Essence of Technology
Technology is a broad term that refers both to artifacts created by humans, such as
machines, and th...
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Essence Of Technology


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Essence Of Technology

  1. 1. Essence of Technology Technology is a broad term that refers both to artifacts created by humans, such as machines, and the methods used to create those artifacts.Technolog is also often used as the generic term to encompass all the technologies people develop and use in their lives. More broadly, technology can be used to refer to a way of doing something or a means of organization: for instance, democracy might be considered a social technology. When the word “technology” is used today, it is most often used to refer to high technology – computers, cell phones, rockets – rather than technology in general. Technology involves the purposeful application of knowledge, experience and resources to create processes and products that meet human needs. The needs and wants of people in particular communities determine the technology that is developed and how it is applied. People judge the desirability of technological applications by their impact on health, personal well- being and lifestyle, economies and ecosystems. We Pinoys are very fond of adopting changes, what if those changes or new things replace the love that binds our family, the happiness that we found when we share moments with our love ones..I believe that the time will come that we humans are being useless because were too dependent to technology. I hope not. It's never too late to see our mistakes and make a change. Modern technology has solved many problems that people face and play an important role in the development of many countries. Modern technologies create many kinds of products - computers, cloning technology, and video games etc.. Technology today has made life better and quicker In our modern society, people can't see themselves without computers, cell phones, voice mail...etc... As we look at technologies, questions are risen. The Technological progress make our society more convenient and safe. Making impossible things possible are similar features of the change which previous people have experienced by social change, like shifting from a hunting society to an agricultural society and establishing a commercial society due to the invention of new tools. To consider these advantages and change of society, modern technology, which we use today, might be not only a new tool but also the tool, which makes a dramatic change in history. However, the contribution of modern technology to society should not be eliminated and should be distributed evenly. There're many people that can't see themselves without the new tools that's because the technology recreates the essence of humanity and it encourages us to think of all things in the world as standing by, ready for our consumption. So this definitely affects our perception of the natural world. Nowadays we create technology, but technology also creates us. Technology comes from necessity. You have a problem to solve so you invent the solution. You must use technology or innovation to solve it. So trial and error until you succeed. Most technology is to defer labor. This also points to an important issue. Capitalism increases the need for employment. Technology reduces the available jobs. This is an un sustainable condition. In a socialist environment technology could flourish. In a capitalist society money is the barrier to all technology.