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éNergie du vent

  1. 1. Currently installed capacityGermany: 30 June 2011 Total of installed capacity = 27.981 MW 21.917 wind energy plants Percentage on net electricity consumption: 7,4 Average of installed capacity per turbine: 1.26 MW freundederkuenste.de Differences between the federal states: -Almost a quarter of the wind energy produced in Germany is produced in Lower Saxony (6664 MW) -The largest share of energy supply through wind energy has Sachsen-Anhalt (52,1%) -The lowest share of energy supply through wind energy has Berlin (near 0%)Sources: „DEWI“, Deutsche Windindustrie, Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.
  2. 2. Sources: „DEWI“, Wikipedia
  3. 3. France: 31 Dec. 2010: Total of installed capacity = 5660 MW 4400 wind energy plants Percentage on net electricity consumption: 1,9 Average of installed capacity per turbine: 1.26 MW Leading regions are (2011): -Champagne-Ardenne (870 MW) Source: pictonale.net -Picardie (776 MW) Bretagne (659 MW) The lowest rates are in: -Ile de France (0,06 MW) -Aquitaine (0 MW) -Alsace (0 MW) Source: bretagne.fr Sources: wind-energie.de, Wikipedia Source: ntrmonde.blogspot.com
  4. 4. RepoweringSource: windmesse.de
  5. 5. Replacing old equipmentBeforeAfter Source: ulrich-kelber.de
  6. 6. Technical Renewal
  7. 7. Profitability
  8. 8. Profitability (Germany)
  9. 9. The targetCost Time renewable fossil energy - energy -
  10. 10. Advantages and disadvantages of wind energyAdvantages Disadvantagesenvironmentally friendly wind turbines generally produce much less electricity than the average fossil fuelled power station (at the moment...)the wind is free expensive (at the moment...)wind turbines take up less space not aestheticthan the average power stationsafe energy, there will always be wind is irregularwindnew jobs noisy (at the moment...)even countries without natural wind energy cannot be stocked yetresources can produce wind energy
  11. 11. How many households can be supplied by a 1MW wind turbine?1 MW = 1000 kWFull load hours (when the turbine produces the maximum)in wind energy: ca. 1550h/8760h (utilization rate = ca.17,7%)1000 kW x 1550 h = 1.550.000 kWhAn average household consumes app. 3500 kWh a year1.550.000 kWh / 3500 kWh = 442(A car consumes one kilowatt-hour for every kilometer)A 1MW wind turbine can supply app. 442 households(just imagine a 5MW turbine..)(note:This calculation is very imprecise,it was just to give you an idea how much energy a wind turbine can produce)
  12. 12. Outlook
  13. 13. Energy source comparison
  14. 14. Outlook (Germany)Source: Spiegel.de
  15. 15. Future Projects
  16. 16. SynthesisTo achieve a long-term safe and environmentally friendly energy supply:- greater use of renewable energies- state subsidies (at the moment..)- technical renewal of old equipment What the states do: -China:2006 2,6 MW 2011 52MW(!!!)Goal 2020 200MW Examples of wind parks: Dabancheng(500MW) ; Project: Gansu (20000MW) -USA: 44,7 MW Examples of wind parks: Roscoe Wind Farm(781MW); Project: Titan (5050MW) -Germany: 27981 MW Examples of wind parks: Alpha Ventus (60 MW); Project: BARD Offshore 1 (400 MW) -France: 5660MW Major Project: Parc éolien en mer des Deux Côtes (705 MW)Source: Wikipedia écrit par David WinHöfel et Christian Döbereiner