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1 Intro To Chem


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Published in: Technology, Education
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1 Intro To Chem

  1. 1. Social Jeopardy Learning Research Memory Double Jeopardy Introduction Psychology Methods Unit 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
  2. 2. Social Psychology 200 He conducted one of the first experiments on conformity. Who is Soloman Asch?
  3. 3. Social Psychology 400 He conducted a famous experiment at Stanford University that went too far and was forced to be shut down. Who was Zimbardo?
  4. 4. Social Psychology 600 He created the cult called Heaven’s Gate. Who was Marshall Applewhite?
  5. 5. Social Psychology 800 Followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader What is a cult?
  6. 6. Social Psychology 1000 Recruited by Family Recruited by Friends Recruits often young People at turning point in their lives What are Cult Recruitment Techniques?
  7. 7. Learning 200 He is the known as the father of Operant conditioning. Who is B.F. Skinner?
  8. 8. Learning 400 This principle would explain why we are afraid of flies after being stung by a wasp. What is the principle of generalization?
  9. 9. Learning 600 It is the process of classically conditioning a desired response (Relaxation) to a phobic stimuli. What is Systematic Desensitization?
  10. 10. Learning 800 An example of this would be driving your self to university one day, because your car pool buddy, called in sick. You were surprised you knew the way, even though the driver is the one who gets you there every single day. What is latent learning?
  11. 11. Learning 1000 Throwing up after Halloween because you caught a flu. You also ate many Kit Kats. Now you can’t even look at a Kit Kat. What is Taste Aversion?
  12. 12. Research Methods 200 He “shocked” the world with his experiments on Obedience Who is Milgrim?
  13. 13. What would you like to wager?
  14. 14. Research Methods 400 Where the participants in an experiment do not know which group received the treatment, but the experimenter does. What is a single blind experiment?
  15. 15. Research Methods 600 In the Bobo doll experiment this would be the amount of aggression the children demonstrated towards the doll. What is the dependent variable?
  16. 16. Research Methods 800 This shows a relationship between two things, but does not mean one causes the other. What is a correlation?
  17. 17. Research Methods 1000 This research method allows us to gather large amounts of data. What is the survey method?
  18. 18. Memory 200 This type of long term memory would serve you well in a game like the one you are playing. What is semantic?
  19. 19. Memory 400 According to this principle the room where you code a memory should be the same room where you search for the memory What is the Encoding Specificity principle?
  20. 20. Memory 600 An example of this would be to search for a phone number in the Yellow pages, close the book and then repeat the number out loud, until you get to the phone to punch it in What is Maintenance Rehearsal?
  21. 21. Memory 800 According to this model we can remember phone numbers (because of grouping) even though they are 10 digits long. What is the 7 plus or minus two model?
  22. 22. Memory 1000 A multiple choice exam is an example of this type of test. What is a Paired-Associate Test?
  23. 23. Introduction Unit 200 He was credited with establishing the first psychology laboratoy Who is Wilhelm Wundt?
  24. 24. Introduction Unit 400 These were known as the first 3 main movement in psychology What are Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Humanistic?
  25. 25. Introduction Unit 600 Theory that tells us to adopt the explanation that requires the fewest assumptions What is the Law of Parsimony?
  26. 26. Introduction Unit 800 The psychology field that Clarece from Silence of the Lambs would belong to. Forensic Psychology?
  27. 27. Introduction Unit 1000 A key debate in psychology, which argues whether people learn their behavors from the environment in which they were raised or they received them from the genes of their parents What is the Nature v Nurture debate?
  28. 28. Double Jeopardy Final Jeopardy Social Learning Research Memory Introduction Psychology Methods Unit 400 400 400 400 400 800 800 800 800 800 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
  29. 29. Social Psychology(2) 400 He held a standoff in Waco Texas Who is David Koresh?
  30. 30. Social Psychology(2) 800 The belief that one’s one culture is superior to others. What is ethnocentrism?
  31. 31. Social Psychology 1200 Negative attitudes towards other for being in a specific social group What is prejudice?
  32. 32. Social Psychology 1600 He was able to get his cult to drink poisonous Kool Aid Who was Jim Jones?
  33. 33. Social Psychology 2000 Treating others differently because they are in a particular social group What is discrimination?
  34. 34. Learning(2) 400 He is the known for his experiment with salivating dogs. Who is Pavlov?
  35. 35. Learning(2) 800 This is rewarding or punishing small behaviours that will lead to a desired behaviour. What is shaping?
  36. 36. Learning 1200 An example of this would be monkeys raised in a lab which are not afraid of snakes. Then they witness monkeys that are in the wild that are afraid of snakes. After witnessing this the lab monkeys become afraid of snakes. What are learned phobias?
  37. 37. Learning 1600 You get stuck in a fridge when you are young(It happens to the best of us) but you are not afraid of small spaces like the fridge, you are just afraid of being stuck in a fridge. What is discrimination of bahaviour?
  38. 38. Learning 2000 He conducted the “Little Albert Experiment.” Who is John Watson?
  39. 39. Research Methods(2) 400 An experiment showed a correlation coefficient of +.99. What is Strongly positively correlated?
  40. 40. Research Methods(2) 800 Things the experiment might have forgotten to control or did not account for. Ex: The experimenter did not control the background noise of his experiment What are extraneous Variables?
  41. 41. Research Methods 1200 An irrational fear of an object, situation, or activity, that is out of proportion to the actual danger. What is a phobia?
  42. 42. Research Methods 1600 This will lessen the likelihood of a behaviour. What is a punisher?
  43. 43. Research Methods 2000 What the experimenter thinks will happen during his or her experiment. What is a hypothesis?
  44. 44. Memory(2) 400 A leader in eye witness testimony and its validity. Who is Elizabeth Loftus?
  45. 45. What would you like to wager?
  46. 46. Memory(2) 800 It is the idea that memory is best right after the material is learned, and as time passes we forget more and more. What is the curve of forgetting?
  47. 47. Memory 1200 The stages that are human memory goes through when trying to remember something. What are Encoding- storage-retrieval?
  48. 48. Memory 1600 Cases in court have used these to convict suspects, but it is still unproven whether or not they exist. What are repressed memories?
  49. 49. Memory 2000 Storage of events such as sights, sounds and tastes with no further processing or interpretation. What is sensory memory?
  50. 50. Introduction Unit (2) 400 He is one of the big players in the humanistic approach to psychology. Who is Abraham Maslow?
  51. 51. What would you like to wager?
  52. 52. Introduction Unit(2) 800 An example of this effect would be dumbo thinking he needs a magical feather to fly. What is the placebo effect?
  53. 53. Introduction Unit 1200 An example of this phenomena is from the movie Austin Powers, Austin meets a man with a giant mole on his face. Austin is unable to stop himself from saying the word mole in every sentence. What is the slip of the tongue phenomena?
  54. 54. Introduction Unit 1600 Jane Goodall is known for this. She spent her time in the Congo studying Gorillas What is Naturalistic Observation?
  55. 55. Introduction Unit 2000 He is famous for his work in hypnosis, the unconscious mind, and dream analysis. Who is Freud?
  56. 56. Final Jeopardy An example of this would be the following scenario: You were attacked by a diving sparrow when you were 10, because you were throwing rocks at its nest. You became terrified of birds. At 25 you married the love of your life and she or he loved birds. He or she convinced you to get systematically desensitized of your phobia. And it worked. At 55 you’re out in the park coming across a birds nest and you freak out like you did when you had the phobia. What is Spontaneous Recovery?
  57. 57. What would you like to wager?