Healthcare IT Solutions Ensure Uptime, Security and Stability


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A high quality data center’s medical and healthcare IT solutions offer a secure, regulatory compliant environment to manage critical medical data. View this presentation to learn more about healthcare IT solutions.

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Healthcare IT Solutions Ensure Uptime, Security and Stability

  1. 1. Healthcare IT Solutions Ensure Uptime, Security and Stability
  2. 2. A high quality data center’s medical and healthcare IT solutions offer a secure, regulatory compliant environment to manage critical medical data. Downtime is not an option when clinicians need access to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), or Telemedicine in order to make life or death decisions. Your medical and healthcare IT infrastructure must be designed to deliver continuous uptime, solid security, reliable connectivity and scalability to ensure high quality patient care.   Healthcare IT Solutions
  3. 3. You shouldn’t have to worry about your critical healthcare IT infrastructure experiencing issues or downtime. That’s quality data centers build in redundancy and reliability into all data center operating systems, including critical power and cooling infrastructure. Additionally, a high quality data center will provide a 100% Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).  The SLA covers key elements and service metrics like power, temperature, and network availability.   100% Guaranteed Uptime
  4. 4. The Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates the safeguarding of Protected Health Information (PHI). Information breaches can result in millions of dollars of lost business, penalties and fines. Compromised security can significantly interfere with your ability to care for patients. A top priority in all quality data centers is rock solid physical and network security.   Ensure Medical Data Security
  5. 5. A high quality data center’s SAS 70 Type II audited processes ensure operational procedures, security, and controls are working effectively to safeguard and protect your data and equipment. These data centers deliver up to 5 levels of physical and electronic systems working 24/7 to protect your equipment. These systems include around-the-clock monitored closed circuit televisions, onsite support and security teams, biometrics security systems and/or military-grade key cards, and various alarms and sensors tied to fire and police departments.   Physical Security
  6. 6. Healthcare IT threats are everywhere. Computer viruses, hackers, human error and disaffected employees can be a significant threat to mission critical applications and patient data. A safe and secure healthcare IT network can work to enable quality patient care, enhance productivity, increase mobile point of care access to information, and reduce costs.   Network Security
  7. 7. Your business requires scalable infrastructures to keep pace with changing technology needs.  A high quality data center enables you to easily scale-up with guaranteed space and power. Their managed hosting solutions should include a number of data storage options: cabinets, cages, and private suites.   Flexible & Scalable Solutions
  8. 8. Healthcare providers must ensure high availability and maintain uptime even in the event of a disaster. High quality data centers can provide hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers with cost efficient disaster recovery facilities, systems and infrastructure. These data centers can also help healthcare organizations in meeting their IT infrastructure needs by delivering cost-effective, secure, reliable and scalable data center hosting and managed services solutions.   Disaster Recovery Preparation
  9. 9. Michael Duckett is President of CoreLink Data Centers, a leading provider of data center hosting and managed services solutions in Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle. For more information about healthcare IT solutions, visit today.   About the Author