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A resource guide in green home building for the real estate professional (and home buyers.)

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Green Building Resource Guide

  1. 1. A resource guide in green home building for the real estate professional. Developed by Green Builders Inc., winner of the 2008 Most Affordable Green Home award from the NAHB
  2. 2. An Introduction to Green Homes
  3. 3. Green Enters the Mainstream • Consumer trends in the last decade created the foundation for today’s acceptance of “green.” – organic foods, hybrid vehicles, recycling, etc. • Forces like global warming and rising energy costs – have accelerated the green movement overall, and – have helped focus attention on Green Homes and have begun to make conventional housing seem obsolete.
  4. 4. Green Sheds its Elite Status and Quirky Looks Until recently, true green homes were quirky looking and only available at the high end of the market – and were often associated with wealthy opinion leaders and celebrities. Green Builders breaks the price barrier, building green homes at prices equivalent to conventional homes. The homes are as beautiful as they are affordable, located in wonderful neighborhoods, and near good schools. Prices start from the $180s.
  5. 5. Green Awareness Is Commonplace Two-thirds of all home buyers are aware of green building. And, 8% are extremely knowledgeable. The base is increasing at a rapid rate – more and more Americans are becoming increasingly green. McGraw Hill SmartMarket Report, “The Green Homeowner,” 2007
  6. 6. Green Secures Foothold in Home Building $20 Billion The market for green homes is expected to grow ten-fold, reaching $20 billion in the next two years. Texas will lead the nation in the number of green homes built. (In 2006, 17% of all green homes $2 Billion built in the U.S. were built in Texas.) McGraw Hill SmartMarket Report, “The Green Homeowner,” 2007
  7. 7. What Makes A Home Green
  8. 8. A Home Is Green... ...when the home and land both source and use resources like energy, water and raw materials more efficiently. and ...when through better design and construction, the home (through its entire life) has minimal impact on human health and the condition of the environment.
  9. 9. Many Different Shades of Green As a retrofit: New windows, Slight Improvements. 1 energy-efficient appliances In new homes: Significant savings. More insulation, 2 proper orientation In communities: 3 Integrated runoff, The full benefits. Cross-lot shading
  10. 10. At its Greenest...Green from the Ground Up The green benefits our homes offer are unequalled in the Earth marketplace, because only Green Builders’ homes are engineered green from the ground up. Green Builders makes sustainable building practices its priority and uses earth-friendly products and materials almost exclusively. Energy Our engineered approach, called “Green Sense,” demonstrates how we approach our health, the earth and its Water resources as four distinct measures: Earth, Energy, Water and Health. Health
  11. 11. At its Greenest...Green from the Ground Up Green Builders selects roof Earth Every kitchen features a shingles with a 30-year rating, so cabinet made to hold a they last for decades, reflect heat, recycling center. stay out of landfills, and can be recycled into road materials. We offer flooring options that include rapidly Spray foam insulation seals renewable or sustainable better than traditional insulation, materials like bamboo requiring less energy to heat and recycled tile. and cool the home. We use engineered, We use only low VOC recycled lumber whenever (volatile organic compound) possible to reduce waste paints and finishes which and save old growth forests. release few or no pollutants.
  12. 12. At its Greenest...Green from the Ground Up We install compact fluorescent Energy 24” overhangs shade windows lamps exclusively as they from direct sunlight and generate less heat, use less dramatically reduce heat gain. energy and last longer. Every HVAC system is Locally quarried, light colored appropriately sized and stone is used on our home tested to ensure less than exteriors, as it absorbs less 6% duct leakage. heat and requires less energy to be transported to the site. To save on cooling, we use only heat deflecting, Low-E HVAC equipment is centrally glass windows. Plus, we situated and operates within the mount them high in the frame home’s thermal envelope for to further minimize direct sun greater efficiency. exposure.
  13. 13. At its Greenest...Green from the Ground Up Water We offer ENERGY STAR® Gutters direct rainwater into appliances that use 10-15% barrels so the captured less water and energy. water can be used for watering the landscape. Our high performance, low- flow shower-heads and toilets A granite, loam and mulch cut water usage in half. layering system allows planting beds to hold water longer, reducing water usage. Drought tolerant Central Texas native plants are used for our homes’ landscaping. We add 4” of rich chocolate Custom programmable sprinkler loam as topsoil to absorb, systems with rain sensors retain and conserve water. prevent unnecessary watering.
  14. 14. At its Greenest...Green from the Ground Up Cabinets and carpets are Premium spray foam insulation Health finished and made with seals the home tightly and materials that greatly reduce lessens the possibility of mold, ‘off-gasing’ to improve the pollens and allergens interior air quality. contaminating your indoor air. Our state-of-the-art air filtration and Garages have multiple vent air exchange system works in to ensure that exhaust fumes conjunction with the home’s and other vapors don’t HVAC system to improve indoor migrate into living areas. air quality. Proper grading ensures that Exhaust fans are installed in the water drains away from the kitchen, bath and utility rooms home, reducing the possibility to remove humidity and lessen of mold and insects. the chance of mold growth.
