SNEAK PEAK: 7 Steps To Becoming A Promotional Rockstar


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Take a sneak peek at Promo Rockstars "7 Steps To Becoming a Promotional Rockstar" to see how you can learn to be a promotional model, promotional marketer, or even a market manager in any industry. Please visit our site at for more info. Thank you!

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SNEAK PEAK: 7 Steps To Becoming A Promotional Rockstar

  1. 1. Sneak Peek Preview 7 Steps To Becoming a Promotional Rockstar An Intro Product by Promo Rockstars
  2. 2. Revamp your resume • • • • Don't already have a resume? This is where you must start. If you already have a resume, you need to make it really sexy. Trust us when we say this. Key things to look at are the layout, style, and content. Make sure to keep it simple.
  3. 3. Create your brand • • • You are now a brand. Congratulations. Although it may sound pretty daunting, you are now your own business as well. So please be serious, because no one else will take you seriously if you're not. What does creating a brand entail? Come up with your slogan/byline. Will you have a stage name? What will people know you as? Is your social media conveying the right branding message you want companies to see you as? If not, it's time to clean house. Who are you and what do you stand for? Make sure to have this nailed down. Know your story. • • • • •
  4. 4. Construct your “virtual brand” • • • • • Revisit all of your social media sites and remove and derogatory posts, information, statuses, pictures, videos, etc. Anything that will damage your brand will be noted by agencies and talent scouts. Ensure that you only convey "positive messages" in everything you do online. Begin to grow your online presence, one social network at a time. The easier you can be found, the better your opportunities for success. Be CONSISTENT with all of your messages. Try Hootesuite or Buffer to keep your social life organized and make it easy to update with one click across all platforms.
  5. 5. Email Etiquette • • • • I can't tell you how many people I have seen try applying for promotional gigs with emails like and, etc etc. Just ridiculous. Don't be this person, please. Create a professional email address for booking gigs(even one with your full name works). Gmail is highly recommended. Draft a professional email template explaining your story, why you should be hired for a gig, etc (this will need to be customized or edited over time, so don't worry if at first you're not sure if it's perfect. Create a signature line for your emails that are attractive and professional. You can purchase a set of email templates for various types of gigs in the industry that have been proven effective for years and have brought great results. These are especially helpful for management and tour gigs. (Templates provided with Promo Rockstars Bootcamp as a bonus)
  6. 6. Get Your Photog On • • • Find local photographers willing to take photo shoots of you for cheap or next to nothing You can have someone close to you (family or friend) take photos of you with your phone or digital camera even to get started. If you plan on being a tradeshow model, car model, or just a model in general, you may want to invest a little more in quality photos. Rates generally fall between $100-500+ for a photo shoot session. This usually includes an average of 2-3 outfits to take pictures in.
  7. 7. Start Networking • Just like any business out there, things don't just magically start taking care of themselves. You have to put yourself out there. Go on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and start following promotional marketing companies, introduce yourself, and start following their activities. Get engaged in groups/pages/etc. and actually care when participating in discussions. Help others when you can as well! •
  8. 8. Get Social • • • Make sure you are engaging with account coordinators as well as your fellow brand ambassadors on Facebook. Remember to connect with those people you work well with following your activation/gig. Make sure to sign up for LinkedIn and start networking with marketing firms and even apply for jobs.
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR READING! If you feel you got great value out of this presentation, and aspire to learn more about promotional marketing, please visit us at Feel free to visit our Facebook Fan Page at
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR READING! If you feel you got great value out of this presentation, and aspire to learn more about promotional marketing, please visit us at Feel free to visit our Facebook Fan Page at