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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


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How to work with a team in a Rotary club

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  1. 1. PP Rtn. CJ Singh Working with Club Leaders
  2. 2. MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP RECORD  Club Invoice (within 4 months)  Reinstatement ($30 instead of $10 pm)  Members Reporting (within 30 days but no later than 1 Jan/July)  Pay dues online. Create an Account RECORD ATTENDANCE  Reporting to AG & District Governor MAINTAINING CLUB RECORDS  Records of Club, Board, Committee meetings What does the Secretary do?
  3. 3. Working Together Rotary International RI Director South Asia Office District Governor Assistant Governor District Committees Past RI Officers CLUB Club President Club Board of Directors Club Treasurer Club Sergeant-at-Arms Incoming Club Secretary Members & families
  4. 4. Your Commitment Next 365 Days 52 Weekly Club Meetings 12 or more Board Meetings 5 or more Club Assemblies Installation function District Assembly District Event Promotion & participation Have Goals Club Budget Committee Goals & Responsibilities Club Meeting logistics Speaker coordiantion
  5. 5. Most Significant Task COMMUNICATE INTERNAL - Rotary International - District Governor & Committees - Club President & Board - Club Committees - Members - Incoming Team EXTERNALLY - Partners - Community - Media
  6. 6. Are YOU Ready? PREPARE YOURSELF TO BE THE BEST Attend all training programmes Work with outgoing Secretary Ask for Direction: Club/District Leaders CLUB RESOURCES Club Secretary’s Manual Your Club Leadership Plan Standard Rotary Club Constitution Recommended Rotary Club Byelaws Rotary Manual of Procedure
  7. 7. PDG Rtn. Dr. R.S. Parmar PP Rtn. CJ Singh /