  15. 15. Features Unique to Green Builders’ Homes Only Green Builders’ homes are engineered green from the ground up, resulting in a wide variety of innovative green benefits: 1. Our exclusive garage ventilation prevents exhaust and other harmful emissions from migrating into the living areas. 2. A special green “command center” locates the mechanical systems (HVAC, security, tankless hot water, ventilation, plumbing manifold) in a climate-friendly space for easy access and more efficient operation. 3. Lawns built on 4” of rich, chocolate loam absorb and retain water better, which means less maintenance and a healthier lawn. 4. Specially designed 24” roof overhangs block direct sun exposure to windows and minimize interior heat gain. 5. Our 53-gallon signature rain barrel captures and stores run-off for use in landscape watering. 24” roof overhangs help block direct sun exposure and reduce heat gain.
  16. 16. Features Unique to Green Builders’ Homes 6. 30-year roof shingles provide lasting protection from the Texas heat and can be recycled into road materials. 7. To further reduce heat gain, our energy-efficient, Low-E windows are mounted high in the frame to avoid low sun angles. 8. Drought tolerant native Texas plants and thick mulch layers in our landscape beds greatly reduce the need for watering. 9. Homes are faced with light-colored stone to reflect the intense Texas heat. 10. By using local stone and building materials, the amount of energy used to ship them to the job site is greatly reduced. 11. All homes are constructed with solar conduits to facilitate easy installation of solar panels. 12. Green Builders equips each home with an indoor recycling center integrated into the kitchen cabinetry. Low flow faucets, toilets and showers help our homes use 50% less water.
  17. 17. Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Green Builders’ Home Make a responsible choice by reducing your carbon footprint. Invest in a home constructed of state-of-the-art materials and technology. Live in a healthier home with air exchange and air filtration systems. Named 2008 “Most Affordable Green Home” by the NAHB. Live in an ENERGY STAR®-certified home. Pay no more for a green home than for a conventional home. Save 10% on homeowners’ insurance for a qualified green home. Qualify for a larger mortgage due to the monthly cost savings. Cut water usage in half. Save 50% on energy bills.
  18. 18. Experience True Green from Green Builders
  19. 19. 9 Models Open in 3 Communities Around Austin 1 Lake Georgetown 29 29 183 Georgetown Located in the town named “National Main Street City,” 130 Georgetown Village is a master planned community in N TOLL Georgetown, Texas. A place for everyone, Georgetown Village 35 offers a selection of home styles and prices. Four updated 79 183A Craftsman style models and a Studio G information center. TOLL 620 45 45 TOLL TOLL 1 Lake TOLL Travis 183 620 130 35 TOLL Lake Austin Elm Grove embraces the philosophy of a sustainable, earth- 620 1 290 friendly neighborhood in historic Buda, Texas. The 90-acre Elm 71 Grove neighborhood is situated next to award-winning Elm AUSTIN Grove Elementary School and the Garlic Creek Greenbelt. 183 Four models and a Studio G information center. Walter E. Long Lake 130 TOLL Colorado River 71 1826 290 1 71 35 45W 130 Driftwood 183 TOLL TOLL 2 Rutherford West is a new Hill Country community in Driftwood, Buda Texas, where rustic meets refined. The neighborhood features a 45SE Texas-style windmill entry, estate-sized acreage homesites and 3 TOLL expansive open green space. The homes and model (more than 1626 3,800 square feet) are Hill Country style.
  20. 20. A True Green Education Starts at Studio G Visit our Studio G information centers, situated in two convenient locations: our South Studio G in Elm Grove and our North location in beautiful Georgetown Village. Start your Green Builders tour at one of these two centers. You won’t find more information about buying a green home anywhere else.
  21. 21. Updated Craftsman & Hill Country Styles Georgetown Village and Elm Grove feature updated Craftsman style exteriors, while Rutherford West features Hill Country style homes.
  22. 22. Green Builders Open Floor Plans Our floor plans are popular with almost all the homes allow for ease of movement throughout and easy transitions between rooms.
  23. 23. Green Builders Gourmet Kitchens Every cook’s dream kitchen with open layouts, state-of-the-art appliances, and spacious and functional center islands.
  24. 24. Green Builders Elegant Master Suites Spacious master bedrooms offer a comfortable place to relax and unwind.
  25. 25. Green Builders Fun & Functional Game Rooms Upstairs game rooms offer plenty of space for movie night, homework, and family game time.
  26. 26. Search for Available Homes on Our Website View model homes, search for available homes, and explore the diverse communities where you can find a Green Builders home.
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