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A slide show for dealers interested in the DryCASE waterproof body protection

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DryPro Slide Show

  1. 1. Complete Waterproof Body Protection PICC Lines & Wounds Casts & Bandages
  2. 2. Product Benefits  Unique vacuum sealed technology  New patient referrals  Increased walk-in store traffic  Outstanding reliable customer service  Colorful & attractive shelf impact/ packaging  High register ring, High profit margin
  3. 3. Our Company  All of Dry Corp‟s Operations, including manufacturing, sales and distribution are done in the USA  Dry Corp does all product design and marketing from our Wilmington, NC Headquarters -Products molds and product design -Website and Internet Marketing -Print marketing and promotional materials -Graphic design -New product design and development -Customer support call center -Production, assembly and shipping -Sales support -Order fulfillment and packaging  Dry Corp‟s customer service fosters a friendly and fun working environment that comes across to every consumer
  4. 4.  Dry Corp, has manufactured, marketed and distributed our unique products in the USA and internationally since 1998  Our key international partner countries include, -Germany -Italy -Australia -Netherlands -United Kingdom -Canada -Brazil -Japan -Czech Republic -Ireland -Belgium -Denmark -France -Israel -Taiwan
  5. 5.  Dry Corp has grown at an average rate of 24% per year  Dry Corp has accelerated it‟s research and development in recent years, launching three new products in the last two years  We have made monetary and product donations to foundations and those in need; including Make A Wish® Foundation, Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, Caring Bridge, Surfrider Foundation and more.
  6. 6. ‘From saving summers to changing lives’-  Dramatically improve people‟s quality of life and level of health with our products  Produce superior designed and high quality products  Provide excellent customer service, sales and marketing support  Give our customers more then they expect sooner than they expect it
  7. 7. Product Overview  Air Tight. Fits Right.™ Waterproof vacuum seal technology.  So watertight it can‟t even be pulled off!  Durable and high quality surgical rubber  Simple to use  90 Day product replacement warranty  One size fits all, accommodate all your customers with one product  “Wow” factor, that helps products spread with word of mouth  The top orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, infusion nurses and ortho-tech‟s around the world recommend our products to their patients
  8. 8. PICC Line Cover Only PICC protector with waterproof vacuum seal available to consumers  Life changing product  3.7 Millions PICC lines inserted in 2008  Latex Free  One size fits all  Durable, yet comfortable and reusable  Open ended to keep hands free for use
  9. 9. PICC Lines Inserted 4,000,000 3,500,000 3,000,000 2,500,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 500,000 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 3.7 Millions PICC lines inserted in 2008 Category growth averaging 20% per year Moureau, N (2006- May;37(5):22-7) It‟s all about PICCS, retrieved August 2008 from (http://nursingmanagement.com)
  10. 10. What is a PICC line? A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter placed in a vein in which medications, blood products and fluids can be administered. The PICC is a long, thing catheter (16 – 24 inches) made of polyurethane. It is inserted into a large vein in the arm near the bend of the elbow and then advanced to the superior vena cava, a large blood vessel that leads to your heart. A PICC line is inserted into people requiring IV infusions over a long period of time, thus preventing frequent needle sticks. A PICC line can be left in place for six months or longer. Patients with PICC lines can not get the site wet, making it difficult to shower and bathe and impossible to swim or take part in hydrotherapy.
  11. 11. PICC Target Growth Home infusion therapy is growing at a tremendous rate. Insurance companies no longer pay for patients to remain in the hospital to receive IV antibiotics. The growing trend is to have patients discharged either to a skilled nursing facility or back to their home with a PICC line. Medical Professionals that will be referring patients to your stores…  Infectious Disease Doctors (antibiotic therapy)  Oncologists (chemo, hydration, blood products)  Cardiologists (Dobutamine infusions, Lasix insertions)  Orthopedic Surgeons (antibiotic therapy and pain management  Gastroenterologists (Total Parenteral Nutrition)  Family Practice and Internal Medicine (dehydration, Vitamin therapy)
  12. 12. Customer Satisfaction “I can't thank you enough for this product..” My daughter, Kalyn Faggart, age 16, has had a PICC line in her arm since February 2007. Prior to the illness and the PICC line, swimming was a huge part of her summer. We went through last summer trying various things, (plastic bags, waterproof tape, etc.). Nothing worked and she was unable to swim. A month ago she got the news that the PICC would be in for yet another summer. Shortly after that, we saw your brochure in our doctor's office. I brought it home and immediately ordered one. This product is FABULOUS!!! It has given her part of her life back. She is again swimming regularly and will be able to enjoy it this entire summer. -Denise Faggart
  13. 13. Customer Satisfaction “He hadn't been 'in' water in over 8 months!” He uses his twice a day sometimes 3 times, we live in Arizona so it's hot and my husband loves the water. We even took it on our trip "home" to visit family and we were able to go to the BEACH! We took our dog to the dog beach at Huntington Beach and good thing my husband had his Drypro on our 12 year old Golden Retriever was knocked down by a wave and my husband was able to rescue him. THANK YOU!!! -Leza Taylor
  14. 14. Customer Satisfaction “With the PICC protector I was able to enjoy the swimming pools and the wonderful sunshine!!!” Dear Dry Corp, I was truly thankful for the PICC protector on a recent trip to Las Vegas. I had just been diagnosed with a staph infection prior to making my spring break trip. With the PICC protector I was able to enjoy the swimming pools and the wonderful sunshine!!! Thanks again, Darla Brown'
