"ChalkAboutIt" Flash mob- Final Analysis


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"ChalkAboutIt" Flash mob- Final Analysis

  1. 1. Camille OrellanoChannel: Doodle.ly
  2. 2. Channels Used Twitter Facebook Instagram Doodle.ly SlideShare Youtube Pinterest Foursquare Google+
  3. 3. Pre Flash Mob details of Doodle.ly1. Nick and I will create the first doodle on Doodle.ly, of the Fronts logo.2. Have Trevor D. post it on the flash mob Facebook page to start to get people using Doodle.ly and raise more awareness for the platform and the purpose. This will start on Saturday November 24th.3. Push the concept that if a person cannot physically make it to the flash mob that they can still participate by creating a doodle on Doodle.ly and post it on the Facebook page, share it with their friends and tweet it after they are done, using the flash mob hashtag #chalkaboutit. We will be able to monitor the doodles and the participants can still have a chance to win the prize, tickets to the Fronts. We will tell participants to draw either the Fronts logo or anything Frontenac’s related. We will ask people/ everyone in our class to vote or “like” which ever doodle they fancy the most and whoever gets the most “likes” on their doodle will be in the running to win the prize.4. We will be commenting on the Facebook page, having statuses ready for Trevor D. to post, we will have tweets ready for Hailey and Brittney R. and as well tweet on our own Twitter accounts about how Doodle.ly works and what’s its purpose is for the flash mob. We are asking that everyone in the class share or retweet a couple of the Doodle.ly submissions and retweets my team’s tweets regarding Doodle.ly just to reach more people.5. In order to publish your doodles on Doodle.ly you must login using either your personal Facebook account or your Twitter account.6. We are going to encourage all the students in our class to create their doodles before the flash mob and post it on the Facebook page, share it and as well tweet it on their Twitter accounts using the #chalkaboutit hashtag.7. Trevor N. and his team, using Google+, will encourage their participants to draw doodles of the Fronts logo and anything Fronts related, have them post on the Facebook page, share it with their friends and tweet it on their accounts using the hashtag.
  4. 4. Instagram-Debrief Went well. A lot of pictures. Only one account, couldn’t reach as many people. Unable to upload pictures from Instagram directly onto the page Chalk About It Facebook page. The pictures didn’t really go anywhere. Ten followers. 50 pictures in total. There was not enough time to set up a good data base and establish a community. It was great that it was easy to integrate into other platforms, such as Twitter . This channel can be very effective for bigger companies with a larger following.
  5. 5. Instagram- Debrief
  6. 6. Pinterest- Debrief Not a lot of users, or success. Only four followers. Not engaging enough, no one to engage with. The Pinterest team did a lot of activity but the community wasn’t there to respond. More time would have been better. Pinterest is not made for flash mobs, Pinterest is better for brand and product promotions.
  7. 7. Foursquare- Debrief Didn’t really work. Not many people use the platform, only 6 check-ins were made all in one spot- the Market Square of Kingston. Those people were in the class. The team could have used Twitter integration to raise more awareness for the platform, check-ins and what they were doing via tweets. This would have been more effective if there was time to build a community, also if this campaign was taken to a bigger more urban city that has plenty of foursquare users.
  8. 8. Youtube- Debrief They did a pre and post video that received a combine 173 views. The pre video could have been more fun and interactive. The team should have made the effort to bring three cameras, one for each team member and also visit all three locations of the flash mob, more diverse footage in their video.
  9. 9. SlideShare- Debrief They did two power points, one before the flash mob and one after. It had all the details on the flash mob, where it was happening and how people could get involved via social media and day of. Had 15 followers. They should have tested wifi in Starbucks to ensure their power point and pictures could be put up on time. Bring camera cord next time, so pictures will upload faster. A good platform to communicate effectively to the participants exactly what’s going on regarding the flash mob. The team thought it was perfect for the flash mob.
  10. 10. Twitter- Debrief The team was tweeting before and during the flash mob, using their own personal accounts. They felt like they didn’t have enough time to create a new account and gain a good amount of followers, hence the reason they chose to stick with their personal accounts. Kept tracked of all pictures being tweeted using the #Chalkaboutit hashtag, they would retweet and favourite. They thought this was an excellent tool to use for a flash mob. For next time, it would be ideal to start promotions sooner.
  11. 11. Facebook- Debrief 25 likes on the Chalk About It page. The team needed to remind people to like and share the page. The page had better engagement after the event. They shared all the platforms after the event. Took a group picture and post it on Facebook. The map was posted on the wall before the event, of all three locations. They tried to keep involved by encouraging people to use the other platforms and the Facebook team themselves using the platforms.
  12. 12. Google + - Debrief Created an event hangout, invited 32 guests. Only one person checked in and only one persona actually did the hangout. Did all the same things as Facebook, expect post links to other platforms. They posted pictures. The team used their own personal accounts. Need more time to build an audience.
  13. 13. My Channel- Doodle.ly Debrief Not very successful, only had five people participate in the doodle challenge on Doodle.ly. It was a difficult platform to integrate with Facebook, could not post directly onto the Facebook page. So the rules were you had to tweet out your doodle, using the hashtag and then copy that link and post it back on the Facebook page. There was a lot of work involved to get your ‘K’ known so that’s probably another factor why we didn’t receive any drawings. We should have used an influential person in hockey or Kingston to promote my team’s platform and what our endeavour was. There was 13 doodles, half were from my team trying to promote the platform and an alternate solution if people could not attend the event. Some classmates did more than one. It would have been impossible to keep track of tweeted doodles if the person didn’t use the hashtag.
