How to Market your App


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Success of a mobile application is directly related to how you market it. You have worked for months and several hours developing that perfect app, but if it's not marketed properly, all your efforts will go in vain. So, here are the tips and tricks to help you design an appropriate marketing strategy for the mobile application.

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How to Market your App

  1. 1. How to Market Your App?
  2. 2. With over 1,500,000 applications in the market andthe counting steadily growing, how will you ensure that your app gets its share of attention?
  3. 3. Becoming the next Angry Birds is no simple feat
  4. 4. Marketing Tips to keep your mobile app ahead in the race
  5. 5. The Brand & The Buzz
  6. 6. Brand• Create an “App Brand”.• Even if your brand presence is strong, you ought to understand that world of mobile apps is altogether different• Reach out to your loyal customers and tell them about new app• Create brand personality by identifying the target customers, selecting the right online medium, and boasting about the highlighting features of your application
  7. 7. Buzz• No buzz in the market means absence of any engagement, which would lead to less or no revenue generation.• Build an audience that buzzes about your app• Hit the app user forums and review sites• Get active on blogging communities
  8. 8. Going SEO Way
  9. 9. • Research reveals that more than 65 percent find applications via online search• Optimize the page on which application is present for better search engine visibility
  10. 10. Application Review
  11. 11. • A favorable app review can fetch you more customers• All you need to do is, post the review on ample application review sites to create a positive atmosphere around
  12. 12. Pre-launch PreparationsMarketing the app before the launch will maximize the impact
  13. 13. How to Go About It• Understand the target audience during initial phase• Find out the places where you consumers hang out online• Participate in forums and meet-up groups to spread a word about the upcoming app• Create a widget on website of the app to get email addresses of visitors and notify them when the app is launched
  14. 14. Social Networking
  15. 15. • Spreading a word on social networking sites can make huge difference to your online marketing campaign• Focusing on social networks, which target certain segments of people is a great idea• Facebook is a broad platform• LinkedIn is for professional networking
  16. 16. “Free”
  17. 17. • Gartner’s Prediction – Free applications will account for 89 percent of the total downloads for the year 2012• We love free applications and you can offer an app for free for a day to get consumer attention• Amazon Appstore is an apt example
  18. 18. More on Marketing
  19. 19. • Change the release date• Offer initial discounts• Take the path of email marketing• Promote videos on YouTube
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  21. 21. Thank You