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7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics


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Started Facebook marketing... but ready to get a lot more out of it? In this deck, see the 7 advanced tactics online marketers are using to get even more out of Facebook. As originally seen on Copy Hackers.

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7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics

  1. 1. 7 Advanced Tactics Pro Facebook Marketers Use to Boost Conversions Get actionable results, more leads and more revenue from your next campaign
  2. 2. IF YOU NEED IT, THERE'S A STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE Install Facebook Pixel If you're going to maximize the gains from these pro tactics, you need to be measuring conversions. Be sure to have one of the measurement strategies on your site before rolling out your ads. Before we get to the tactics, HERE.
  3. 3. PLUS, YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE AUDIENCES BY HOW LONG THEY WATCHED. Use Video Ads to Build Audiences By creating an audience of people who have already viewed your videos, you’ll be showing your ad to a warm audience who is familiar with your content and more likely to convert. Advanced Tactic #1:
  4. 4. YOU CAN ALSO SORT VISITORS BY WHICH PAGE OF YOUR SITE THEY VISIT. Sequence Your Messages Message sequencing gives people a series of tips or directs them to different content based on how they interact with your first ad. Segment your audience by the content the engage with most. Advanced Tactic #2:
  5. 5. AIM AT USERS YOU KNOW ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR YOUR SOLUTION. Only Sell to Warm Audiences Keeps your costs down by only showing your ads to people who are most likely to convert. Your email subscribers who opted in to offers, website visitors who viewed particular pages, or people who watched your videos make great Custom Audiences. Advanced Tactic #3:
  6. 6. LEARN WHICH SEGMENTS ARE UNDERPERFORMING AND TURN THEM OFF. Use Breakdown Reports to Spot Weaknesses While we can’t see which keywords are converting best, Breakdown Reports let you see results by placement, age, gender, action, device and even time of day and time zone. Advanced Tactic #4:
  7. 7. COMBINE DEMOS WITH INTEREST TARGETING TO FIND PERFECT CUSTOMERS. Segment Audiences and Tailor Copy When you know which segments are converting better, you can tailor the copy in your ads specifically to that market. You can even draw attention to your ad by calling out segments by name. Advanced Tactic #5:
  8. 8. USE TARGETED KEYWORDS PLUS VIDEO FOR BIG REACH ON A SMALL BUDGET. Use Engagement to Spot Content that will Get Cheaper Clicks Boosting your content to your current Fans so that it's naturally optimized to get engagement on that post only. Combine Boosted Posts with Custom Audiences and Targeting to lift conversions. Advanced Tactic #6:
  9. 9. CONVERT WITH SPECIAL ADS TARGETED AT SPECIFIC DROP OFF GROUPS. Watch All Parts of Your Funnel with Conversion Tracking Add the Standard Event code to the base Facebook Pixel that’s installed on your web pages to see where people are dropping out of your process. And group those people into Custom Audiences. Advanced Tactic #7:
  10. 10. Keep at it. You'll waste a lot of money if you take a “set it and forget it” approach to Facebook ads. Even with these tactics, it's all about staying vigilant, watching the right stats, running a variety of tests, and scrapping anything that isn’t working. And most importantly, Now go crush your next Facebook campaign! GET MORE KILLER GROWTH MARKETING RESOURCES AT COPYHACKERS.COM