  14. 14. Doodle.ly
  15. 15. Doodle.ly
  16. 16. Analytics- Doodle.ly 13 Doodles made. Three tweets made about people’s doodles. 12 post/ updates on the Facebook page. 25 people like the Facebook page, so 25 people saw the updates. They were shared on other people’s accounts.
  17. 17. Mistakes & Missed Opportunities Pre-event planning: All channels should have been given the opportunity to start building a following earlier on in the semester. By doing this, we could have gotten more people to participate in the flash mob, outside of the program. If we had local support and influence from affluent local people, we could have received more support and a greater turn out. Not every team shared their channels or followed/ support the other channels in the class. Took way too long to settle on one idea for the flash mob. Check in point at the Metro didn’t have enough foot traffic. The fronts were in town the day of the flash mob, could have involved them and interacted with them somehow to create more buzz. Should have asked fronts players to participate. Missed out on the usage of traditional media, could have been helpful. Too many stations and way to far apart from each other, should have used one locations. Should only have used POPULAR/ most influential channels (Twitter, Facebook,etc.)
  18. 18. Content Facebook should have posted photos, videos and what everyone else was doing on their channels to help promote the other channels and create integration. It was great that Youtube had a before and after video and promoted it well. The few followers we did have on the channels were not enough. People portrayed different messages on their channels. No consistency. Google+ underutilized, not promoted enough. More integration required from all channels. Need more followers to share content. Less channels, more focus on a few main channels. Forusquare and Google+ didn’t work, not relevant. Should have put out more content sooner. Could have used more pre-event content to encourage participation, similar content should have been used and integrated throughout all the channels. Should have had fronts tweeting and facebooking about the flashmob on their fan accounts to generate more involvement and excitement.
  19. 19. Top Successes Locations had optimal potential for involvement, as seen at the market square. Twitter CMO success. The video had 173 views. Class participation- first and third years. Slideshare had success. It was fun and a good experience. Had multiple channels involved. Creating art work is always cool. Built up a fair amount of hype on the platforms. Learned what works/ doesn’t work for flash mobs. Created buzz around SLC. A lot f pics were twitted and the hashtag was used. We learned how to use channels in different ways and really discover their influence and full potential.
  20. 20. Recommendations Should have started planning sooner to have more followers on different accounts. Should have involved Fronts, could have used their fan base to generate more awareness. Do the flash mob earlier in the day, so we had sunlight. Only have one location for the flash mob. Have flash mob on the weekend, for kids. Limit to 3 channels for promotion. Recommend using email. Check weather before setting date for flash mob. Ask local businesses to draw ‘K’s on their sidewalk to show support. At each check-in there should have been a Google hangout, Google+ was not used to its full potential. The class should have shared and followed each others channels, more communication was needed. Traditional media would have made a different.
  21. 21. CMOST Multiple digital channels used. Should have used tradtional advertising, like outdoor. Slideshare allowed for a quick view of all channels used and how to engage. Twitter engaged and shared all other channels. Missed opportunity with Facebook, unable to upload pictures directly to page, made it difficult to integrate with Facebook. Could have used SLC screens to promote. More followers could have brought local people to the flash mob. Google hangout was not used to it full potential. All social platforms were used, should have focus on a few key ones for the demogrpahic. Should have used central (branded) accounts as oppose to personal accounts. A lot of channels were not integrated together. Should have gained the support of Fronts and local businesses downtown.
  22. 22. Channel Choices Don’t use Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, slideshare or Doodle.ly  These don’t reach our primary target market. Twitter and Facebook are the main channels to use. Channels for a flash mob should mainly be used for planning. Photos afterwards. No coordination between channels, should have been more integrated. Should have created accounts sooner to gain more followers. Facebook was not updated well, didn’t integrate the channels enough. Should have used email component. Possible email invite from Google hangout. Should have pick main channels and used them to their full potential. Too many channels and people couldn’t keep up. Should have used Traditional media to help promote. Missing community involvement. Could have had a stronger community/ following if we started sooner.
  23. 23. Fronts Marcom Not organized enough to show significant ROI. Front marcom team should have been involved from the start. Would have promoted through Fronts social platforms. Would not pay for these “results”. Still good publicity. Impressions are mainly achieved afterwards by sharing photos, videos, PR news, etc. Plan could have worked if there was more time and communication provided. Front marcom team would not usually think of a flash mob as promotion. Flash mob was helpful in terms of knowing what not to use or do. Flash mobs are typically niche options for businesses, not ideal for Fronts. I would pay for a flash mob if there was more time to plan it out and more focused my the Fronts brand.
  24. 24. Tactics Location at market square was great, should only have done the flash mob in the market square. Chalk points for the flash mob were too far apart. The timing was a little late, 4:17pm, it started to get dark. Should have started planning the flash mob sooner. Lack of engagement and integration of the other channels was a great down fall. Facebook did some promotion of other channels, not enough, should have encouraged users to post links of other platforms on their personal accounts. Should have picked a location inside. Should have started the accounts well in advance to gain more followers. Flash mob was way too long. Should have involved the Fronts. Ensure incentives pan out. Each check point should have been in the Google hangout. Youtube video was a great summary. Slideshare was done well and informative.
  25. 25. Influencers Professors: Kathy Patterson, Lindsey Fair, Jim Elyot, IMC SLC students, Gord Downey, Brian Soulis . Too many people trying to lead. Should have invited local school to participate. Include 2nd year IMC students. If given more time, would have approached SA to create event and share contest idea. Invite local businesses to participate/ sponsor. Should have targeted coaches, players, hockey fans and use Fronts community on social. Could have contacted media post event to generate buzz.