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EBSCO Publishing Social Media Strategy


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This is my final project for my Intro to Social Media class at Endicott College Summer 2012

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EBSCO Publishing Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. EBSCO PublishingSocial Marketing Strategy Cord Tocci
  2. 2. About• Subsidiary of EBSCO • Used By Industries – Libraries• Serves as an information – Schools database – Academic institutions• Library reference center – Medical institutions – Full-Text – Corporations – Online journals – eBooks
  3. 3. Domestic and International•Worldwide •1200 + Employees•Domestic 800+•International •400+ Employees •Asia •Australia •Africa •Europe •North America •South America Ipswich, Ma Headquarters•Growing larger eachyear
  4. 4. Marketing Strategies• Internet based company – Targeted audience – International connections• Social media platforms – Twitter – Facebook – YouTube content/uploads/2012/08/social-media-for-sales- people.jpg – LinkedIn
  5. 5. • Social Media Platform• 140 million users• Share personal ideas, thoughts, business messages, links, pictures, etc• Follow friends and favorite interests – Athletes – Companies – Movies – News
  6. 6. Twitter StrategyCurrent Strategies New Strategies • Roadmap• Product Updates • Job Openings• Links to Tutorials • Support• News on EBSCO • Conversing With Fans• Acquisitions and Partnerships
  7. 7. • Social Media Platform • Connect with friends• 900 million users – Wall posts• Create a Profile – Comments• Join Groups• Follow Professional Pages – Post Images /Videos – Artists • Tag friends – Actors – “Like” – Athletes • Play games with – Etc… friends
  8. 8. Facebook StrategyCurrent Strategies New Strategies• Company • Share news and updates – Company updates Information – Acquisitions – Promotions – Job Openings • Develop a fan base – Provide support – Allow comments
  9. 9. • Video Sharing Platform• Over 800 Million unique users visit each month• Upload and View videos• Share videos via link to anyone• Comment and Rate videos• Manage favorite videos through an account
  10. 10. YouTube Strategy Don’t just speak… Show!Current Strategies Added and Updated• Initiatives • History and Future• Public Relations • President and Vice President’s• Tutorials Messages• Product • Meet EBSCO Demonstrations Employees
  11. 11. • Business Social Networking Platform• 175 Million users• Similar to Facebook• Designed for Professional Networking• Great resource for resume• Connect to co workers and friends to show your connection to the professional world
  12. 12. LinkedIn StrategyCurrent Strategy New Strategy• Job Postings • Current• Careers at employee EBSCO Overview updates • Up to date• What people full list of are saying openings • Reach our for more followers
  13. 13. Revenue of Interest• Hits per site – Before and After Statistics – Source of links to EBSCO pages• Where did you hear about us? – New Customers – New Employees• Compare profit growth Media-growth-investment-firm-300x262.jpg over past quarters to future
  14. 14. Sources• All current strategies were determined by examining the current social media sites of EBSCO Publishing.• EBSCO – About (• EBSCO Images (• LinkedIn Press Center (• YouTube Statistics (• Facebook Newsroom Company Info (• Twitter – About (