perspective
  28. Shifting blame?
  29. How stranded travelers are using Social Media to Cope #getmehome #roadshare #putmeup
  30. #getmehome
  31. Crowdsharing rides home
  32. #putmeup
  33. Aggregation Live blog on Tnooz: Included official Twitter accounts from a string of airlines and other organisations
  34. Facebook group for stranded travelers
  35. Credits: Dr. Corinne Weisgerber St. Edward’s University Blog: Email: Twitter: @corinnew