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zero-um + a ceiling lamp for dandave - first prototypes.


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Ceiling lamp developed for dandave.
The project for a collection of lighting objects intended to use LG Hi-Macs<sup><sup><sup>®</sup></sup></sup> (Natural Acrylic Stone) waste/left-overs resulted from the production line. Although the final form (dimensions, colour availability, ...) and function of the product were conditioned from scratch due to the nature of the briefing itself and materials/transformation processes available, it became possible to achieve a fairly honest and aesthetic outcome.
The client now uses nearly 100% of the left-over material from the production of other objects and included the new objects (from a different family than it\’s core business) in their catalog, thus enhancing its market range.

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zero-um + a ceiling lamp for dandave - first prototypes.

  1. 1. zero-um + branco verde
  2. 2. zero-um + branco verde
  3. 3. zero-um + branco verde
  4. 4. zero-um + branco verde
  5. 5. zero-um + branco verde
  6. 6. zero-um + branco verde
  7. 7. zero-um + branco verde
  8. 8. zero-um + branco verde
  9. 9. zero-um + branco verde