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Cord Blood Transplants are associated with lower risk of viral infections.


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Cord Blood Collection Kit Cord Blood Collection Bags Advised To Be Prepared Beforehand and Taken To Hospital So Staff Can Use Cord Blood Collection Kit In Delivery

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Cord Blood Transplants are associated with lower risk of viral infections.

  1. 1. Umbilical Cord Blood Banking – Private VS Public Cord Blood BanksWhat are the benefits of banking your child’s umbilical cord blood? This is the questionlooming in many young parents’ mind when they have their first child. The American Academyof Pediatrics suggests using public cord blood banks over private simply because statistics showthat they are much more credible. However, private cord blood banks have such a greatadvertising ability that many parents are swooned by their promises ensuring the health andsafety of their unborn child at no matter the cost.There are not yet enough cord blood banking laws in existence to be able to properly regulate theprivate cord blood banks. In general, this means having shady dealings with these so-called“better because they’re private” companies. Specimens at private banks tends to have lower cellcounts with poor quality cells which leads to a higher risk of infection and are not even adequatefor use and would never be used. It is indeed more likely that your child will never actually needa stem cell transplant in the first place. However, on the off chance you do end up needing one itcan quickly become a serious life or death situation and the last thing you want to do is take ahuge risk with your child’s life at stake. Going with a private cord blood bank you run the highrisk of not being able to use those vital stem cells that your child so desperately needs becausethey were stored under poor unregulated conditions.Taking these things into consideration, you may be wondering what kind of situation your childmust be in to need a stem cell transplant. There are many diseases where this treatment maybecome necessary. A few such conditions are if your baby develops aplastic anemia, leukemia,lymphoma, as well as a whole list of other rare diseases and cancers. The stem cells needed canbe found through any public cord blood banking center by anyone who wishes to go throughthe matching system and receive the transplant that is needed. In a private banking center theiravailability is limited, but this is not the case for a public bank and plus you won’t have toquestion whether it has been properly stored.In a nutshell, private blood banks are simply interested in making money and do not really careabout you or the future health of your child. Although all of their advertising tactics may makethem seem pretty great, they are only doing the best they can to earn your business in whateverway possible. There is yet to be data that is supportive of their claim to provide you with the bestcare available for your child’s precious umbilical cord blood. It would be much more to youradvantage to go with a public cord blood bank for storing your baby’s cord blood and use themoney you save by choosing this option to invest in your child’s educational needs.For more information on this topic, read: The Kid’s Doctor - Cord Blood Banking