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Website Monitoring for Operations


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RevealUptime is a free website monitoring and web performance analytics solution developed for operations teams –webops, devops, IT ops – that provides advanced features typically only available in more expensive or complex tools. It maximizes real-time visibility with 15-second measurement frequencies and minimizes false alarms with composite analytics.

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Website Monitoring for Operations

  1. 1. Website Monitoring for OperationsRevealUptime Ops-Centric Website Monitoring
  2. 2. CopperEgg RevealUptime• CopperEgg RevealUptime (free website monitoring) • Website, web application, TCP port monitoring • View of customer experience, response-time• Sets a new standard in ops-centric website monitoring • Pingdom alternative: 4x the resolution and free • Plus multi-user and response time and health and uptime • Find and fix the problem when combined with RevealCloud• Smart: Minimizes false alarms • Minimizes false alarms via composite analytics • Majority rule controls, station-based rule-tuning to reduce noise, increase fidelity • 6 worldwide monitoring stations • Alarm on response time, health, or uptime • Cross-correlation with RevealCloud analytics • Correlate inside-out system results with outside-in real-user experience• Fast: Maximizes visibility • Best-in-class, high-resolution 15-second monitoring• Simple: easy, quick deployment 2
  3. 3. RevealUptime Dashboard Analytics Health Index with User-defined Label Color-coded Status GET or POST and (Green, Yellow, Red) URL being tested Last HTTPRelative Response Time StatusGraph over the Last 30 minutes Total Time (Line) HTTP Response Time Relative Percentages Median Time(more under “Details” button) (Box) Average Time Downtime, Last (Red Line) 30 Minutes Tags to Correlate Drill Down RevealCloud on Details Related Servers, Targeted RevealCloud Alerts, etc. Servers 3
  4. 4. RevealUptime Response Time DetailsTime in Milliseconds Green graph - Time (ms) from First Byte to Page Transfer Complete Details by testing station(s) Red graph - Time from Connect to First Byte, includes SSL Blue graph - Time from Start to Connect, includes DNS lookup Slideable Timeline • RevealUptime: Measures full components of web response time • Network, server, application • Comprehensive cloud monitoring with RevealCloud • Server + website performance 4
  5. 5. Correlated View:System Performance vs. Web Performance• Cross-correlate RevealCloud server metrics with RevealUptime web application response time metrics • Analyze inside-out performance with outside-in performance.• If time-to-first byte indicates a server issue or data transfer times indicate application problems • Use system and process metrics to determine where in the application infrastructure your problem is located. 5
  6. 6. Integrated Overview RevealCloud systems and RevealUptime probes 6
  7. 7. Summary• RevealUptime • Free website monitoring and web performance analytics solution • Developed for operations teams –webops, devops, IT ops • Provides advanced features typically only available in more expensive or complex tools.• Monitors website uptime from a worldwide perspective, • Also monitors detailed web application response time, TCP services, return codes, and web health metrics • Provides actionable data for fixing a website or web application issue • Determine root cause of a problem helping to isolate issues down to server, network, or application errors. 7