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Penguin island


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Penguin island

  1. 1. Penguin Island Brochure Draft
  2. 2. Location• Located just a 5 minute ferry ride off the coast of Rockingham (45 minutes south of Perth), you will feel miles away as you enjoy perfect white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.
  3. 3. Activities• Penguin Feeding at the Discovery Centre The Penguin & Sea Lion Cruise See the dolphins on the Shoalwater Safari Cruise• Explore! Take a swim• Bird watching Have a picnic! Water sports Take in a bit of history!• Just relax and enjoy the rides!
  4. 4. BIG HUGE FACTS!!!!!!!• Bottlenose dolphins are sleek and streamlined and can travel at speeds of up to 35 kilometres per hour. They have a prominent dorsal fin, which can be seen slicing through the water.• Natural predators include killer whales and sharks such as tiger sharks and dusky sharks.• Bottlenose dolphins eat around 15 kilograms of food per day consisting of a wide variety of fish, squid and octopuses.
  5. 5. BIG HUGE FACTS 2 !!!!• The little penguin is the smallest of the 17 penguin species and is the only one that nests along Australias mainland coast.• Little penguins are a bluish-grey colour, with a white underside and throat. They have a black bill, pale pink feet and silvery-grey eyes. The males are slightly bigger than the females, and have a deeper bill and a larger head.• Predation by introduced animals such as foxes, dogs and cats has had a severe impact on birds nesting on the mainland and colonies are now largely confined to offshore islands.
  6. 6. BIG HUGES FACTS 3 !!!!