Lesson 2 passover


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Second lesson of a series on the Lord's Supper. Some ideas taken from the book Come To The Table by John Mark Hicks

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Lesson 2 passover

  1. 1. The Lord’s TableLesson 2: Passover and Last Supper December 5, 2012 University Church of Christ Abilene, TX
  2. 2. Review‣ Worship in the Old Testament was built around a structure of “holy meals”‣ These meals were a time of community rejoicing in the presence of the Lord‣ The Lord’s Supper is related to the table of the sacrifice, not the altar‣ The Supper is a time of covenant affirmation
  3. 3. Passover• Exodus 12:2-14• Leviticus 23:4-8• Deuteronomy 16:1-8
  4. 4. 1 st Century Passover• Afternoon: Slaughter of the lamb• Evening: Passover Meal 1. Preliminary course 2. Liturgy 3. Main Meal 4. Conclusion• Night: Watching and remembrance Source: Come To The Table, John Mark Hicks
  5. 5. Passover meal Preliminary course:• First cup of wine• Dish of green herbs, bitter herbs and fruit sauce• Meal served, second cup of wine prepared Source: Come To The Table, John Mark Hicks
  6. 6. Passover meal Passover liturgy:• Haggadah: Passover narrative and interpretation• Singing of Psalm 113• Second cup of wine Source: Come To The Table, John Mark Hicks
  7. 7. Passover meal Main meal:• Thanks given over bread• Roasted lamb, unleavened bread, bitter herbs• Grace spoken over third cup of wine (cup of blessing) Source: Come To The Table, John Mark Hicks
  8. 8. Passover meal Conclusion:• Singing of Psalms 114-118• Grace spoken over fourth cup of wine (cup of blessing) Source: Come To The Table, John Mark Hicks
  9. 9. 1st Century Passover Last Supper (Luke)Retelling/application of Passover Luke 22:15-16 story First/Second Cup of Wine Luke 22:17 Breaking of the Bread Luke 22:19 Passover Meal Luke 22:20 Third/Fourth Cup of Wine Luke 22:20 Singing (Matthew 26:30) Prayer Luke 22:40
  10. 10. 1st Century Focus• Celebration• Thanksgiving• God’s deliverance of Israel from bondage• Community with Israel and its history• Expectation of the Messiah and God’s kingdom
  11. 11. Four accounts‣ Matthew 26:20-29 ‣ Mark 14:17-25‣ Luke 22:14-23‣ 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
  12. 12. Words of institution‣ The bread: “This is my body which is given for you”‣ The cup: “This is my blood of the new covenant” or “This is the new covenant in my blood”‣ The command: “Do this in remembrance of me”
  13. 13. Four views:‣ Transubstantiation (Catholic)‣ Consubstantiation (Luther)‣ Symbolic (Zwingli)‣ Spiritual reality (Calvin)
  14. 14. A broader view:‣ Get focus off of elements alone‣ Jesus is present as host and fellow- participant‣ The Lord’s Supper is not the altar; it is the table‣ Body refers to His living body, as well as the cross‣ Blood is remembered because of the covenant it ratified, as well as sign of death