  15. 15. Cast & Bandage Cover  Unique waterproof vacuum seal technology  Won‟t slip off and can‟t even be pulled off  Highest quality protector on the market  Retail price is less then consumers expect to pay  Non-Skid Grid™ to prevent slips or tears  Durable and reusable  Simple to Use
  16. 16. Arm/Leg Cover Target Casts and bandages can‟t get wet because they could cause infection, maceration and breakdown. Maintaining proper hygiene and quality of life while in a cast or bandage for four to six weeks requires waterproof protection for showering, bathing and swimming. Medical Professionals that will be referring patients to your stores…  Orthopedic Surgeons (broken bones, osteomyelitis)  Podiatrists (wound care, foot surgery, venous ulcers)  Hand Surgeons (carpel tunnel syndrome, hand surgery)  Wound care doctors (diabetic foot ulcers, non healing wounds)  Family Practice (broken bones, stitches, wound care)  Urgent care and Emergency Rooms (trauma)
  17. 17. Customer Satisfaction “We will and have recommend this product to EVERYONE we know.” We put it to the test!!!!! YOU WON!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We will and have recommend this product to EVERYONE we know. We took it to the doctor's office with us and showed it to people in the waiting area. YOU SAVED OUR SUMMER!!!!! -Noah Stewart 7 Years old Loganville, GA
  18. 18. Customer Satisfaction “Thank you Dry Pro for saving our summer.” When the doctor told Jacqueline there was nothing she could do to save her swim team season because of her foot fracture, she was heart broken. Then a nurse told us about your product. We took the gamble and it really paid off! Jacqueline finished her swim season and even placed in a couple of races. Enclosed are pictures of Jacqueline training and racing at her meets. Thank you again for making such an outstanding product. Doctors should be made more aware of the top rate performance product. -Sincerely, Jacqueline and the Bienduga Family
  19. 19. Customer Satisfaction “This glove has brought me tremendous happiness and it is worth every penny. ” I broke my wrist a few months ago pretty bad skateboarding and that has kept me out of the water. It has played on my emotions not being able to pursue my love of riding waves. I went and purchased the DryPro surgical sleeve for my cast and immediately went out and pulled into some clean hollow barrels while wearing my DryPro glove. This glove has brought me tremendous happiness and it is worth every penny. Thank you very much. I have attached two pictures of myself riding waves (and getting tubed) on a body board with the DryPro glove, it is on my left hand. - Bryan Hopkins
  20. 20. Consumer Marketing Professional Tradeshows  Dry Corp builds brand recognition and doctor referrals at numerous major industry trade shows -American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons -American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons -Association of peri-Operative Nurses -Mid-West Podiatry Association -Association for Vascular Access -Infusion Nurses Society -National Home Infusion Association -New York Society of Podiatric Medicine Association -Numerous local and regional orthopedic, podiatric and infusion tradeshows
  21. 21. Consumer Marketing Internet Marketing 142,196 page views a month Screen Shot from www.DryCorp.com
  22. 22.  Dry Corp has a tremendous presence on the web, we are the number one retail PICC line cover and cast and sold online.  Dry Corp‟s website is organically in the top five search results for - Dry Pro - Waterproof PICC Line - Shower PICC Line - Cast Cover - Waterproof Cast Protector - PICC Line Cover - Waterproof Cast Cover - PICC Line Protector  Plus many other top keywords on all the major search engines.
  23. 23. Marketing- Referrals  Doctor referrals with customized color tri-fold brochures  DRYPro® products are destination purchases  Drive patients to your stores
  24. 24. Doctor Recommendations Why Doctors recommend DRYPro ®  As our products are guaranteed to keep the limb completely dry as designed using our vacuum seal technology. Doctors like the product because it retains the integrity of their work and reduces the risk of the site being infected or having to be recast.  It keeps the site dry, clean and free from waterborne pathogens that cause infections.  Doctors want high quality surgical products to recommend, they are very hesitant to recommend a plastic bag like the competitions product. They want to recommend a product that is going to make them look good, and make the patient happy, they want to recommend the Dry Pro®.
  25. 25. Retailers love DRYPro®  Our products are unique and provide additional walk in traffic and direct doctor referrals thus increase sales and profit for their stores.  DRYPro® is destination product purchase, which will bring consumers into your stores.  Increased traffic will contribute to additional market basket sales, including prescription purchases.
  26. 26. Public Relations  Dry Corp has been written about in many publications including Readers Digest, Better Homes and Garden, Good Housekeeping and Family Fun to name a few
  27. 27. DRYPro® Vs. „Modified Garbage Bag‟ Products  DRYPro® is the premier product on the market with the “Air Tight. Fits Right.”™ waterproof vacuum seal guarantee. This is the number one reason that our product is different and better than any other plastic bag type product. With our patented vacuum seal, we simply remove all the air which makes it impossible for any water to get in ( if there is no air inside to escape, then there is no way that water can enter, this is why all the other products fail to work). It can’t even be pulled off!  The competitor’s products leak and this is why doctors don’t like them. A simple product demonstration shows how effective our products are and why they work and the others don‟t.
  28. 28. Quality Materials  DRYPro® is made of high quality surgical rubber, which has a tensile strength of 3000 PSI, and has excellent memory (this means the product can be stretched out an infinite number of times and will return to it original shape, elasticity and durability).  The competitors products are made of polyurethane and other low grade plastics which have poor memory (in other words it will not return it it‟s original shape after stretched out over a cast or bandage a few times.)
  29. 29. Non-  Our product also features a Non-Skid Grid™ sole which allows walking with out slipping or tearing. The Non-Skid Grid™ is so durable that users can walk on sharp seashells at the beach or rough concrete beside the pool and the product and seal will remain intact and whole.