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YES Business presentation


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Overview of the YES business presentation competition

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YES Business presentation

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. WELCOME TO CORE EDUCATION & Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Business Presentation (oral) training Presented by Joanna Hannaford From New Zealand Institute of Chartered
  3. 3. What you need to achieve “To convince the judges that your YES Company is a good investment” en Drag on’s D style!
  4. 4. Executive Summary •  Brief summary of your business •  (executive summary) – send through to Juanita 1 week prior, •  From your business plan ,no full business plans please. •  1 A4 sheet. Clear and concise. •  Headings with short statement •  Includes •  Follow the presentation
  5. 5. Event Description • Each Company is offered the opportunity to give a Business presentation • Companies must participate if they wish to enter the National Awards; the Business Presentation (Oral) is worth 30% of the total score. • Student directors will present their business to a panel of Canterbury business representatives as if they were potential investors in the company. Preliminaries may be held depending on numbers registering for YES in 2011. ( For school with 5 or more teams -Monday 16/5, Tuesday 17/5 and Wednesday 18/5 – at your school)
  6. 6. Business Presentation Competition Notes Each team will need to provide a brief executive summary of their business to the judges,1 A4 page front and back. • A laptop and data show will be provided (you may not use your own laptop). Companies will need to bring their presentation on CD or memory stick. • Attire is school uniform or business/professional. •All presentations are open to YES teams and RSVP guests, as there will be limited space this year.. • Any display material/props must be associated with the YES company product/
  7. 7. Presentation Format Each company has 10 minutes at the presentation stand. Be on time or you will miss your time slot. 2 minutes prepare to give presentation 5 minutes Give the presentation (teams may not exceed 5 minutes) 3 minutes Judges Q &
  8. 8. Organise Your Presentation •  Thorough preparation beforehand •  Get their attention! •  Crystalise your product or service •  Mention your product within the first 3
  9. 9. Organise Your Presentation •  Introductions are fine but don’t make them too long •  Select at least 3 things you want the panel to know •  Organise content into a logical
  10. 10. Your Presentation •  Know your business •  Keep it concise •  Keep it simple •  Make it visual •  Keep to
  11. 11. Timing •  Opening 20% •  Body 60% •  Closing 20% •  End with a striking sentence to summarize •  Thank the judges and audience for their attention •  Time yourself, Throw away the
  12. 12. Know your company! •  Introduce your team. •  What is your vision for your business? •  What is your management structure? •  What is your actual product and or service? •  What are the benefits of your product? •  What differentiates/ what is the competition?
  13. 13. Know your Company – well! •  Is there a need for your product? •  How do you know? •  Have you set pricing and costing •  What is your budget r is you What ne?
  14. 14. Techniques, Style Diction •  Eye contact •  Team conduct, and presentation •  Who is speaking about what? •  Diction - •  Choice of words •  Expression •  Enthusiasm •  Business like •
  15. 15. PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint Presentation should not distract the audience from the message Use PowerPoint to enhance what you have to
  16. 16. PowerPoints! •  5 words per point •  5 points per slide •  4/5 slides per 5 minutes •  Font minimum 18pt •  Use
  17. 17. Power Points should: •  Support what you are saying •  Summarise points of content •  Clarify points •  Visually enhance •  Provides relevant information/
  18. 18. Trouble Shooting •  Practise practise practise •  If there is too much information, prioritise into – •  Must know •  Should know •  Nice to
  19. 19. Company Directors and team
  20. 20. Bring along your product!
  21. 21. Presenting your company • Be tidy - school uniform, professional or relevant dress • Be polite, enthusiastic, business like • Speak to the audience • Eye Contact: Yes! “connect” • Slow down and
  22. 22. Business Presentation Marking
  23. 23. Check out the Requirements What is the marking schedule Are some sections worth more? Why are they requesting this presentation? What is the time allocation?
  24. 24. SchoolTeam Strengths Mark Weaknesses stBusiness Practice &People - /5Marketing - /5Operations - /5Finance - /5Innovation - /5Presentation- /5Total - 30
  25. 25. Check out the marking Criteria! Registrations due Friday 13 May Don’t forget to check out the above site regualry for updates and
  26. 26. FINALLY • Its your company • Its your idea • The judges need to want to be a: • Shareholder • Customer or • Believer in your business 2 out of 3 might get you there 1 out of 3 wont!
  27. 27. REMEMBER SMILE! Thank you and good
  28. 28. Business Presentation Oral Competition Rangi Ruru Girls School Monday 30 May & Wednesday 1 June
  29. 29. A few extra things:Please keep the communication open with the regional Coordinator (Juanita)• Remember the coordinators mark- minutes need to be sent in regularly Invitation to a company meeting Invitation to a company launch Update on meeting with mentor received eachterm E-Market link sent Check the inside back cover of the programmebook
  30. 30. CPL (Commercial Print Ltd) Business Card CompetitionEntries close: 20th May 2011 - 5pmThe winning team will receive 250 FREE* business cards for each company member!printed by CPL Ltd 127 Park Road, Miramar, WellingtonTo EnterEmail a copy of your business card to – no later thanFriday 20th May 2011 5:00 pm.When emailing your computer file, please include your YES company namee.g. If your company is Topcats, the file name should be Topcats_bizcard.jpg (all filesmust be in High Resolution & either jpeg or PDF formatPlease check out the details on
  31. 31. Contact: Juanita Reddish PO Box 13678 Christchurch New Zealand Tel: + 64 (03) 379 6627 Fax: + 64 (03) 379